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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Ardjuna B–Structure – A Case History

W. R. Scheidecker, D. A. Taiclet

Arun Reef, Bee Block, North Sumatra

J. R. Houpt, C. C. Kersting

Aspects Carbonate Sedimentation in Indonesia

Michael Scrutton

Aspects of Diagenesis and Porosity in Indonesian Miocene Carbonates

J. T. Berry

The Baturaja Formation of the Sunda Sub-Basin Area: Abstract

Robert Larue

Biostratigraphy of the Jatibungkus Section (Lokulo Area) in Central Java

F. Paltrinieri, Sri Sajekti, Suminta

Carbonate Build-Ups on Volcanic Highs South of Java: Abstract

M. Hughes Clarke

The Carbonate Rocks of the Baturaja Formation in its Type Locality, Baturaja — South Sumatra

Tjahja Hadi, Simbolon B.

Case History of the Bekapai Field

M. De Matharel, G. Klein, T. Oki

The Comparison of Using a Whipstock and a Dyna Drill in Directional Drilling

Bambang Widjanarko DS, R. W. Prajogo

Contribution to the Pre–Baong Stratigraphy of North Sumatra

Z. A. Kamili, J. Kingston, Z. Achmad, A. Wahab, S. Sosromihardjd, C. U. Crausaz

Depositional Study of the Lower Keutapang Sandstone in the Aru Area, North Sumatra


Development Drilling from a Floating Rig

R. J. Eckerfield, Bambang Soemantri

Distribution of Carbonate Build-Ups in Stanvac's South Sumatra Area: Abstract

A. E. Harsa, A. Kohar

Drilling in a High Temperature and Overpressured Area Sunda Straits, Indonesia

Alfred K. Noujaim

Early Miocene Carbonate Depositional Environments, East Java Sea: Abstract

C. S. Kenyon

Electrical Dehydration and Desalting of Crude Oils

Roy N. Lucas

The Evolution of Porosity in Carbonate Rocks and the Emplacement of Cement

R. G. C. Bathurst

Exploration History and Random Drilling Models

H. W. Menard

Floating Production Systems and Their Possible Application in Indonesia

P. J. Klein, W. van Heijst, B. Soemantri

Geology of East Benakat Oil Field, S. Sumatra

Hermanses Akuanbatin, D. Ardiputra

Geothermal Exploration Drilling and Testing in Kamojang, West Java Indonesia

S. Soerjadji

Geothermal Exploration in West Java

Solia Wiradiradja, Surahman Suari, Yunus Razali, L. Pekar

Geothermal Gradient Map of Indonesia: A Progress Report

C. S. Kenyon, K. J. Roberti, M. De Matharel, M. W. Hughes-Clarke

The Hydrocarbon Prospects of the Baturaja Formation in South Sumatra

Basuki P., S. Z. Pane

Indonesian Oil: The Economics of Supply and Price Under Current Government Policy

E. Anthony Copp

Lower Miocene Duri Formation Sands, Central Sumatra Basin

Abiratno Wongsosantiko

Mesozoic Evolution of the Margins of Tethys in Indonesia and the Philippines

M. G. Audley-Charles

Miocene Algal Reef Mounds, Sengkang Province, Sulawesi: Abstract

P. R. Ashton

Modern Environments of Dolomitization — Tidal Flat and Seepage Reflux Models

J. N. Bubb

Modern Reefs in the West Java Sea

Michael E. Scrutton

Mud Solidification, a Solution to Pollution

Jerry E. Haston

New Developments in Well Stimulation

Gerald R. Coulter

New Guinea Limestone Group Bomberai Peninsula, Irian Jaya

R. J. Rossetter

The Occurrence of Hydrocarbons in Overpressured Reservoirs of the Baram Delta (Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia)

G. Schaar

Organic Geochemistry as an Aid to Exploration in the Eastern Java Sea

K. L. Russell, C. Sutton, W. C. Meyers

The Petrography and Depositional Environment of Belumai Formation Limestones in the Bohorok Area, North Sumatra

C. K. Peter, Z. Achmad

Problems in the Recognition of Ancient Carbonate Environments

R. G. C. Bathurst

Recent Developments in Logging Techniques and Interpretation in Indonesia

Yves M. Pirard, William J. Prins, Carlos Cramez

Recognition of Carbonate Buildups on Seismic Sections

J. N. Bubb, W. G. Hatlelid

Reef Exploration in Bintuni Basin and Bomberai Trough — Irian Jaya: Abstract

J. L. Collins, M. K. Qureshi

Remote Control Systems for Offshore Oil Production in Attaka Field

Eddy Dharmawan, Bruce B. Monroe

Remote Sensing as an Aid to Petroleum and Mining Exploration

J. C. Rivereau, A. Fontanel

Reservoir Simulation of the Arun Field

M. B. Siagian, V. C. Stone

Sand Control Using Inside Casing Gravel Packs and Epoxy Coated Gravel Slurries

Robert D. Erickson

Sediment Distribution Patterns in the Modern Mahakam Delta

G. P. Allen, D. Laurier, J. Thouvenin

Seismic Expression of Carbonate Build-ups, Northwest Java Basin: Abstract

J. E. Burbury

Selection of Drilling Fluids to Minimize Shale Instability in Indonesia

Doyle D. Waller, Michael J. Lawlor

The Significance to Indonesia of Hydrocarbon Production from Carbonate Reservoirs

Warren C. Leslie

Subduction in the Indonesian Region

Warren Hamilton

The Subis Limestone Complex — Sarawak, Malaysia: Abstract

B. H. G. Sleumer

Subsidence and Deformation of Terminal Regressive Sequences in the Indonesian Region

Richard E. Chapman

The Tendeh Hantu Atoll-A Lower Miocene Carbonate Build-Up in Mangkalihat Peninsula, East Kalimantan: Abstract

P. Suessli

Tertiary Carbonates Distribution and Oil Potential in Indonesia

A. Pulunggono

Tertiary Carbonate Sedimentation in Irian Jaya with Special Reference to the Northern Part of the Bintuni Basin

R. P. Koesoemadinata

Use of a Total Field Numerical Simulator to Plan Badak Field Gas Government

Kent W. Maggert, A. S. M. Anwar

Walio Oil Field and the Miocene Carbonates of Salawati Basin, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

John L. Redmond, R. P. Koesoemadinata

Well Test Logging

J. Exbrayat, W. Machtalere

World's First Totally Offshore NGL Facility, North West Java Sea, Indonesia

David M. Leach, Don E. Rainey

Wrench Fault Tectonics and Aspects of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Java

B. Situmorang, Siswoyo, Endang Thajib, F. Paltrinieri