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Indonesian Petroleum Association

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3-D Tomographic Amplitude Inversion for Compensating Transmission Losses in the Overburden

Barry Hung, Kefeng Xin, Sergey Birdus, James Sun

Advance Petroleum Economics for Making Decisions With the High Volatility of Oil Prices: An Application of Dynamic DCF and Real Options Approach in the PSC Regime

Nuzulul Haq

The Application of 2D Common-Offset Common-Reflection-Surface (CO CRS) Stack Method Towards Synthetic Data

Parapaty Halley, Rachmat Sule, Teuku Abdullah Sanny

Application of Anomaly Impedance in an Integrated Geological Modeling for a Brownfield

Said Sabbeq, Tutuka Ariadji, Sonny Winardhie, John Hisar Simamora

Application of Drill Mud and Cutting Reinjection in Tangguh Project

Lidia Ahmad, Dewanti Oktantina

Application of General Surface Multiple Prediction, a True Azimuth 3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination Technique, in the Deep Water Area of the Eastern Makassar Strait

Andreas T. Waluyo, Frank Büker

Application of Plate Reconstructions and 2D Gravity Modeling to Quantify Crustal Stretching During Continental Break-Up: A South China Sea Case Study

S. Mazur, J.M. Whittaker, K. Wilson, M.G. Stewart, P. East, R. Bouatmani, P.J. Markwick

Application of Recycle System to Inhibit Scale Deposition and Plugging Inside ESP: A Case Study at Mustika A-02 Well, CNOOC SES Area

M. A. Andromedae, Wimbuh Nugroho, Erry Brillyanto

Application of Zero Offset 2D CRS-Stack Method for Low Fold Data: Synthetic and Real Data Examples

R. Sule, A. Hendriyana, P. D. Anggraini, Fatkhan, Alfian, Sardjito, Waluyo, Adriansyah

Architectural Elements of a Longitudinal Turbidite System: The Upper Miocene Halang Formation Submarine-Fan System in the Bogor Through, West Jawa

M. Ma’ruf Mukti, Makoto Ito, Cipi Armandita

Assessing Uncertainty of Coalbed Methane Resources

Tim A. Moore, Tennille E. Mares, Catherine R. Moore

Associated Gas Compression Optimization in Marginal Field

Husnu S. Kusuma, Virzi Firmansyah

Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures

Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki

Benchmarking Operating Efficiency to Enhance Production From Mature Fields

Richard M. Tucker

Benefits of HT-Hostile Environments on Wellbore Stability: A Case Study From Geothermal Fields in Central Australia

Fermín Fernández-Ibáñez, David Castillo, Doone Wyborn, Dean Hindle

Berai Carbonate Debris Flow as Reservoir in the Ruby Field, Sebuku Block, Makassar Straits: A New Exploration Play in Indonesia

Gadjah E. Pireno, Chris Cook, Doddy Yuliong, Sri Lestari

A Bibliography and Brief History of Indonesia Geology Literature

J.T. (Han) van Gorsel

Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) - Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) Global Potential in Indonesia

Ego Syahrial, Utomo Pratama I.

Cased Hole Frac Pack Completion - Case History of West Natuna Sea Development

Dadang Kurnia, Ricky Manalu, Seth Crissman, Indra Gunawan

Case Study: AVO and Attenuation Gradient Application in Banuwati-Mila Gas Fields

Zha Chaoyang, Shen Shuirong, Ari Masputra, Pei Daqing, Lu Jianjun

Challenges to Processing, Interpretation and Depth Conversion Posed by Dynamic Statics Over the Ujung-Pangkah Field

Donald Easley, Ferry Yustiana

Circular Shooting Survey on the Tulip Discovery: Full Azimuth Streamer Acquisition and Real Time Illumination QC

Michele Buia, Mikael Garden, Emanuele Tozzi, Riccardo Vercesi

Comparison of Multi Azimuth 3D Survey With Conventional Single Azimuth Survey in a Complex Geological Area

Andrea Bergamaschi, Michele Buia

Complex Geomodeling: Dayung Field a Fractured Pre-Tertiary Reservoir in the Southern Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Rita Achiat, Joel Guttormsen, Redo Waworuntu

Constraints on the Tectonic Evolution of the Bird’s Head, West Papua, Indonesia

John Decker, Steven C. Bergman, Philip A. Teas, Peter Baillie, Daniel L. Orange

Continuous Improvements Toward Green Operations in Drilling Support Operations

Irwan Hardiyanto, Esther Elias, Gde Yudistira Rai, Heru Triongko

Corporate Health Risk Mitigation – Elements of an Effective Corporate Health Plan

Dr Armid Azadeh

Crustal Architecture of the East Java Sea-Makassar Strait Region From Long-Offset Crustal-Scale 2D Seismic Reflection Imaging

J.W. Granath, P.A. Emmet, M.G. Dinkelman

Depositional Patterns and Submarine-Fan Development Sequences of Middle-Miocene Cinambo-Rambatan Turbidite Systems, Bogor Trough

Krishna Pratama Laya, Danny Nursasono, Bobby Yusuf, Adam Budi Nugroho, Fussario Yennis, Agata Vanessa Kindangen, Karyono Utomo

Designing Coal-Bed Methane Seismic Acquisition Survey Parameters Using Finite Difference Modeling

Abdul Haris, Befriko Murdianto, Adriansyah

Determination of Velocity Model by Using NIP-Wave Tomographic Inversion: Application to Synthetic and Real Data

A. Hendriyana, R. Sule, Y. Akbar, L.A. Poerwaka, T.A. Sanny, Sardjito, Waluyo, Adriansyah

Determining a Good Hole Cleaning by Judging the Cutting Transport Parameter in 81/2" Horizontal Hole Section Leads to Operational Success During Underbalanced Drilling Operation

Raden Hanggara Tri Poetra, Kitos G. Akbar, Hasnan Rifani, Robani Sadiya

Determining Speed of Electric Submersible Pumps to Optimize Production in ESP Wells

Handoko Saputra

Dynamic Optimization Model and Economic Analysis for Gas Pipeline: Case Study of Matindok Block

Arsegianto, Evi Wahyuningsih, Kunarto, Widia Kusumastuti, Suprapto Sumardan

The Effect of Resistivity Anisotropy on Earth Impulse Responses

Folke Engelmark, Bruce Hobbs, Dieter Werthmüller

Emergence of New Petroleum System in the Mature Salawati Basin: Keys From Geochemical Biomarkers

Awang Harun Satyana

Extending Minas Field Life Through Surfactant-Polymer Flooding

Amin Setyawan, Agus Masduki, Dhani Daradjat, Kris Pedersen, Bruce Smith

ExxonMobil’s Project Approach to Safety - Nobody Gets Hurt

Zainul Bahri, Ryan A. Klue, Joey Tucker, Robi Nugraha, James David Smith

Fault Seal Analysis on Seribu North Field, Sunda Basin, Southeast Sumatra

Ambaria, Agung Gunawan, Benyamin Sapiie, Bintoro Wibowo, Wah Adi Suseno

Finding By-Passed Oil in a Mature Field by Reprocessing and Reinterpreting Existing 3-D Seismic; A Case Study of Petapahan Field, Sumatera, Indonesia

Subambang Anggoro, Ibnu Arif, Yuli Iswanto, William F. Mallett III, Budy Subiyanto

Floating LNG Technology for Abadi Field Development

Ryo Manabe, Akinori Ogawa, Yoshiro Niiho

Formation Evaluation of Type-1 Fractured Basement Rocks Using Borehole Data

Adriaan A. Bal, Javier Franquet, Stephen Dymmock, Robert Maddock, Glen Palamountain, Ali Baradi, Dinah Pantic, Fermín Fernández-Ibáñez

Fracturing Fluids and Proppants Analysis for Hydraulic Fracturing in Unconsolidated Formation of Well “X-3” in Tanjung Field

H.S. Jane, P.S. Anas, Mth. Kristiati

Frontmatter: Proceedings of the 33rd Convention and Exhibition

Indonesian Petroleum Association

Generating the Dynamic Characteristics and Predicting Techniques for Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Production Using Field Performance Data

Ratnayu Sitaresmi, Doddy Abdassah, Taufan Marhaendrajana, Dedy Irawan

Geochemical Identification of Favorable Basins for Biogenic Gas Exploration in Indonesia

Eddy A. Subroto, Dardji Noeradi, Bob Y. Afriatno

Geological and Petrophysical Evaluation of Thin Bed Laminated Shaly Sandstones in Peragam Field, Offshore Brunei, With NMR and Tensor Resistivity Measurements

A. Manescu, A. Bal, I. Donaldson, Z. Ahmad, R. Krishnan

Geomechanical Modeling to Optimize Hydraulic Fracture Designs in the K-Field

Indra Hudaya, Andry Pujiriyanto, Frank Wijnands, Leo Anis, Beni Setiawan

Geomechanical Modelling, Fracture Permeability Analysis and Fault Stability Assessment for a Fractured Basement Field, Offshore Viet Nam

Adrian White, David Castillo, Sanjay Thakur

Gross Sharing With Additional Payments: An Alternative to PSC Non Cost Recovery to Overcome Increasing Cost Recovery Issues

Taufik R Sidik

High Resolution Geochemical Analysis: Enhancing Seabed Coring Programs for Petroleum Exploration

Alan H. Silliman, Harry Anderson, David Goold

Huff and Puff Study: Optimize Huff and Puff Application by Identifying Steam Distribution Profile in Commingled Production Wells

Wynda Astutik

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Savu Sea Basin

Steve Toothil, David Lamb

Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment for Tight Lower Pematang Sandstone Reservoir – Field Case Example

Hani Mohede, Dian Nur Cahyono, Tri Firmanto

Implementation of Technical Career Path (TCP) in Pertamina Upstream: Room for Improvement

Hardjo Basuki Soenandar

Improved Subsurface Analytical Methods to Identify By-Passed Zones in a Mature Gas Field

Ari Wibowo, Budi Srisantoso, William F. Turnbull

Infrasonic Passive Differntial Spectroscopy (IPDS) for Direct Detection of Hydrocarbons in Exploratory, Production and Depleted Fields

Ernst D. Rode, S.R. Das, S. Ravindran, M.K. Mukherjee, S.K. Nandy, Eswar Venkataraman, Amborish Bordoloi, Pydiraju Jinagam

Integrated Geological Modeling and Volumetric Uncertainty Evaluation for the Abadi Gas Field

Kuniaki Takayama, Koichi Kihara, Takahiro Zushi

An Integrated Petrophysical Analysis to Evaluate Low Resistivity Low Contrast (LRLC) Pays in Clastic Reservoirs in SE Asia Based on Core and Log Data

Dr. Lutz Riepe, Yoel Bonnye, A. Sharby, BA Hamid, W N Safawati, W M Zainudin, M Nizam, BM Zain

Integrated Reservoir Study and Simulation Workflow of Lower Sihapas Sandstone in Kurau Field, Sumatra, Indonesia

Tri Firmanto, Iman Suripto Suyatno, Ezzat Gomaa, Jati Priyantoro, Benny Sidik, Andry Pujiriyanto, Diana Ong, Bondan Asmara, Irvan Rahmawan, Henry Septiawan, Eppy Gustiawan, Arif Wibowo

An Integrated Study of a Deepwater Gas Well

Shie-Way Wang, Rob Mathers

Interpretative PSDM Workflow for Solving Complex Imagery Below Faults and Carbonates Reefs in South Mahakam, Kutai Basin: An Interpreter’s Point of View

Cepi Muhamad Adam, Nadir Abdoun, Bertrand Duquet, Florent Bertini, Yves Le Stunff

Intra-Arc Trans-Tension Duplex of Majalengka to Banyumas Area: Prolific Petroleum Seeps and Opportunities in West-Central Java Border

Cipi Armandita, M. Ma’ruf Mukti, Awang Harun Satyana

Managing Social Risk Through Better Understanding of the Stakeholders

Aldi Muhammad Alizar, Adi Prasetijo

Mass Wasting and Detrital Carbonate Deposition, Cepu Block, East Java

Ted Apotria, M. Allan Weidmer, David Walley, Aram Derewetzky, Douglas Millman

Methane High Pressure Adsorption Model Development to Predict Indonesia's Coalbed Methane as New Prospective Energy Source

Doni Pabhassaro, Mahmud Sudibandriyo

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) : Laboratory Investigation for a Field Application in East Kalimantan

Amalia Yunita Halim, Taufik Dwi Saputra, Dea Indriani Astuti, Nuryati Juli, Septoratno Siregar

Middle-Lower Eocene Turbidites: A New Deepwater Play Concept, Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Wayne K. Camp, Elly E. Guritno, Deden Drajat, Moyra E. J. Wilson

The New Energy Subsidy Paradigm Subsidy Substitution From Domestic Fuel to Natural Gas Base Energy

Qoyum Tjandranegara, Sri Wahyu Purwanto

New Fault Reinterpretation Using Edge Seismic Attribute to Optimize WF Performance in Bekasap Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Amul Agan, Komut Maneechai, Yuni Budi Pramudyo, Anak Agung Hendra

New Insight Into Structure and Tectonics of the Seram Trough From SeaSeep™ High Resolution Bathymetry

Philip A. Teas, John Decker, Dan Orange, Peter Baillie

A New Seismic Method to Significantly Improve Deeper Data Character and Interpretability

Andrew Long, Guillaume Cambois, Gregg Parkes, Anders Mattsson, Terje Lundsten, Mazin Farouki

Oil and Gas Seeps in Deep Marine Sea Floor Cores as Indicators of Active Petroleum Systems in Indonesia

R. Noble, D. Orange, J. Decker, P. Teas, P. Baillie

Optimising Costs in the Current Environment

Stefan Petry

Palinspatic Reconstruction of the Bird Head Pop-Up Structure as a New Mechanism of the Sorong Fault

Putri Riadini, A.C. Adyagharini, A.M. Surya Nugraha, Benyamin Sapiie, Philip A. Teas

Palynology Analysis and Coal Characterization: A Preliminary Study for CBM Prospectivity of Balikpapan Fm., Kutei Basin

Bayu A. Pramudhita, Ben S.A. Siregar, Heri Tanjung, Mangku Faris, Rian Indrajaya, Satrio, Yanto Kambu

Phyllitic Fractured Reservoirs of Southern Sumatra

Joel Guttormsen, Rita Achiat, Reki Indrawan, Redo Waworuntu

Pre-Tertiary Sedimentary “Keels” Provide Insights Into Tectonic Assembly of Basement Terranes and Present-Day Petroleum Systems of the East Java Sea

P.A. Emmet, J.W. Granath, M.G. Dinkelman

Produced Water Injection Well: “A Choice for Optimizing Mature Field Facilities”

Triputri Syarifah, Teguh Heru Susanto, Tania Irani, Asri Sofia Marwah, Munir Daud, Adhitia Pramadhita

A Proposed Approach for Scale Early Detection

Rachmadewi Bachar, Widartono Utoyo, Riza Agusta, Hanifan M. Biyanni

Quartz Cementation and Reservoir Quality of the Plover Sandstone in the Abadi Gas Field

Ryoichi Matsui, Emiko Shinbo, Mamoru Omokawa, Takahiro Zushi

Regulatory Aspects of Geological Modelling

Stephen Tyson, C. Math

Rejuvenation of an Old Field Through Cased Hole Logs, Pressure Measurements and Fluid Scanning

Sandra Radiansyah, Meutia Nasfiah, Hengky Ng, Andy Djulaini, Udit Guru, Mario Ardila, Dian Sari, Mikhail Charupa

Reservoir Architecture of the Abadi Field

Takahiro Zushi, Sotaro Takano, Ikuo Suzuki

A Reservoir Engineering Study of Gelam Field to Understand Compartmentalization

Ria Amelia Susanto

Reservoir Water Saturation and Permeability Modeling in the Pangkah Field

Sigit Sutiyono

Rethinking LNG Projects in Indonesia: A Commercial Analysis of the East Kalimantan LNG Project

Roy Karamoy, Agus Supriatna

Rock Physics Modeling Optimizing Well Log and Core Data for the Abadi Gas Field

Shinji Matsuura

The Rod Guide System: To Extend the Run Time of Horizontal Rod Pumped Well

Muhamad Wildan

Savu Basin: A Case of Frontier Basin Area in Eastern Indonesia

Bani Tiofan Tampubolon, Yudih Saamena

Scouring Effect at River Crossing Pipelines

Irwan Hardiyanto, Gde Yudistira Rai, Heru Triongko, Hendra Achiari, Dhemi Harland

Seismic Feature of Topography of a Shelf-Slope-Trough and Its Geo-Engineering Applications, West Arafura Sea, Indonesia and Northern Australia

Hiromi Honda, Koichi Kihara, Magnus McNeil-Windle, Henry Banjarnahor, Hiroshi Nagura

Seismic Trace Shape Attribute Analysis in Belanak Arang-3 Sand Reservoir, West Natuna Basin Indonesia

Retno Wijayanti, Mark Boyd, Reza Satria Nugraha

Significance of the Sedimentology and Stratigraphy for the Evolution and Demise of the Oligocene Rajamandala Limestone, Padalarang, West Java, Indonesia

Dwiharso Nugroho, Toni Simo, Dardji Noeradi, Shawn M. Fullmer, Melissa K. Hicks, Stephen E. Kaczmarek, Chengjie Liu, J.T. Van Gorsel, Kelley Steffen, Amy Ruf, Benyamin Sapiie, Martin Terrell, Ian Saikia

Slump Scar Reconstruction and Distribution in Tunu Area and Its Impacts on Field Development Strategy

Thomas Yunanto Yoga, Farulian Panggabean, Zainal Abidin

Sour Fields Development: New Bulk Removal Technologies

Liberato Giampaolo Ciccarelli, Anna Chiara Fortuzzi, Marco Bertino, Umberto Cocca, Federica Rossi

Strategies for Surface Geochemical Surveys in Southeast Asia: Best Practice Designs and Recent Case Studies

Daniel C. Hitzman, Dietmar Schumacher, L. Clavareau

Study and Assessment for Landslide Mitigation That Are a Hazard to Pipeline Overstress

Irwan Hardiyanto, Simon Balantyne, Henrico Winata, Gde Yudistira Rai, Heru Triongko

A Study of Relationship Between Permeability and Porosity of Sandstone Reservoir Using Hydraulic Conductivity Method

Agus Susilo, Pudji Permadi

Sundaland: Basement Character, Structure and Plate Tectonic Development

Robert Hall, Benjamin Clements, Helen R. Smyth

Surface and Subsurface Integration to Reconstruct Paleogene Ombilin Basin Development

Lisnanda A. Perdana, Amrizal, Dr. Ir. Dardji Noeradi

A Surface Geochemical Survey From Deep Water Offshore Brunei

Malvin Bjorøy, Ian L. Ferriday, Peter B. Hall

Table of Contents: 33rd Annual Convention Proceedings, 2009

TAML Level 3 Tri-Lateral With Sand Control Application for Saudi Aramco

Anwar Assal, Jeremie Fould, Tim O’Rourke, Ibrahim Refai, Muhammad Habib Haque, Nawaf Sayed Akram

Temperature Insulation Design for Deepwater Gas Well Test, Abadi Field

Masato Okuno, Ken Makishima

Understanding Hydrocarbon-Bearing Reservoirs and Their Critical Factors for Deep Water Exploration in the Tarakan Basin, North East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ukat Sukanta, Yuyus Kusnandar, Bakhrudin Mansyur, Herastya I. Priyonggo, Antonio Siravo, Andrea Bergamaschi, Sri Hidayati

Understanding Lateral Reservoir Development Through Partial Stack Seismic Forward Modeling - Case Study: “B” Field, Nam Con Son Basin – Vietnam

Wawan Satriawan, Ian Millar, Leonard Lisapaly, Jimmy Ting

Using Pressure Data to Build a Stratigraphic Framework in the Deepwater Ranggas Field, Kutai Basin – East Kalimantan

Ida Njoman Widya Dharmasamadhi, Sena W. Reksalegora

Using SeaSeep Surveys to Identify and Sample Natural Hydrocarbon Seeps in Offshore Frontier Basins

Daniel L. Orange, Philip A. Teas, John Decker, Peter Baillie, Tanya Johnstone

Was That Last Project a "Near Miss" or "Miles Wide of the Target"?

Peter Adam, Lindawati Kusuma, Geodi Naim

West Seno; The First Deepwater Field in Indonesia, a Strategy to Optimize Reserves

Tatang Heri, Robert Mathers, R. Andrew McCarty

Work-Flow for Selecting the Best Seismic Attributes for Effective Basin Analysis

Sigit Sukmono

“Baja” Reservoir Distribution Study in “Permata” Field Central Sumatra Basin Using Seismic Attribute to Determine Proposed Location for Development Well

Yongky Taruna Baja