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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Massive Sulphide Deposits and Their Possible Significance to Other Ores in Southeast Asia

R. W. Hutchinson

Southeast Asia as a Part of an Early Palaeozoic Australian Gondwanaland

Clive Burrett, Bryan Stait

Tertiary Basins of S.E. Asia—Their Disparate Tectonic Origins and Eustatic Stratigraphical Similarites

Charles S. Hutchison

Neogene Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Petroleum Potential of the Oiapu-Yule Island-Oroi Region, Papua New Guinea

G. Francis, R. Rogerson, D. W. Haig, J. Sari

Late Palaeozoic Palaeogeography of Southeast Asia: Some Stratigraphical, Palaeontological and Palaeomagnetic Constraints

I. Metcalfe

The Succession of Vertebrate Faunas in the Continental Mesozoic of Thailand

Eric Buffetaut, Rucha Ingavat

Present Understanding of the Pre-Cenozoic Stratigraphy of Hong Kong

D. R. Workman, R. Addison, J. D. Bennett, A. D. Burnett

Discovery of Lower Permian Corals in Sumatra

Henri Fontaine

Mud Volcanoes and the Origin of Certain Chaotic Deposits in Sabah, East Malaysia

John McManus, Robert B. Tate

A Preliminary Sulphur and Oxygen Isotope Study of the Maha Sarakham Evaporitic Anhydrite from the Bamnet Narong Area of Northeastern Thailand

Visut Pisutha-Arnond, Hitoshi Chiba, Sombat Yumuang

Aspects of the Geochemistry of Malaysian Cassiterites

W. Fuad Hassan

The Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry of Lingshan Tungsten-Tin-Bearing Granites and Their Applications to Petrogenesis of the Granites

Yuan Zhongxing, Bai Ge, Li Shuangbao

The Role of the ESCAP Regional Mineral Resources Development Centre

James F. McDivitt

Petrological and Geochemical Studies of Granites of Kathu Plutons of Phuket Island, Southern Thailand

P. Charusiri, W. Pongsapich, S. Vedchakanchana

The Pattern of K/Ar Ages of Biotites from the Granites of Penang: Its Interpretation in the Light of Available Rb/Sr and U/Pb Data

T. S. Kwan, F. L. Yap

Recent Advances in the Knowledge of Geology and Mineral Resources of Vietnam Since 1981

Le Thac Xinh, Nguyen Xuan An

Nature of Gold Mineralization in Certain Areas in East Manipur, India, within the Indo-Burmese Ophiolite Belt

P. J. Deka

Chromite Deposits of Papua New Guinea—A Future Potential Source of Chrome

P. M. Afenya

Bauxite in the Kuantan Area, Peninsular Malaysia

S. Senathi Rajah

Recent Advances in Exploration Modelling for Tin Deposits and Their Application to the Southeast Asian Environment

R. G. Taylor, P. J. Pollard

Some Aspects of Southern Granitoid Complex and Tin Mineralization in the Northern Part of Bangka, Indonesia

R. Soeria-Atmadja, D. Darda, D. Hasanuddin

Complex Tin-Bearing Sulphides of the South Chinese Ore Type

Günter H. Moh

Some Thoughts on the Development of the Alluvial Tinfields of the Malay-Thai Peninsula

D. Taylor

Palaeogeographic Development of West Sarawak

Denis N. K. Tan

Factors Concerning Spontaneous Fires in Northern Thailand Coals

Benjavun Ratanasthien

Base Metal Exploration in Sabah

D. T. C. Lee, H. S. Weber

Regional Controls of Hydrothermal Ore Localization in Northern Thailand

Pongpor Asnachinda, Sompong Chantaramee

The Nature and Potential of Gold Mineralization in Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia

Chu Ling Heng, D. Santokh Singh

Clay Mineralogy of Selected Alluvial Soils from Peninsular Malaysia

J. Shamshuddin

Residual Soil Development on Sedimentary Rocks of the Jurong Formation in Singapore

John Pitts, R. Kannan

The Chemistry of Lateritic Soils: The Search for New Agricultural Technology

B. I. Kronberg, W. S. Fyfe, J. Walden, D. B. Walden

On a Pleistocene Gravel Beach Sequence Exposed in Coastal Plain Tin Mines, Phuket Island, Thailand

G. A. M. Kruse

Palynology as a Tool in Delineating Tropical Lowland Depositional Environments of Late Quaternary Age

R. Hillen

Progress in Quaternary Geological Investigations in Southeast Asian Countries Since GEOSEA IV, Manila, 1981

J. A. M. Ten Cate

Geological Significance of Granitic Fragments Found from Pumice Flow of 1883 Eruption at the Krakatau Group, Indonesia

Noboru Ōba, Katsutoshi Tomita, Masahiko Yamamoto, Mohamad Istidjab, Adjat Sudradjat, Totong Suhanda

On the Quaternary Deposits of Thailand

Phisit Dheeradilok, Worakoon Kaewyana

Quaternary Volcanic Ash Deposits in the Padang Terap District, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia

J. Debaveye, M. De Dapper, P. De Paepe, R. Gijbels

The Holocene Transgression in Peninsular Thailand

Paiboon Pramojanee, Paul Hastings, Montri Liengsakul, Virote Engakul

Soil Landscapes in Peninsular Malaysia

S. Paramananthan, S. Żauyah

Magnetic Spectrum of the San Kampaeng Geothermal Area, Northern Thailand

Somsri Sertsrivanit, Charn Tantisukrit, Surachai Praserdvigai

Aspek geologi kejuruteraan batuan metasedimen klastik di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, Semenanjung Malaysia (IN MALAY), Engineering Geological Aspects of Clastic Metasediments in the Kuala Lumpur Area, Peninsular Malaysia

Ibrahim Komoo

The Slope Stability Problem at Mae Moh Lignite Mine, Lampang Province, Northern Thailand

W. Tandicul, N. Muangnoicharoen, N. Gumperayarnnont

Development of San Kamphaeng Geothermal Energy Project, Thailand

Tavisakdi Ramingwong, Surachai Praserdvigai

Results of a Gravity Survey in the Kuala Lumpur Area

C. A. Foss

Cretaceous Melange in West Kalimantan and Its Tectonic Implications

P. R. Williams, S. Supriatna, B. Harahap

On the Geology of the Petchabun Fold-Belt (Central Thailand)-Implications for the Geodynamic Evolution of Mainland S.E. Asia

Dietrich Helmcke

Geological Evolution of the Southern Philippines

C. K. Burton

Global Tectonics and Resources

W. S. Fyfe

Geology and Tectonics of Arakan Yoma - A Reappraisal

D. R. Nandy

Geological Transport Directions in Peninsular Malaysia

H. D. Tjia

Cathaysia, Gondwanaland, and the Paleotethys in the Evolution of Continental Southeast Asia

Yuri G. Gatinsky, Charles S. Hutchison

Formation of Marginal Seas in Southeast Asia by Rifting of the Chinese and Australian Continental Margins and Implications for the Borneo Region

Charles S. Hutchison

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Regional Tectonics and Metallogenesis in Mainland SE Asia

A. H. G. Mitchell

Recent Advances in the Knowledge of Geology, Energy Resources and Metallogenesis of Papua New Guinea Since 1981

R. Rogerson, A. Williamson, G. Francis

Conodont Biostratigraphic Studies in Sumatra: Preliminary Results

I. Metcalfe

The Evaporite Deposits in Bamnet Narong Area, Northeastern Thailand

Sombat Yumuang, Chaiyudh Khantaprab, Malatee Taiyagupt

New Lights on Human Evolution in Southeast Asia

S. Sartono

Discovery of Stone Age Tools from Tripura and Its Relevance to the Prehistory of Southeast Asia

N. R. Ramesh

The Kanchanaburi Supergroup of Peninsular & Western Thailand

C. K. Burton

Late Paleozoic Glacial Marine Facies in Southeast Asia and Its Implications

Peter H. Stauffer, Lee Chai Peng

Recent Advances in the Knowledge of Geology, Mineral and Energy Resources of Singapore Since 1981

Ausafur Rahman, P. P. Wong

Distribution of Major and Some Trace Elements of Some Granites from Bangka, Indonesia

J. M. Sitanggang, P. T. Timah

Age Determination on the Kuantan Granite and Dolerite Dykes

F. L. Yap

Tin-Tungsten Mineralized Granite at Mae Chedi Area, Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand

R. Hansawek, W. Pongsapich, S. Vedchakanchana

Metamorphic Mineral Assemblages of Gneisses along Doi-Inthanon Highway, Northern Thailand

Panjawan Mongkoltip

Age, Petrology and Mineralisation Associated with Two Neogene Intrusive Types in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea

R. Rogerson, A. Williamson

Petrochemistry of Gem-Bearing Basalt in the Nong Bon Area, Trat Province, Eastern Thailand

Theerapongs Thanasuthipitak, Thanawut Sirinawan

Metallogeny of the Hoang Lien Son Subduction Zone

Le Thac Xinh

A Review of What is Presently Known about the Nature, Distribution and Genesis of Certain Authigenic Minerals in the Stanniferous Alluvial Deposits of Southeast Asia

K. F. G. Hosking

Tin/Tungsten-Bearing Granites in South China and Their Metallogenetic Relations

Xu Keqin, Zhu Jinchu

Geology and Stratigraphy of the Sri Racha Area, Chonburi Province, Eastern Thailand

M. Taiyaqupt, P. Charusiri, W. Ponsapich

Geology and Exploitation of Kaolin Deposits in the Bidor Area, Peninsular Malaysia

P. C. Aw

Application of the Zeiss TGA 10 Particle-Size Analyzer in the Exploration of Stanniferous Placers

W. W.-S. Yim

Status of Uranium Exploration in Peninsular Malaysia

Chu Ling Heng, Fateh Chand

Coal Potential and Exploration in Sarawak

Chen Shick Pei

Gold Investigation in the Sungai Luit Area, Mengapur Base Metal District, Pahang

W. S. Wong, A. K. Lee

Behaviour of Tin and Associated Elements in a Mountain Stream, Bujang Melaka, Perak, Malaysia

W. K. Fletcher, P. E. Dousset, Yusoff bin Ismail

Geological Framework of Bangladesh

Abdul Halim Quazi

Geomorphology and Soils of the Padang Terap District, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia

M. De Dapper, J. Debaveye

Quaternary Stratigraphy and Prospects for Placer Tin Deposits in the Kuantan Area, Pahang

T. Suntharalingam, Ghani Ambak

Catchment Geomorphology and Its Relationship with Streamflow — A Case Study of Selected Drainage Basins in Peninsular Malaysia

C. H. Peh

Preliminary Synthesis of the Geology of Bangka Island, Indonesia

U Ko Ko

Slope Stability Problems in a Part of Western Singapore

John Pitts

Hydrogeological Activities in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak

F. S. Chong, Dennis N. K. Tan

A Study of Altimeter Height Control in a Gravity Survey around Kuala Pilah, Central Malaysia

C. A. Foss

The Integration of Remote Sensing, Terrain Evaluation and Engineering Geology in Southeast Asia

T. E. Beaumont, T. Hunt

Engineering Geology of Sungai Piah Hydro-Electric Project, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia

Saim Suratman

Geological Evolution of the Indonesian Archipelago

H. M. S. Hartono, S. Tjokrosapoetro