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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Seismic Mapping of Quaternary Deposit at Tanjung Selangor, Pekan, Pahang

Umar Hamzah, Ibrahim Abdullah, Che Aziz Ali, Ahmad Jantan, Lee Beng Huat

Environmental Issues in Quarrying

Mustapha Mohd Lip

Abstract: Slide-Rule Tectonics, Sundaland

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: The Quaternary Period in Peninsular Malaysia — Uncertainties and Doubts

J. K. Raj

Abstract: Malaysian Permian Brachiopod Paleobiogeography and Some Problems Related with the Tectonic Setting of Peninsular Malaysia and Adjacent Southeast Asian Region

Mohd Shafeea Leman

Abstract: A Five-Fold Stratigraphic and Tectonic Subdivision of the Malay Peninsula and the Implications on its Tectonic Evolutionary History

K. S. Mustaffa, Abdul Hadi A. R.

Abstract: Interregional Unconformities in Peninsular Malaysia — Their Characteristics, Origin and Significance

Abdul Hadi A. R., K. S. Mustaffa, J. Tajul Anuar

Abstract: Geologi Pemuliharaan: Peranan Ahli Geosains Tempatan (IN MALAY), Geological Conservation: the role of local geoscience

Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: The Age of Bukit Keluang Formation and its Significance Towards Tectonic Development of the Eastern Belt of Peninsular Malaysia

Mohd Shafeea Leman, Kamal Roslan Mohamed, Ibrahim Abdullah, Chew Aziz Ali, Uyop Said, Ahmad Jantan

Abstract: Regional North-South Terengganu Faults: Besut, Kampung Buluh and Ping-Teris

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: The Tectonic Evolution of Peninsular Malaysia Based on a Five-Fold Stratigraphic and Tectonic Subdivision

S. Mustaffa Kamal, Abdul Hadi A. R.

Abstract: Volcaniclastic Conglomerates of Central Pahang

Lee Chai Peng

Abstract: Structural History of the Upper Palaeozoic Mersing Beds of the Kuala Sedili Area, Johor: Evidences for Dextral Transpression

Mustaffa Kamal Shuib, Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Zuraimi Ahmad, Jamin Jamil

Abstract: Multiple Phase Deformational Structures in the Tg. Balau, Tg. Lompat and Tg. Siang Areas, Desaru Johor, Peninsular Malaysia

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Organic Geochemistry of Selected Upper Palaeozoic Kuantan Group Sediments of East Pahang, Eastern Belt, Peninsular Malaysia

Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Azhar Hj. Hussin

Abstract: Challenges in Implementing the Minerals and Geoscience Programmes in the New Millennium (Keynote Paper II)

Chen Shick Pei

Abstract: Geological Significance of Radiolarian Chert in Sabah

Basir Jasin

Abstract: Facies, Textural Characteristics and Depositional Model for the Tertiary Boulder Beds of Batu Arang, Selangor

Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman, Azlina Habibullah

Abstract: Palynomorphs from an Intermontane Basin, Thailand: A Significant Finding on Florschuetzia tp. Pollen

Azmi Mohd Yakzan

Abstract: Carboniferous of Malaysia: A Synthesis

Ibrahim bin Amnan, Henri Fontaine

Abstract: Permian Brachiopod from Bera Formation (West Malaysia) and Their Paleogeographic Significance

Mohd Shafeea Leman, Masatoshi Sone

Abstract: Ancient Floodplain Deposits within the Jura-Cretaceous Alluvial Complex near Bandar Muadzam Shah, Pahang: Facies Characteristics and Climatic Significance

Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman

Abstract: A Palynomorph Assemblage from Bukit Mambai, Labis, Johor

Uyop Said, Shahfuddin Mustaffa

Abstract: Seismic Mapping of Pahang Quaternery Sediments, Pekan, Pahang

Lee Beng Huat, Umar Hamzah, Ahmad Jantan, Ibrahim Abdullah, Che Aziz Ali

Abstract: Geochemistry and Characterisation of Alluvial Gold from the Jeli and Sokor Areas, Kelantan

G. H. Teh, Anisalimahwati bt Sulaiman

Abstract: Contrasting Chemical Characteristics of Granite and Syenite from Perhentian Islands, Peninsular Malaysia

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Perbandingan sifat fiziko-kimia tanah syis grafit dan tanah syis kuarza-mika kawasan sekitaran Kota Melaka, Melaka (IN MALAY), Comparison of the physical and chemical properties of graphite and quartz mica sheets from the area surrounding Melaka City, Melaka

Tai Tang Oh, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils from South Johor

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Sifat fiziko-kimia tanah aluvium tua sepanjang Lebuhraya Johor Baharu-Pasir Gudang, Johor (IN MALAY), Physical-chemical properties of Old Alluvium soil along the Johor Baharu-Pasir Gudang Highway, Johor

Zamila Abdul Rahman, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Geological and Related Applications on the EPMA (Electronprobe Microanalyzer)

G. H. Teh

Abstract: Rare-Earth and Trace Element Patterns of Langkawi Granites

Wan Fuad Wan Hassan, Syafrina bt Md Daud

Abstract: Perbandingan sifat fiziko-kimia tanah granit dan tanah gabro sepanjang Lebuhraya Linkedua, Johor (IN MALAY), Comparison of physical and chemical properties of granite and gabbro soil along the Second Link Highway, Johor

Alphonsus Sim, Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Stability of Slope Cuts in Metamorphic Bedrock Areas of Peninsular Malaysia (Keynote Paper III)

John Kuna Raj

Abstract: The Use of Geoelectrical Imaging to Study Groundwater Pollution at Gemenceh Waste Disposal Site, Negeri Sembilan

Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Tan Chu Ai, Bashillah Baharuddin, Mohd tadza Abdul Rahman

Abstract: Geochemical Exploration for Stream Sediments and Water Quality Determination in Sungai Pahang Basin, Pahang Darul Makmur

Goh Swee Heng

Abstract: Engineering Geology of Cyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

B. O. Vun, E. B. Yeap

Abstract: Distribution of Pollutants in Groundwater System at Gemencheh Landfill Site in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Mohd Tadza Abdul Rahman, Daud Mohamad, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Tan Teong Hing

Abstract: Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Jasmi Ab. Talib, Azlikamil Napiah

Abstract: Geological Assessment of the Cut Slope Failures in Highly Weathered Igneous Rocks at the Senai Toll Plaza of the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing Expressway, Johor, Malaysia

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: The Geology, Petrography and Index Properties of Limestone and Granite Aggregates for the Construction Industry in Central Selangor-Federal Territory

K. W. Cheong, E. B. Yeap

Abstract: Primary Geological Features in Relation to Cut Slope Instability — A Case Study in Pengkalan Hulu (Keroh), Hulu Perak

Qalam Azad Rosle, G. H. Teh

Abstract: Description and Classification of Filled Joint in Granite — An Approach

Mohd. For Mohd. Amin, Azman Kassim

Abstract: Geologi kejuruteraan kawasan Taman Bukit Utama, Ulu Kelang-Ampang (IN MALAY), Geological engineering in the Taman Bukit Utama area, Ulu Kelang-Ampang

Tan Siang Fei, Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin

Abstract: An Integration of Geophysical and Geotechnical Methods in the Assessment of Slope Stability at Kamsis G, UKM

Khairul Anuar Mohd. Nayan, Abd. Rahim Samsuddin, Abd. Ghani Rafek, Umar Hamzah, Megat Iskandar Megat Ismail, Mohd. Zamzuri Zain

Abstract: Faults in the Lower Detrital Member at Teluk China Mati, Pulau Tanjung Dendang

Zaiton Harun

Abstract: Geomorphological Mapping: A Case Study in the Southern Parts of the Langkawi Islands

Juhari Mat Akhir, Yong Hoy Leong

Abstract: Tafsiran struktur Pulau Langgun Langkawi (IN MALAY), Structural interpretation of Langgun Island, Langkawi

Ibrahim Abdullah, Che aziz ali, Kamal Roslan Mohamed

Abstract: Facies Architecture, Stratigraphic Evolution and Tectonic History of the Miocene Alluvial Fan of Batu Arang

Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib

Abstract: Application of P & SH-Waves for Rock Anisotropy Studies: Genting Highlands Case Study

Abdul Nassir Sh. Saeed, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Rahman Yaccup, Abdul Rahim Samsudin

Abstract: Digital Processing of LANDSAT TM Data for Geological Applications: An Example from the Langkawi Islands

Juhari Mat Akhir, Wong Siew Fung

Abstract: The Origin and Characteristics of Notches in the Limestone Hills in Peninsular Malaysia

Ros Fatihah Muhammad, E. B. Yeap

Abstract: Rakaman seismos dalam lubang gerudi bagi penyiasatan tanah runtuh: kajian kes tapak stesen pemancar gelombang mikro, Jalan Temerloh-Mentakab, Pahang (IN MALAY), In drill hole seismic recording for landslide investigations: Case study of a microwave transmitter station, Jalan Temerloh-Mentakab, Pahang

Abdul Ghani Rafek, Rahman Yaccup, Abd. Rahim Samsudin, Khairul Anuar Mohd. Nayan, Umar Hamzah

Abstract: High Resolution Seismic Reflection and Geoelectrical Resistivity Imaging at School Teachers' Quarters Pengkalan, Pegoh, Ipoh, Malaysia

Mohammed Ismael Abu Shariah, Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Umar Hamzah, Abdul Ghani Refak

Abstract: Relating Earthquake Clustering to Faults and Lineaments

Che Noorliza Lat

Abstract: Coastal Geomorphology of the Strait of Malacca Area during the past Millennium (Keynote Paper IV)

T. T. Khoo

Abstract: Geoindicators for Sustainable Urban Management

J. J. Pereira, Ibrahim Komoo

Abstract: Intrinsic Geological Resources for Ecotourism Development: A Case Study of an Ancient Oceanic Crust in Tandek, Sabah

F. Tongkul

Abstract: Evaluation of Groundwater Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia

Majeed M. Faisal, Edward Voo Lok Zan

Abstract: Ciri-ciri dan asal-usul permukaan ketakselarasan di dalam lapisan Boulder (Miosen) Batu Arang, Selangor (IN MALAY), The characteristics and origin of unconformable surface within the Boulder (Miocene) Coal seam, Selangor

Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman

Abstract: Geologi am dan kajian tekstur batuan di Kompleks Igneus, Pulau Susu Dara, Besut: implikasi terhadap perletakan magma (IN MALAY), General geology and rock texture studies at the Igneous Complex, Pulau Susu Dara, Besut: implications of magma placement

A. Shamsul Kamal Zakaria, Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Beberapa aspek kaitan lapangan dan petrografi batuan granitik Bukit Labohan, Kerteh, Terengganu (IN MALAY), Field and petrographic evidence from granitic rocks of Lahohan Hill, Kerteh, Terengganu

Azlan Mohamad, A. Tajuddin Ibrahim, Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Chemical Characteristics Some of the Granitic Bodies from Terengganu Area

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Chemistry of Muscovite from the Kuala Lumpur Granite, Peninsular Malaysia

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Mantle Feldspar from the Noring Granite, North Peninsular Malaysia: Petrography and Chemistry

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Systematic Classification of the Granitic Rocks from Western Province, Peninsular Malaysia

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Sedimentation in the Tropical, Mesotidal, Wave Dominated Pahang River Delta Complex

Che Aziz Ali, Ahmad Jantan

Abstract: Pemetaan sedimen dasar Sungai Pahang, Pekan-Tanjung Agas, Pahang (IN MALAY), Mapping Pahang River sediments, Pekan-Tanjung Agas, Pahang

Kamal Roslan Mohamed, Watin Malun

Abstract: Kajian terperinci tekstur batuan granit di kawasan Damansara-Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur (IN MALAY), Detailed study of granite texture in Damansara-Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

Mursyidah A. Hamid, Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: The Internet: A Valuable Tool for Geoscience Education and Promotion

Mustafa Abdullah

Abstract: Magnetic Signature over Part of Pahang and Johor

Samsudin Hj Taib

Abstract: The Occurrence of Tertiary Boulder Beds between km 22.6 and km 24.5 of the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing Expressway, Kangkar Pulai, Johor, Malaysia

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Mustaffa Kamal Shuib, Abdul Hadi Abd. Rahman

Abstract: Shallow Gas Risk in the Central North Sea

Sahat Sadikun

Some Early Recollections of Geology at the University of Malaya: I, Singapore Days

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Understanding Slope Movements and the Failure Process

Andrew Malone

Abstract: Piezocone as a tool for stratigraphic logging in Malaysian Quaternary deposit/ Drilling and grouting for dam construction - case studies

Abd. Rasid Jaapar, Nikadlin Nikyusoff

Abstract: 1999 AAPG Distinguished Lecture — 4-D Analysis of Extensional Fault Systems in Rift Basins

Ken McClay

Description and Implication of Micro-Structure in Mafic Microgranular Enclaves from the Bukit Labohan Granite, Terengganu

Azman A. Ghani, Azlan Mohamad, Ahmad Tajuddin Ibrahim

Abstract: Needed New Technologies for the 21st Century: New Systems for Sustainable Development, Urban, and Rural

W. S. Fyfe

Abstract: Reactions of Limestone and Gypsum in Soils under Tropical Environment

J. Shamshuddin

Abstract: On-Site Nutrient Depletion as a Cause and an Effect of Soil Erosion

Ghulam M. Hashim

Abstract: Rock Weathering and Soil Formation in Malaysia

S. Paramananthan

Abstract: Significance of Radiolarian Chert in the Northwestern Zone of Peninsular Malaysia

Basir Jasin

Abstract: Structural Overprinting in the Northwest and West Domains of Peninsular Malaysia

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Western Belt Granite of the Peninslar Malaysia

Azman A. Ghani

Abstract: Stratigrafi Jalur Barat: korelasi dan Permasalahan (IN MALAY), Stratigraphy of the Western Belt: Correlation and Problems

Kamal Roslan Mohamed, Basir Jasin

Abstract: The Upper Palaeozoic Singa-Kubang Pasu Mega-Sequence: Some Thoughts on Basin Initiation, Depositional and Tectonic History

Abdul Hadi A. R., K. S. Mustaffa

Abstract: Petrogenesis of the Bukit Mertajam-Kulim Granite

Azman A. Ghani, Borhan M. Doya, G. H. Teh

Abstract: The Lower Permian 'Passage Beds' of the Kubang Pasu Formation, Perlis: Facies, Stratification and Significance

Abdul Hadi A. R.

Abstract: Sempadan litostratigrafi batuan Paleozoik zon baratlaut Semenanjung Malaysia (IN MALAY), Lithostratigraphic boundary of the Paleozoic rocks of northwestern Peninsular Malaysia

Zaiton Harun, Basir Jasin

Field Relation of Granite-Volcanics Interaction at Tioman Island, Pahang: More Evidence for the Occurrence of an Older Granite

Azman A. Ghani, Noran A. Shaarani, Hairul Azhar A. Anuar

Abstract: International Classification of Reserve and Resources (Solid Fuels and Mineral Commodities)

Loh Chiok Hoong

Abstract: Overview of the Industrial Mineral Industry in Malaysia

Ong Wee Seck

Abstract: EIA: Issues and Challenges

Lee Heng Keng

Modelling of the Crystallisation Phases of the Bukit Mertajam-Kulim Granitic Magma

Azman A. Ghani, Borhan M. Doya, G. H. Teh

Abstract: Beyond the Sequence Stratigraphy Paradigm: Learning to Exploit High-Resolution Data

Henry W. Posamentier

Abstract: Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances: Their Impact on the Petroleum Industry in the Next Millennium

Bill Schaefer

Abstract: Natural Gas Opportunities in Malaysia

Mohd. Sabri Mohamed

Abstract: A New Geological/Geophysical Framework for SE Asia

Karsten M. Storetvedt

Abstract: Global Wrench Tectonics and its Consequences for the Tectonic Evolution of the NW Borneo Continental Margin

Leong Lap Sau, Muhammad Adib, Karsten M. Storetvedt

Abstract: Stress Domains in the Sarawak and NW Sabah Basins

H. D. Tjia

Abstract: Seligi depletion management

S. T. Goh, S. Selamat, K. S. Lee

Abstract: Simple and effective method for quality control of seismic amplitudes during marine seismic acquisition

Lee-Chui Swee, Chiaw-Oi Kuek

Abstract: Borneo: plays that work and plays that don't

Richard W. Murphy

Abstract: Seismic stratigraphy and turbidite depositional systems of deep water Block E, offshore Sarawak

J. Long, L. P. Sha

Abstract: Seismic attributes associated with thin channel and crevasse splays sand identification

Ng Tong San, Redhani

Abstract: A 3D pre-stack depth migration case history from the South China Sea

Refik Oezsen, Mark Crawley, Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff, Abdul Rahim Md. Arshad

Abstract: Some insights into the source rocks of Central Luconia and the West Baram Delta area, Sarawak

Mike Scherer, Peter Abolins, Nasaruddin Ahmed

Abstract: Integration of newly acquired aerogravity data in the exploration work of the Tinjar Province, onshore Sarawak

Othman Ali Mahmud, H. D. Tjia, Mohd Idrus Ismail

Abstract: New plays offshore Sabah: low stand stratigraphic traps in the Champion Delta

Colin J. Grant

Abstract: 3D Post-Stack Depth Migration: A Step Towards Enhanced Subsurface Imaging

Idrus Mohd Shuhud, M. Firdaus A. Halim

Integrated Amplitude versus Offset (AVO) Approach for Delineating Stratigraphic Traps

M. Azuddin M. Yusof

Abstract: Lithofacies Sorting of Organic Matter and Its Implications for Source Rock Potential

Ouzani Bachir, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Azhar Hj. Hussin

Abstract: AVO Analysis in Block SB305, Offshore East Sabah, Malaysia

Idrus Mohd Shuhud, M. Firdaus A Halim, Shaidin Arshad

Abstract: Improved Hydrocarbon Prospectivity and New Play Concepts in Inboard Block SB-301, Sabah

Charlie Lee, C. Grant, F. Oprinsen, N. Mat Fiah, P. George, S. M. Tan, K. L Wong

Abstract: 'H' and 'I' Groups Truncation Play in PM309 — SE of Malay Basin

Muzammal A. Ghani, Mansor Ahmad

Abstract: Identifying and Evaluating Producing Horizons in Fractured Basement

Peter Majid Tandom, Nguyen Huy Ngoc, H. D. Tjia, Peter M. Lloyd

Abstract: Seismic Processing of Ocean Bottom Cable and Streamer Data over Seligi Field

Lye Yue Choong, Abdul Razak Mohd Nurin

Abstract: The Prospectivity of the Dungun Graben — Block PM304, Malay Basin

Tan Bee Hoon, Mohammad Jamaal Hoesni, David Mackertich

Abstract: Application of Pre-Stack Migration Techniques in SSB/SSPC to Improve Seismic Imaging and Reduce Exploration Uncertainties

Jan Douma

Abstract: Elastic Impedance Inversion for Enhanced Reservoir Characterisation

Mark Sams

Abstract: The Role of Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy in the Stochastic Modeling of a Carbonate Reservoir

David Evans

Abstract: Gravity Anomalies, Subsidence History, and the Tectonic Evolution of the Malay and Penyu Basins, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia

Mazlan B. Hj. Madon

Abstract: The Use of Fast Track 3D Streamer and OBC Data in the Development Drilling of Seligi

Pauline Wong

Abstract: Kamunsu East-1: Shell Malaysia's First Step into Deep Water — Designing and Executing an Exploration Test in a Challenging Deep Water Environment

Stephen Hart, Ha Kwong tak

Abstract: Oil Families of Eastern Offshore Sarawak

Peter Abolins, Mike Scherer

Abstract: Petrography and Organic Geochemistry of Tertiary Coals from Mukah-Balingian, Sarawak

Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Nur Sharliza Mohd Rapi'an

Abstract: Biomarker Distributions of the Upper Palaeozoic Sediments from East Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia

Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Azhar Hj. Hussin

Abstract: Evidence for the Origin of the West Baram Delta Oils: Marine versus Terrigenous

Azlina Anuar, Abdul Jalil Muhamad