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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Photogeology of the Bukit Berentin Area, Lipis, Pahang

Lai Kok Hoong, Noor Bakri Endut

Abstract: A Need for a Proper 'Malaysian Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature' – Its Formulation, Adoption and Adherence

Ahmad Jantan, Basir Jasin

Abstract: Potential Alkali–Silica Reactivity of Tuffaceous Rocks in the Pengerang Area, Johore

Chow Weng Sum, Ab. Majid Sahat

Abstract: Hasil Awalan Pemetaan Lapisan Lempung Samudera Dengan Kaedah Kerintangan Geoelektrik Di Kawasan Lebuh Raya Tangkak–Pagoh, Johor, Malaysia (IN MALAY), Preliminary results of geoelectric resistivity mapping methods on ocean clay in the Tangkak-Pagoh highway area, Johor, Malaysia

Abdul Ghani Rafek, Hj. Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: Geology of the Mantannani Islands, Sabah

M. B. Idris, K. H. Kok

Abstract: Geokimia Unsur Major Dan Nadir Bumi Bagi Batuan Volkano Lanchang, Pahang Dan Kepentingan Tektoniknya (IN MALAY), Major and Trace Element Geochemistry of Lanchang Volcanics, Pahang and Their Tectonic Significance

Hamzah Mohamad, Mohamad Md. Tan

Abstract: A Gravity Survey of Perlis, Kedah and Penang

Alan J. Burley, Jamaludin Othman

Abstract: Subsurface Geology of Ipoh, Perak

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Gravity Survey of the Layang–Layang Tertiary Basin in Johore, Peninsular Malaysia

V. R. Vijayan

Abstract: A Preliminary Appraisal of the Hydrogeology of Klang Valley, Malaysia

Mohamad Ali Hasan, Zakaria Marzuki

Abstract: Granitoid Batholiths of Peninsular Malaysia: Typology and Geodynamic Implications

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Pencirian Lapangan Profil Luluhawa Batuan Metasedimen Di Terain Tropika (IN MALAY), Field Characterization of Weathering Profiles of Metasediments in Tropical Terrain

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Quaternary Geology of Seberang Prai, Pulau Pinang and Kuala Kurau

Kamaludin Bin Hassan

Abstract: Perbandingan Perubahan Kimia Dan Mineralogi Kaolin Dari Jerantut, Pahang Dan Pengerang, Johor (IN MALAY), Comparisons of the chemical changes and kaolinite mineralogy from Jerantut, Pahang and Pengerang, Johor

Kadderi Md. Desa

Abstract: The Igneous Rocks of the Kuala Kerai–Manek Urai Area, Kelantan: Petrological and Geochemical Aspects

G. H. Teh, H. L. Kee

Abstract: Geologic Evolution and Paleoclimatic Changes of Peninsular Malaysia

S. P. Sivam, M. B. Idris, Mustafa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: The Semanggol Formation – Lithology, Facies Association and Distribution, and Probable Basin Setting

Ahmad Jantan, Basir Jasin, Ibrahim Abdullah, Uyop Said, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: The Semanggol Formation – Post Semanggol Structures and Their Significance to Regional Geology

Ibrahim Abdullah, Basir Jasin, Ahmad Jantan, Abdul Rahim Shamsuddin, Uyop Said

Abstract: The Semanggol Formation – Lithostratigraphy of the Semanggol Rocks in the Light of Latest Concept in Stratigraphic Practice: A Suggestion

Basir Jasin, Ahmad Jantan, Ibrahim Abdullah, Uyop Said, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: Triassic Conodont Biostratigraphy in the Malay Peninsula

I. Metcalfe

Abstract: Variations in Some Groundwater Characteristics, Belawai Water Supply, Sarikei Division, Sarawak

Mohammed Hatta Abd. Karim

Abstract: Superimposed Structures in Upper Palaeozoic Metasediments, Eastern Johor

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Volcanogenic Ba-Fe-Mn-Massive Sulphide Mineralization at Bukit Ketaya, Tasik Cini Area, Pahang

G. H. Teh, Mohd Sabar Ahmad

Abstract: The Bilut Valley of Pahang State and the Cenozoic of Peninsular Malaysia

J. K. Raj, Idris B. Mohamed, S. P. Sivam, S. Paramananthan

Abstract: K–Ar Dating of Micas from Granitoids in the Kuala Lumpur – Seremban Area

Kwan Tai Seong

Abstract: Environment of Placer Gold Deposits in Northern Pahang

Tan Teong Hing, Lim Kin Leong

Abstract: Formation of Pulau Batu Hairan and Other Islands around Pulau Banggi, Northern Sabah

David Lee

Abstract: An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Petrophysical Parameters Evaluation

Elio Poggiagliolmi

Abstract: Development and Sediment Load - A Case of Langat Basin

Ismail Mohd. Noor

Early Silurian Multielement Conodont Assemblages from Pulau Tanjung Dendang, Northeastern Langkawi Islands, Kedah

M. B. Idris

Abstract: Nuclear Tracer Techniques in Groundwater Studies

W. Drost

The Distribution and Development of Arsenolite (As2O3) Crystals on a Polished Section of Native Arsenic from the Bau Gold-Field, Sarawak

K. F. G. Hosking

Subsurface Geology of the Kuala Lumpur Limestone

Lim Tow Ho

Kegagalan Cerun di Lebuh Raya Timur Barat: Survei dari Jeli Ke Sri Banding (IN MALAY), Slope failure on East West Highway: Survey from Jeli to Sri Banding

Abdul Ghani Rafek, Ibrahim Komoo

The Role of Library Research in Mineral Exploration

K. F. G. Hosking

Fossil Crabs of Sabah

M. B. Idris

The Setul Formation: A Note on a Clastic Unit at Teluk Ewa and a Suggestion on Naming Other Clastic Units

Ahmad Jantan, Ibrahim Abdullah, Uyop Said

Abstract: Quantitative Thermal History Determination Using Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA)

Kerry A. Hegarty

Amount of Displacement along the Bok Bak Fault: Estimation by Using the Lithofacies Equivalence

Ibrahim Abdullah, Ahmad Jantan, Basir Jasin, Abd. Rahim Samsudin, Uyop Said

Abstract: Rock Slope Study and Stabilization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A Case History

Robert C. Speck

Abstract: Sequence Chronostratigraphy in the Malay and Sarawak Basins

A. J. T. Romein

Abstract: Miocene-Pliocene Paleogeographic Evolution of a Tract of Sarawak Offshore between Bintulu and Miri

Eros Agostinelli, Mohamad Raisuddin Ahmad Tajuddin, Eugenio Antonielli, Mohamad Mohd Aris

Abstract: The Use of Sar Imagery for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Sarawak

Chiu Shao-Kang, Mohd Khair Abd Kadir

Abstract: The Application of Detailed Reservoir Geological Studies in the D18 Field, Balingian Province, Offshore Sarawak

J. Almond, P. Vincent, L. R. Williams

Abstract: Relative Timing of Hydrocarbon Migration in the Miocene Subis Limestone of NW Sarawak

Azhar Hj. Hussin, Nuraiteng Tee Abdullah

Abstract: Geological Survey of Canada's Approach to Petroleum Resource Assessment

Richard M. Procter, Gordon C. Taylor

Abstract: Induction, Resistivity and MWD Tools in Horizontal Wells

S. Gianzero, R. Chemali, S. M. Su

Abstract: A Triassic 'Reefal' Limestone in the Malay Basin, South China Sea: Regional Implications

Rodziah Daud, Updesh Singh, Henri Fontaine

Abstract: A Discussion of Sniffer Surveying, Offshore Malaysia

Mansor Ahmad, Mark Ganue

Abstract: Palaeoenvironmental and Stratigraphic Evolution of Western Peninsular Malaysia

S. P. Sivam, Idris Mohamad

Abstract: An Introduction to Reservoir Monitoring

Ian McMahon

Abstract: Application of Correlation Index, Trace Elements, Bulk Properties and Gas Chromatography in the Correlation of Crude Oils Produced from Tapis and Pulai Formations, Malay Basin

Ramly Khairuddin

Abstract: High Resolution Site Surveys Using Waterguns with Semi-Exploration Objectives

Tong Pow Mum, John Warr

Abstract: Estimates of Undiscovered Recoverable Conventional Oil and Gas Resources of the United States

Richard F. Mast

Abstract: Structural Style and Tectonics of Western and Northern Sabah

Felix Tongkul

Abstract: Sonic Waveform Signature Analysis for Reservoir Evaluation

Roopa Gir, Gilles Mathieu

Tectonic Evolution of the NW Sabah Continental Margin Since Late Eocene

Dennis N. K. Tan & J. M. Lamy

Abstract: Reservoir Description: A Synergistic Approach to More Accurate Determination of Oil and Gas Reserves

D. G. Bowen, T. Kennaird, J. Hill

Abstract: The Maliau Basin, Sabah: Geology and Tectonic Setting

H. D. Tjia, Ibrahim Komoo, P. S. Lim, Tungah Surat

Abstract: An Improved Borehole Televiewer System: Image Acquisition, Analysis and Integration

J. K. Faraguna, D. M. Chace, M. G. Schmidt

Abstract: Geodynamics of Cenozoic Basins in Northern Sundaland Area

K. R. Chakraborty

Abstract: Thin Bed Resolution and the Determination of Flushed Zone Resistivity in Oil Based Mud

Joseph F. Goetz, Roland Chemali, Douglas Seifert

Abstract: Exploration and Production Applications of the Borehole Electrical Imagery

Mohamed Taha

Abstract: 3D Marine Exploration Seismic Survey in Shallow Water Area Offshore Sabah

Vincent W. T. Kong, J. Smethurst, B. H. Chiem, R. C. Stewart

Abstract: None of the Models for Southeast Asian Cainozoic Faulting and Subsidence is Satisfactory

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphy – Concepts, Applications and Examples from Malaysia and the U.S.A

Nik Ramli Nik Hassan

Abstract: Remote Sensing Applications to Geologic Exploration

P. Fuenning, O. Sawicki, F. G. Berca

Abstract: Applying the Modified Stress-Strain Ellipsoid to Re-Define the Structural/Geological Provinces of Sarawak, Brunei and NW Sabah

Kuang Koo Sing

Abstract: Circular Basins of Sabah

Lee Chai Peng, Tham Kum Coong

Abstract: Palaeoenvironments of the Lower Miocene to Pliocene Sediments in Offshore NW Sabah Area

Emeliana D. Rice-Oxley