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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Primary Structures of a Seif Dune and Associated Deposits in Libya

Edwin D. Mckee, Gordon C. Tibbitts, Jr.

Comparison of Sediments from Bay of Fundy and Dutch Wadden Sea Tidal Flats

George DeVries Klein, John E. Sanders

Relative Abundance and Order of Stability of Amino Acids in Some Aquatic Plants and Associated Freshwater Sediments

Frederick M. Swain, Gunta Venteris, Francis Ting

The Petrology of Lower Pennsylvanian Sewanee Sandstone, Lookout Mountain, Alabama and Georgia

Chih Shan Chen , H. Grant Goodell

Depositional Mechanisms from the Size Analysis of Clastic Sediments

Basanta K. Sahu

Glauconitization of Rhyolite Sand Grains

Richard W. Ojakangas , W. D. Keller

Streaked-out Mud Ripples Below Miocene Turbidites, Puriri Formation, New Zealand

P. F. Ballance

Authigenic Kaolinite in Sandstone

John W. Shelton

Tank Experiments on the Sorting Of Beach Material During Cusp Formation

N. C. Flemming

Geodes and Concretions from the Mississippian Warsaw Formation, Keokuk Region, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri

John B. Hayes

The Prediction of Strength in the Sediments of St. Andrew Bay, Florida

C. W. Holmes, H. G. Goodell

Surface Morphology of Some Limestone Types as Revealed by Electron Microscope

Rikii Shoji, Robert L. Folk

Modification of Sediment Size Distributions

William F. Tanner

Interpreting the Concept of the Sedimentation Unit

Alan V. Jopling

Bottom Sediments of Saginaw Bay, Michigan

Leonard E. Wood

Box-Type Sediment-Coring Device: NOTES

J. E. Klovan

Gas Rings From Terry County, Texas: NOTES

C. C. Reeves, Jr.

A Note on Thin Section Mechanical Analysis: NOTES

Sudhir Basumallick

Some Remarks on the Phi Notation: NOTES

W. C. Krumbein

Cause of Hatchured Weathering Patterns Produced on Dolomite: NOTES

Gerald L. Feder

Iron Oxide Removal in Thin Sections: NOTES

Daniel H. Horowitz