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Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

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Abstract: Kerogen Kinetics in Petroleum Systems Analysis: A Case Study Using Coaly Source Rocks from Malaysian Onshore Basins (Geology Poster 25)

Peter Abolins, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Continuous Isotope Logging in Real Time While Drilling (Geology Poster 26)

Martin Niemann, Jerome Breviere, Shell Feast Team

Litho-Facies Mapping for Qualitative Evaluation of Caprock Seal Capacity in Northeast Central Luconia Province, Offshore, Sarawak (Geology Poster 27)

Shakila Mustaffa, Che Shaari Abdullah, Hamdan Mohamad

Integration of Fluid Inclusion Stratigraphy (FIS) in the Petroleum System Analysis of a Frontier Area in Sarawak Offshore Basin, Malaysia (Geology Poster 28)

Ong Swee Keong, S. R. Iyer, Satyanarayana Yelamanchi, Fatma Nazihah Bt M Khatib

Abstract: Effective Reservoir Fluid Sampling Supports Reservoir Characterization (Geology Poster 29)

Rahimah Abd Karim, Pedro Elias Paris Acuna, Wa Wee Wei, Sammy Haddad

Geochemistry of Gas and Condensate in the Surma Basin, Bangladesh (Geology Poster 30)

Nobuyori Takeda, Susumu Kato, Masashi Fujiwara, Md. Noor Alam, Md. Mosharraf Hossain, Md. Ashif Eqram Kahn, Md. Mashiur Rahman, Md. Anisul Haque Sarker

Abstract: Representative Fluid Samples for Reservoir Fluid Evaluation and Flow Assurance Analyses: South East Asia Field (Geology Poster 31)

Michael Tighe, Sammy Haddad, Lee Chin Lim

Abstract: A Comparison between 1D and 3D Basin Simulations of Thermal Evolution and Hydrocarbon Generation a Case Study in the South Malay Basin, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia (Geology Poster 32)

Azlina Anuar, M Jamaal Hoesni

Abstract: 4D Effect from Saturation Variation Due to Fluid Movement Using 4D Seismic Acoustic Impedance Inversion Methods for Reservoir Monitoring (Geophysics Poster 1)

Shuhadah Basaharudin, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, M Firdaus A Halim

Abstract: Channel Thickness Estimation Using Spectral Decomposition (Geophysics Poster 2)

Nora Aida Ramly, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, M Rapi M Som, Wan M. Khairul, Siti Syareena Ali, M Raisuddin Tajuddin

Abstract: Estimating Poisson's Ratio from Elastic Impedance: A Case Study for Hydrocarbon Plays in Malay Basin (Geophysics Poster 3)

Ang Chin Tee, Shaidin Arshad

Abstract: Challenging Views Towards Minimization of Multi-Component Data Complexities (Geophysics Poster 4)

Amar Ghaziah, Riaz Alai, Hafizal M. Zahir

Abstract: A Shallow Water CSEM Case Study: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (Geophysics Poster 5)

Mazlan Md Tahir, Azani Abd Manaf, Siti Hassulaini Abdul Rahman

Abstract: Methods in Estimating Visco-Elastic Properties for Gas Cloud Imaging : A Multicomponent Seismic and Rock Properties Analysis (Geophysics Poster 6)

Ang Chin Tee, M Hafizal Mad Zahir

Abstract: Integrating Sedimentological Core Study and Seismic Attributes to Define Fluvial Channel Characteristics in the Malay Basin (Geophysics Poster 7)

Putri Yunalis M Yunos, Siti Syareena M Ali, M Rapi M Som, Nor Azhar Ibrahim, W M Khairul Anuar B W Sulaiman

Abstract: An Appraisal Well, from Geophysical Point of View: Do Not Simply Call it a Failure! (Geophysics Poster 8)

Hijreen Ismail, Prama Arta, Bernato Viratno

Abstract: Fit for Purpose Seismic Reservoir Characterisation (Geophysics Poster 9)

Troy Thompson, Matthew Lamont, Carlo Bevilacqua, Natasha Hendrick

Abstract: Application of Seismic Attribute for Channel Imaging in the Malay Basin (Geophysics Poster 10)

Nor Azhar Ibrahim, M Raisuddin Tajuddin, M Rapi M Som, M Fauzi A Kadir, Wan M Khairul W Sulaiman, Putri Yunalis M Yunos, Siti Syareena M Ali, Nora Aida Ramly

Abstract: Gravity and Magnetic Signatures, Derived Crustal Structre and Tectonics of Sirt Basin, Northern Central Part of Libya (Geophysics Poster 11)

Ahmed. S. Saheel, Abdul Rahim Bin Samsudin, Umar Bin Hamzah

Abstract: Seismic Imaging and Velocity Modelling Offshore Myanmar (Andaman Sea Basin) (Geophysics Poster 12)

Farhan Ahmed Khan, M Hakimey Hashim, Azlan Mohd Sabirin, Goh Leong Kee, Garry Malo Paul

Abstract: Post-Stack Cross Equalization for Time-Lapse Seismic (Geophysics Poster 13)

Tan Chin Kiang, Wahyudin Suwarlan-PCSB, Kartina Ali, Fariz Fahmi

Abstract: Seismic Facies Characterization of the Central Northwest Sabah Basin (Geophysics Poster 14)

M. Farizanuddin Jaapar, Ahmad Fahrul Januri, Harminzar Mansor, Mazlan Md. Tahir, Robert Wong, M. Razali Che Kob

Geological Mapping Using Remote Sensing and Magnetic Data (Geophysics Poster 15)

Nurdalila Binti Tazaruddin, Khiruddin Bin Abdullah, Nur Azimah Binti Hussin, Ashkan Mohajerin, Farahida Binti Suradi

Seismic Attributes for Reservoir Property Prediction— A Review (Geophysics Poster 16)

Muhammad Sajid, Zuhar Zahir Bin Tuan Harith

A Low Frequency Seismic Survey in an Exploration Environment (Geophysics Poster 17)

Paul West, Konrad Cieslik, Shamim Haider, Abdul Aziz Muhamad, Sandeep Kumar Chandola, Awalludin Harun

Abstract: 3D Coil Shooting Survey on Tulip Field: Data Processing Overview – Planning, Challenges and Opportunities (Geophysics Poster 18)

Michelle Tham, Michele Buia, Riccardo Vercesi, Swee Leng Ng, Andreas Tyasbudi Waluyo, Suyang Chen

Abstract: Recent Trends in Offshore Exploration: More Data, Less Model (Geophysics Poster 19)

Guillaume Cambois, Maz Farouki

Abstract: A Towed EM System Test Survey (Geophysics Poster 20)

Johan Mattsson, Lena Lund, Jostein Lima, Marit Ronæss, Folke Engelmark, Maz Farouki

Abstract: Separation of Seismic Diffractions and Specular Reflections: A Tool for Improved Processing, Imaging and Interpretation (Geophysics Poster 21)

Riaz Alai, M Hafizal Mad Zahir, Amar Ghaziah, Eric Verschuur

Abstract: Determination of AVO Attributes for Acoustic Impedance Zones of Malay Basin: Fluid Factors (Geophysics Poster 22)

Uzir Alimat, T. L Goh, Shaidin Arshad, M. Izzuljad Ahmad Fuad

Abstract: The Discover Way Towards More Realistic Enhanced Resolution Seismic Inversion - A Field Test (Geophysics Poster 23)

Dominic Lowden, Bruce Webb, Jennifer Graham, Vincent W. T. Kong

Abstract: Fan Mode Shooting to Reduce Infill Rates for Marine Seismic Acquisition in Areas of Strong and Unpredictable Sea Currents (Geophysics Poster 24)

Budi Priasati, Stephen Elliott

Analysis of Stress Condition of Faults in Oil-Gas-Bearing Areas Using GIS and Remote Sensing Data (Geophysics Poster 25)

Michail Vakhnin

Abstract: AVO Application for Carbonates Reservoir Characterization in Sarawak Basin (Geophysics Poster 26)

Noreehan Shahud, Yeshpal Singh

Abstract: Multi-Disciplinary Pore Pressure Prediction : Reconciliate Geophysics and Basin Modeling to Control Risks and Uncertainties in Drilling Operations (Geophysics Poster 27)

G. Lecante, P. Wojciak, N. Bianchi

Abstract: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Volcanic Ash from Mount Merapi Eruption in 2010

Hamzah Mohamad, Wan Zuhairi Wan Yaacob

Abstract: Resolving the Architecture of the Ngalia Basin in Central Australia from Gravity and Magnetic Field Interpretation – A Component of a Uranium Minerals System Study

Clive Foss

Abstract: Kajian kestabilan potongan cerun batuan metasedimen di Bukit Chendering, Kuala Terengganu (IN MALAY), Rock slope stability study from sections of Chendering Hill, Kuala Terengganu

Hamzah Hussin, Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin

Abstract: Chairman's Lecture No 16: Geology and Tunnelling in Malaysia

Tan Boon Kong

Abstract: Penerbitan sudut geseran puncak satah ketakselanjaran daripada penentuan kekasaran permukaan (IN MALAY), Publication of Peak Friction Angle Estimation from Joint Roughness Coefficient of Discontinuities

Abdul Ghani Rafek, T. L. Goh, Mohd. Hariri Ariffin, Nurul Baizura M. Yunus

Abstract: Magnetotelluric Survey in Some Active Tectonics Areas

Toru Mogi

Abstract: Geological Hazards Assessment on the Wadi Dayqah Dam, the Sultanate of Oman

Tajul Anuar Jamaluddin, Steven Chong Fook Loy, V. A. Arulgnanam

Abstract: Radiolaria Kapur di Kunak, Sabah (IN MALAY), Cretaceous Radiolaria at Kunak, Sabah

Junaidi Asis

Abstract: Cretaceous Flower Hunting in Eastern Asia

Masamichi Takahashi

Application of 3D Basin Modeling to Address Hydrocarbon Charge Risk in a Frontier Area, Offshore Sarawak Basin, Malaysia (Geology Paper 1)

S. R. Iyer, S. K. Bhattacharya, Shahrul Amar B Abdullah, Peter Abolins

Appraisal While Development Campaign in the "J" Field, North Malay Basin (Geology Paper 2)

Lai Kian Voon, M. Yusof Abdullah, I. Kanok, Fazili Ilias, I. Bukhari, C. Puvanat, Liau Min Hoe

Pore Pressure Prediction Of A Field In Southwestern Part Of The Malay Basin:A Basin Modeling Approach (Geology Paper 3)

Ismatul Hani Shada Binti Idris, Peter Abolins, M Jamaal B Hoesni

Abstract: An Integrated Geoscience and Engineering Efforts Leading to Increased Development Planning Confidence (Geology Paper 4)

Liew Wei Long, Hanif Hashim, Ridzuan Tahir, Zahari Mokhtar, Amirul Kusyairi, Natasya Pawanteh, Meor Hassan

Abstract: From Depofacies to Lithofacies: A Way to Integrate Facies and Rock Types into 3D Geocellular Models (Geology Paper 5)

Jairo Antonio Plata Torres

Abstract: An Organic Geochemical Approach to Address Stratigraphic Issues: A Case Study of the Layang-Layangan Beds, Labuan Island, Nw Sabah Basin (Geology Paper 6)

Patrick Gou, Wan Hasiah Abdullah

Abstract: Characterizing and Modeling Natural Fracture Networks in a Tight Carbonate Reservoir in the Middle East (Geology Paper 7)

Dipak Singha Ray, Adnan Al-Shammeli, Naveen K. Verma, Saad Matar, Vincent de Groen, Ghislain de Joussineau, Thierry Le Maux, Waleed Al-Khamees

Abstract: The Onshore to Offshore Dent Group, Eastern Sabah from Sequence Stratigraphic Perspective: Implication to Petroleum Exploration (Geology Paper 8)

M Razali Che Kob, Sanudin Tahir, A Fahrul Januri, Harminza Mansor, Nuraman Nusral, M Idrus Ismail, Robert Wong Hin Fatt, Azani Manaf

Abstract: Source of Coal Bed Methane (Geology Paper 9)

Swapan Kumar Bhattacharya, Saleem Qadir Tunio

Sequence Stratigraphic Study of Block 16/19 and Zambezi Delta Block, Mozambique Basin, Offshore Mozambique (Geology Paper 10)

Dayang Hasspariah Binti Sapri, Othman Ali Bin Mahmud

Abstract: Dynamic Modelling of a North Sea Saline Formation for Carbon Sequestration (Geology Paper 11)

Francesca E. Watson, Benjamin J. Hedley, Richard J. Davies, Susie E. Daniels

Abstract: The Possible Significances of Coals Encountered in Cored Sections from the Central Malay Basin; Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation and Basin Character (Geology Paper 12)

David Ince, Mazlan Madon, Abdul Hadi A Rahman, Ahmad Munif Bin Koraini, Mahani Mohamed, Sanatul Salwa Hasan, Samsudin Jirin

Abstract: Habitat and C-14 Age Dating of Lignitic Terrace Sands – Implications for Uplift on the Borneo Coastline during the Holocene (Geology Paper 13)

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong

Characterization Of Peat-forming Environments Of Miocene Coal Using Biofacies In The Malay Basin, Malaysia (Geology Paper 14)

Shamsudin Jirin, R. J. Morley, Mahani Mohamed, Sanatul Salwa Hasan

Abstract: Criteria for Discriminating Drilling-Induced Tensile Fractures from Natural Fractures in Basement Rocks (Geology Paper 15)

Adriaan Bal, Pedram Zarian

Impact of Spatial Variability in Microfabrics on the Thermal Conductivity of Subis Limestone (Geology Paper 16)

Y. S. Lee, E. Padmanabhan

Abstract: Oroclines and Paleomagnetism in Borneo and South-East Asia (Geology Paper 17)

Charles S. Hutchison

Abstract: Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation of Thin Bed Formation: A Case Study from Field Offshore Malaysia (Geology Paper 18)

Diego Maya, Nizam Abu Bakar

Abstract: Typical Pore Pressure Regimes in the Malay Basin – Insight for Other Basins Globally (Geology Paper 19)

Richard Swarbrick, Stephen O'Connor, Rick Lahann, Jamaal Hoesni, Bitrus Pindar, Sam Green, Steve Jenkins

Assessing Fault Seal Risk and Fault Seal Retention Capacity In Stacked Clastic Reservoirs (Geology Paper 20)

Arnout J.W. Everts

Abstract: Labuan Outcrop Revisited: New Findings on Belait Formation Facies Evolution (Geology Paper 21)

M Rapi B M Som, M Fauzi B A Kadir, Siti Syareena M Ali, Shamsuddin Jirin, W M Khairul W Sulaiman, Norshida Mohsin, Shahriza Salwani M Shah

Fabric Anomaly in Mud Clast Distribution in the Lambir Formation (Mid to Late Miocene), Sarawak (Geology Paper 22)

E. Padmanabhan, A. S. Mohd Pauzi

Abstract: An Overview of the Proven Pre-Tertiary Karstified and Fractured Carbonate Basement Play-Type in the Offshore Northern Vietnam (Geology Paper 23)

Jamin Jamil Mohd Idris, Renato M. Borbajo, Herculito Balasbas Caalim, Hoang Thuy Lan, Abdullah Dim

Mapping Regional Sedimentary Horizons in the Onshore Baram Delta, Sarawak, from Magnetic and Graviti Data Using Energy Spectral Analysis (Geophysics Paper 1)

Stephen Markham, Shiferaw Damte, Irena Kivior, Simon Randle, Masahide Shimada, John Jong, Hajime Kusaka, Tran Quoc Tan

Efficiency of Tdem and EM-IP Methods Application for Reservoirs Exploration in South East Asia (Geophysics Paper 2)

Yuri A. Agafonov, Mustapha M. Salleh, Sophia V. Kompaniets, Olga V. Markovceva, Ilya V. Egorov, Igor V. Bouddo

Abstract: Rotation of Borneo Revisited – New Inferences from Gravity Data and Plate Reconstructions (Geophysics Paper 3)

Stan Mazur, Christopher Green, Matthew Stewart, Rkia Bouatmani, Paul Markwick

Abstract: Determination of AVO Attributes for Hydrocarbon Resources Region of Malay Basin: The Fluid Factors (Geophysics Paper 4)

T. L. Goh, Uzir Alimat, Shaidin Arshad, M. Izzuljad Ahmad Fuad

Abstract: Soft Shale Complication in AVO Interpretation in Sabah Basin (Geophysics Paper 5)

Alex Tarang, Yeshpal Singh

Abstract: An Integrated Approach to Reservoir Appraisal and Monitoring Using Well Log, Seismic and CSEM Data (Geophysics Paper 6)

Lucy MacGregor, James Tomlinson, Skander Hili

Seismic Facies Analysis of Group L and M Reservoirs, Southeast of Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 7)

Noor Iryani Jumari, Hamdan Mohamad, Nasaruddin Ahmad

Abstract: The Karap Mud Volcano Imaged on New 2D Seismic – Implications for Basin Analysis (Geophysics Paper 8)

Franz L. Kessler, John Jong, Tran Quoc Tan, Hajime Kusaka

Abstract: Low Relief Structure, a Favorable HC Accumulation Trap in Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 9)

Ji Ping, Norhafizah Mohd

Abstract: Conventional Approach Seems to be the Best! (Geophysics Paper 10)

Hijreen Ismail, M Izham Kassim, Khairul Hamidi Khalid

Abstract: Regional Rock Physics Application for Improved Understanding of Thief Sands in Offshore Sarawak Basin (Geophysics Paper 11)

Yeshpal Singh

Delineation Stratigraphic Features Using Spectral Decomposition and AVO in B Field, Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 12)

Khairool Anwar B Laksaman, Nguyen Huu Nghi, Goh Sing Thu

Abstract: Integrated Approach to Identify Stratigraphic Prospect from Sparse 2D Seismic Attributes (AVO), Well Correlation and Geological Model – A Success Case from Genale B-2X in Blocks 3&4, Ogaden Basin, Ethiopia (Geophysics Paper 13)

Eadie Noor Fadzly M Salleh, Dodik Suprapto, Amri Shahril Saadudin

Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphic Study Paves the Way to the Discovery of Kinabalu A-1 Well (Geophysics Paper 14)

Marianny Bt Ismail, Othman Ali Mahmud, Norbashinatun Salmi bt Mohd Nordin, Ummi Farah bt Mohamad Rosli, Yusnizar Bt Julaidi, Myint Win, Narender Pendkar

Abstract: Azimuthal Anisotropic NMO Analysis for Amplitude Stripping Removal in Sumandak 3D Reprocessing (Geophysics Paper 15)

Mazlan Ghazali, Edgardo Padron, Mehmet Ferruh

Multiple, Diffractions and Diffracted Multiples in the South China Sea: How Dense Does Our Acquisition Geometry Need to be? (Geophysics Paper 16)

Rosemary K Quinn, Lynn B Comeaux

Abstract: Deghost + Denoise + Demultiple + Velocity & Q Inversion + Depropagate = Seismic Imaging (Geophysics Paper 17)

Mehmet Ferruh Akalin

Abstract: Dip-Dependent Corrections for Data Reconstruction in True-Azimuth 3D Srme (Geophysics Paper 18)

Peter Aaron, Roald van Borselen, Rob Hegge, Simon Barnes, Maz Farouki

Abstract: Seismic Imaging near and within the Basement Offshore Malaysia; Including Comparisons of Imaging Algorithms (Geophysics Paper 19)

Nabil El Kady, M. Shah Sulaiman, Zabidi M Dom, Tang Wai Hoong, Lee Mei Lu, Pavel Vasilyev, Martin Bayly

Abstract: Broadband Marine Seismic – Breaking the Limits (Geophysics Paper 20)

Robert Soubaras, Carl Notfors

Abstract: Seismic Imaging below Shallow Gas Cloud – A Comparison between PSTM, PSDM & 4C OBC Datasets (Geophysics Paper 21)

Tan Boon Hua, Amy Mawarni M Yusoff, Gunawan Taslim

Abstract: 4D Seismic Analysis of Reservoir Sands Overlying a Salt Structure (Geophysics Paper 22)

Haziqah Othman, Shuhadah Basaharudin, Salbiah M Sahad, Salbiah Isa, MK Sengupta, M Firdaus A Halim

Abstract: 4D Seismic Interpretation in Angsi Field (Geophysics Paper 23)

Tan Chin Kiang, Wahyudin Suwarlan, Kartina Ali, Fariz Fahmi

Abstract: Major Controls on Deepwater Reservoir Distribution, West Africa (Geology Poster 1)

Amita Mohd Ali, Zainol Affendi Abu Bakar, Hasnol Hady Ismail, Redzuan Abu Hassan, Ku Rafidah Ku Shafie, Mazlan Madon

Abstract: Shallow Seismic: An Analog Study of Fluvial Depositional Systems in the Malay Basin (Geology Poster 2)

W M Khairul, Anuar b W Sulaiman, M Rapi b M Som, Faisal A. Alqahtani

Abstract: An Integrated Approach of Sedimentology, Biostratigraphy, Organic Petrological and Geochemical Analyses: A Case Study on Petroleum Source Rock Depositional Environments of Sebahat and Ganduman Formations, Eastern Sabah (Geology Poster 3)

Khairul Azlan Mustapha, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Ralph L. Kugler

Abstract: Transgressive-Regressive Cycles in the Malay Basin: The Interplay of Tectonics and Sea Level Changes in a Silled Basin (Geology Poster 4)

Mazlan Madon

Abstract: High Resolution Biomarker Technique for Source Facies Interpretation of Malaysian Oils (Geology Poster 5)

Abdul Jalil Muhamad, Awang Sapawi Awang Jamil, Nurfadhila Mohd Sharef, Farhana Jaafar Azuddin

Abstract: Correlation of the Subis Limestones with Equivalent Limestone Bodies in Offshore Balingian Province, Sarawak, and Prupuh Limestones in Java (Geology Poster 6)

Foo Yuan Han

Abstract: Salinity Stratification and it Effects on the Malay Basin Biofacies Assemblages (Geology Poster 7)

Mahani Mohamed, Shamsudin Jirin, Sanatul Salwa Hasan

Abstract: Development of New Correlations for Predicting Bubble Point Pressure and Bubble Point Oil Formation Volume Factor of Malaysian Crude Oils (Geology Poster 8)

B. Moradi, S. J. Hosseini, Birol M. R. Demiral, M. Amani

Abstract: Sedimentology of Carbonate Buildup in Central Luconia, Sarawak, Malaysia (Geology Poster 9)

Noor Alyani Binti Ishak, Zulfiqar Ali, Richard Bray, Eswaran Padmanabhan

Abstract: Sedimentary Facies, Depositional Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy of Miocene West Baram Delta Core, Offshore Sarawak (Geology Poster 10)

Ummi Farah Binti, Mohamad Rosli, M Amri Bin M Diah, Zulfiqar Ali

A Natural Laboratory for Fractured Granitoid and Meta-Sediment Reservoirs at Redang Island, Terengganu (Geology Poster 11)

Adriaan Bal, Hamdan Mohamad, Zulkifli A Hamid, Garry Malo-Paul, Askury A Kadir

Abstract: The Possible Significances of Coals Encountered in Cored Sections from the Central Malay Basin; Implications for Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation and Basin Character (Geology Poster 12)

David Ince, Mazlan Madon, Abdul Hadi A Rahman, Ahmad Munif Bin Koraini, Mahani Mohamed, Sanatul Salwa Hasan, Samsudin Jirin

Abstract: Calibrating Carbonate Core Data to Wireline Data: Searching for a Relationship between Petrophysical Properties and Mappable Depositional Trends (Geology Poster 13)

Mehmet Altunbay, Adriaan Bal, Selim Belhaouas, Richard Douglas Bray, Gamal Ragab Gaafar, Siti Salwa Bt Sharuddin

Abstract: Methodology in Surface Evaluation of the Fold and Thrust Belt Region (Geology Poster 14)

W Suraya Alssendra, M Hilman, B Roslan, Suhaileen Shahar

Abstract: Sedimentology of Laayoune-Dakhla Area Western Sahara Desert, South Morocco (Geology Poster 15)

Zulfiqar Ali, Zainal Abidin B Juni

Abstract: Echinoderm Palaeoecology from Fragments: A Tool for Facies Recognition in Mesozoic Carbonate Sequences (Geology Poster 16)

Aaron W. Hunter

Abstract: A Geochemical Overview of Selected Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Petroleum Source Rock Analogues from Outcrop Studies, Peninsular Malaysia (Geology Poster 17)

Patrick Gou, Meor Hakif Amir Hassan, Yeow Boon Sim, Wan Hasiah Abdullah, Lee Chai Peng

Abstract: A New Approach and Prospectivity of Sand Injectite in Malaysia (Geology Poster 18)

Askury Abd Kadir, Tengku Amran Bin Tengku Mohd

Abstract: Basin Modeling of Malay Basin Eastern Flank for Prediction of Source Rock Potential (Geology Poster 19)

Ku Rafidah Ku Shafie, Lakhdar Benchilla

Abstract: Prospectivity in the Slope Break Belts of Malay Basin Western Margin (Geology Poster 20)

Ji Ping, Zuliyana Ibrarim

Some Differentiating Field Characteristics between the Belait & Lambir Formations, North Sarawak (Geology Poster 21)

Mohd Syamim Ramli, E. Padmanabhan

Abstract: Deep Overpressured Play: Second Lifeline for West Baram Delta, East Malaysia (Geology Poster 22)

M Hafizan Abdul Wahab, Jennifer Chin Li Yen

Structural Styles of the North West Sabah and West Sulawesi Fold Thrust Belt Regions and its Implication to the Petroleum System – A Comparison (Geology Poster 23)

Nor Farhana Nor Azidin, Allagu Balaguru, Nasaruddin Ahmad

Study of Upscaling Permeability from Thin Sections Using 3D Pore Space Image and Pore Network Modeling (Geology Poster 24)

Luluan A. Lubis, Zuhar Zahir Tuan Harith

Abstract: Where on Earth are We Now?

Azhari bin Mohamed

Abstract: Talk Organized by Total E&P, Malaysia Continental Deformation and Large-Scale Evolution of Basins in Eastern Asia: An Update

Paul Tapponnier

Fosil bivalvia Daonella dari Sg. Jentar, Mentakab, Pahang (IN MALAY), Daonella Bivalve Fossils from Sg. Jentar, Mentakab, Pahang

Ahmad Rosli Othman, Mohd Shafeea Leman

Abstract: Sedimentary Basins and Continental Topography: An Intergrated Approach

S. Cloetingh

Abstract: Geosciences in the Digital Age: Strategic Roles in Addressing Major Challenges of the 21st Century

Ian Lambert, Lesley Wyborn

Abstract: Idealisation in Geotechnical Engineering: An Essential Understanding for Practicing Geo-Professionals in Malaysia / On Offshore Geohazards, Geophysics and Geotechnics

Abdul Rasid Jaapar

Abstract: An Overview of the Petroleum Geology of the Northern Deep Gulf of Mexico: Traps, Reservoirs, and Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution

Paul Weimer

Abstract: On the Link between Orogenic Shortening and "Back-arc" Extensional Collapse in Low Topography Orogens

L. Matenco, M. Ducea

Abstract: Controls of Copper and Gold Distribution in the Kucing Liar Deposit, Ertsberg Mining District, Papua Province, Indonesia

Brian T. E. New

Abstract: The Use of Quantitative Digital Outcrop Analysis to Develop Better Architectural Models and Improve Reservoir Characterisation Input to Reservoir Models

Jonathan Redfern

Abstract: "Size & Scale Matters": New Petrophysical Methods to Evaluate Storage and Flow Capacity of Conventional & Unconventional Reservoirs from Digital Core Analysis (DCA) and Pore Network Modeling (PNM)

Lutz Riepe

Abstract: Arctic Tectonics: The Palaeozoic and Younger Tectonic History of North-Eastern Canada-Northernmost Greenland and How it is Related to Sedimentary Basin and Crustal Architecture

Randell Stephenson

Abstract: Modifications to the Design of Slope Remedial Works during Construction

Affendi Abdullah

Abstract: Tectonic Deformation around the Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis: Paleomagnetic Viewpoints / Differential Rotation of Ne and Sw Japan: Opening Aspect of the Japan Sea

Yo-ichiro Otofuji