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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Analysis of Sulphur Compounds in Natural Gas

Hanik Humaida

Applications and Limitations of Mud Logging Gas Data in the Detection of Formation Fluids and Overpressure: Examples from South-East Asia

H. L. ten Haven, P. Arbin, B. Simon, G. Collo, J. P. le Cann, P. Mulero

AVO: Today and Tomorrow: Abstract

J. M. Graul, M. G. Lamont, P. J. Stickland

Cipamingkis River Field Trip: A Visit to an Outcrop Analog of the "Main" Interval, Upper Cibulakan Formation, Offshore Northwest Java

Sena W. Reksalegora, Yohan Kusumanegara, Philip Lowry

Comparison of Fold Development in the Frontal Regions of the Fold and Thrust Belts of PNG/Irian Jaya and Pakistan

Martin Insley, Martin Tocher

Current Gas Plays and Resource Distribution in Vietnam

Le Van Truong, Vu Si Ly, Nguyen Tien Long

Deepwater Exploration in the Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan: Abstract

Eko Lumadyo

Dim Spots and Non-Bright AVO Associated with Gas in the South Ardjuna Basin, Offshore North West Java, Indonesia

David A. Fisher, Leonardus Suffendy

Estimation of Compaction and Subsidence: An Important Precautionary Step in Producing Giant Gas Fields

Septoratno Siregar, Syaiful Ma'arif, Sudarmoyo

Feasibility of Applying Natural Gas Hydrates Technology for Removal of Gas Contaminants and for Storing and Transporting Natural Gas

Yusep K. Caryana

Gas Habitat in the Southern Part of the North Sumatra Basin

Nana Heriana

Gas Potential of the Musi Platform, South Sumatra

A. Herman Martadinata

Gas Reservoir Delineation of Pantai Pakam Timur Field, North Sumatra, Indonesia

D. Tangkalalo, M. Farid Ma'ruf, Ambar Sudiono, Widjiono

Gas Resource Quantification — A Supply-Side Approach

B. J. Katz, W. R. Almon, C. Atallah, Martin Schoell, Yongchun Tang

How Fast Does Gas Migrate?: Abstract

Chris Clayton

Integrated Evaluation of a Paleo Gas Water Contact and Residual Gas Zone in the Sirasun Field, East Java Sea, Indonesia

Wayne A. Basden, J. V. C. Howes, Sudarta Wibisana

The Internal Fold and Thrust Belt Play, Papua New Guinea

P. K. Webb, P. Woyengu

Origin and Occurrence of CO2 in the Eastern and Andaman Sea, Offshore Myanmar

Scott W. Imbus, Frank H. Wind, David Ephraim

Prospecting the Moattama/Tanintharyi Shelf of Myanmar

Win Maw, Myint Kyi

Recursive Inversion and Attribute Analysis of 3D Seismic Data Over a Four-Way Dip Structure, Gulf of Thailand

S. Thanatit, S. Ronghe

Review of the Petroleum Geology of the Northern Basins of New Guinea Island: Abstract

Ramsay A. Barrett

Sealing Efficiency of Gas Hydrates from Seismic AVO and Hydromechanical Approaches: Abstract

Dominique Grauls, Jean Pierre Blanche, Jean-Luc Poudre

Seismic Spectral Signatures of the Badak Oil and Gas Field, Onshore Kutei Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia: An Example of Seismic Reservoir Imaging and Characterization

Arif Wibowo, Jeff Towart, James Dirstein, Maher Maklad

Source Rock Identification in the Nam Con Son Basin of Vietnam Using Wireline Logs: Abstract

Nguyen Quoc Thap

Spectral Analysis of Wireline Logs — An Innovative Approach to Analyzing Fossil Depositional Systems: Abstract

Nio Swie Djin, Herman Soediono, Antoine A. H. Wonders

Stratigraphy and Geometry of Deltaic Reservoirs of the Paleo-Mahakam System: An Example from Sequence Stratigraphic Study of Nilam Gas Field, Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

F. Hasan Sidi, Shinta Damayanti, Hendra C. Baskara, Itung Turseno

Tangguh – Discovery of a Major Gas Province in Irian Jaya, Indonesia: Abstract

Jamie Robertson

Vertical Pressure Distribution in the Central Nam Con Son Basin, Vietnam

Hoang Ngoc Dang, Jan Rafdal, Chris Sladen

Vietnam Oil and Gas Potential and Its Future Gas Industry: Abstract

Tran Ngoc Toan, Ngo Xuan Dinh