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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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An Analysis of Dipmeter Survey Results in the Langkat Area

Abdul Wahab

Carbon Black Manufacturing

Suroso W. S., D. Djoearsa, M. S. M. Situmorang

The Cibulakan Formation as One of the Most Prospective Stratigraphic Units in the North-West Java Basinal Area

Arpandi D, Suyitno Patmosukismo

Contribution to the Stratigraphy of the Jiwo Hills and Their Southern Surroundings (Central Java)

Sumarso, Tutty Ismoyowati

Design of Jatibarang Development and West Java Exploration Oil Well Drilling

Iman Sutadi, Kahar Kusmen

The Development of a Standard Blowout Control Procedure for a Drilling Rig

W. A. Rehm

Development of the Arun Gas Field

M. E. Alford, L. L. Cargile, M. B. Siagian

Direct Evidence of Hydrocarbon Accumulations from Seismic Data

E. G. Selby

The Effect of Quaternary Tectonics and Climates on Erosion and Sedimentation in Sumatra

H. Th. Verstappen

Ethane Extraction for Petrochemical Feedstock

Bambang Bramono, R. G. Hutton, R. E. Losbaugh

Exploration and Petroleum Prospects, Bula Basin, Seram, Indonesia

N. J. Zillman, R. J. Paten

Exploration of the Mentawai Block – West Sumatra

Hariadi N., R. A. Soeparjadi

Geochemical Evaluation – N.W. Java Basin

G. L. Fletcher, Kirby W. Bay

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Timor Area

A. A. Crostella, D. E. Powell

Geology of Pungut and Tandun Oil Fields Central Sumatra

Suwahjuhadi Mertosono

Geology of the South Central Java Offshore Area

W. Bolliger, P. A. C. De Ruiter

The Handil Oil Field in East Kalimantan

Ph. Magnier, Ben Samsu

Handling of Heavy Jatibarang Crude Oil Production

A. K. Soejoso, R. M. Indrarto

Hydrocracking of Vacuum Distillate of Minas Waxy Residue for Lubricant Base Stock and Fuel Oil Production

A. S. Nasution

Offshore Evaluation of Hydrogen Sulfide Reservoirs

A. G. Edwards

The Prediction of Water Cut in Initial Production from Log Analysis

B. Marchette, W. J. Prins

Slalom Line

R. Garotta

Strategic Planning in Drilling Operations

M. A. Warga Dalem, R. M. Pranoedjoe

Stratigraphy and Sedimentation in the Kutai Basin, Kalimantan

Luki Samuel, S. Muchsin

Submerged System for Offshore Oil and Gas Production

T. W. Childers, J. A. Kopecky, W. D. Loth

Tectonic Evolution of Southeast Asia

S. Warren Carey

The Three R's of Petroleum Exploration: Resources, Risks and Rewards

Mason L. Hill

Use of Cable Suspended Submersible Pump Systems in the Java Sea

Luis Caycedo

Use of Log Data to Detect Plastic Failure Zones for Analysis of Completion and Drilling Operations

C. A. Kohlhaas

Utilization of Gas Turbines for Power Generation in Petroleum Production Operations

A. S. Wahyosudibyo