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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Petrology and Diagenesis of Broughton Sandstone (Permian), Kiama District, New South Wales

Alar Raam

The Sedimentation of Westphalian (Ammanian) Measures in the Little Haven-Amroth Coalfield, Pembrokeshire

P. F. Williams

Facies Profile and Other New Methods of Graphic Data Presentation: Application in a Quantitative Study of Libyan Tertiary Shoreline Deposits

Richard C. Selley

Determination of Calcite and Dolomite Composition Using the Air Comparison Pycnometer

Donald H. Zenger

Sedimentary Cycles in the Green River Formation (Eocene), Uinta Basin, Utah

M. Dane Picard, Lee R. High, Jr.

Composition and Mean Age of Detritus of the Colorado River Delta in the Salton Trough, Southeastern California

L. J. Patrick Muffler, Bruce R. Doe

Simple Linear Regression as a Means of Predicting the Thickness of Middle Allegheny Stratigraphical Interval in Eastern Ohio

Romeo M. Flores

Shallow Marine Currents on the Early (?) Triassic Wyoming Shelf

M. Dane Picard, Lee R. High, Jr.

Bed Thickness Analysis of Some Carboniferous Fluvial Sedimentary Rocks Near Joggins, Nova Scotia

John Henry Way, Jr.

Water and Sediment in the Norris Glacier Outwash Area, Upper Taku Inlet, Southeastern Alaska

Roger M. Slatt, Charles M. Hoskin

Optical Data Processing of Multispectral Photographs of Sedimentary Structures

Howard J. Pincus , Syed A. Ali

Orientation Distribution Patterns of Graptolite Rhabdosomes from Ordovician Sediments in Central Victoria, Australia

Noel W. Schleiger

A Study of the Effects of Various Core Samples on Mass Physical Properties in Marine Sediments

A. L. Inderbitzen

Diagenetic Patterns in the Wettersteinkalk (Ladinian, Middle Trias), Northern Limestone Alps, Bavaria and Tyrol

Klaus Germann

Relationship Between Paleotopography and the Thickness and Geochemistry of a Pennsylvanian Freshwater Limestone

E. G. Williams , R. E. Bergenback , J. N. Weber

Multiple Parallel-Truncation Bedding Planes--A Feature of Wind-Deposited Sandstone Formations

WM. Lee Stokes

Clay Mineralogy of Pluvial Lake Sediments, Southern High Plains, Texas

W. T. Parry, C. C. Reeves, Jr.

Sandstone Petrology, Evidence from Luminescence Petrography

R. F. Sippel

Petrology of the Buckner Formation in Adjacent Parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas

Kendell A. Dickinson

Sedimentology of the Pleasantview Sandstone, Southern Iowa and Western Illinois

Robert L. Laury

Clay Minerals of the Columbia River: A Qualitative, Quantitative, and Statistical Evaluation

H. J. Knebel , J. C. Kelly, J. T. Whetten

Selective Dolomitization of Recent Sedimentary Structures

Eugene A. Shinn

Gasometric Determination of Carbon in Sediments By Hydroxide Absorption

Ronald L. Kolpack, S. Allen Bell

The Diffusion of Grains in the Lee of Ripples, Dunes, and Sand Deltas

J. R. L. Allen

Trace Element Chemistry, Heavy Minerals, and Sediment Statistics Of Weddell Sea Sediments

Ernest E. Angino, Robert S. Andrews

Dispersal and Petrology of the Silurian Val Brillant and Robitaille Sandstones, Appalachians, Quebec

Jean Lajoie

Modified Centrifuge Apparatus for Heavy Liquid Separations: NOTES

M. R. Sharma, S. P. Krishnaswami

A Note on the Occurrence of Beachrock along the West Coast of Ceylon: NOTES

P. G. Cooray

Natural and Experimental Sodium Uptake in Hudson River Sediments, Kingston to Manhattan, New York: NOTES

Alistair W. Mccrone, Robert C. Koch

An Occurrence of Submarine Cementation of Carbonate Sediments Off the West Coast of Barbados, W.I.

I. G. Macintyre , E. W. Mountjoy , B. F. D'anglejan (5)

Froth Flotation for Impure Carbonate Sediments: NOTES

Stephen V. Smith , Ronald W. Utley

Disposable Syringe Techniques for Obtaining Small Quantities of Pore Water from Unconsolidated Sediments: NOTES

F. T. Manheim

Relationship Between Chlorite Coatings on Quartz Grains and Porosity, Spiro Sand, Oklahoma: NOTES

Edward D. Pittman, David N. Lumsden

Concentration Changes of Ca, Cu, Li, Mg, K, Na, and Sr in the Hudson River, New York: NOTES

Burton P. Fabricand, Eugene S. Imbimbo, Mary E. Brey

Protection of Analytical Balances: NOTES

Robert Schoen

A Comparison of Two Methods of Quantitative Mineralogical Analysis of Sedimentary Rocks: NOTES

M. J. Kaye , A. C. Dunham , D. M. Hirst

Kurtosis and Peakedness: NOTES

R. A. Baker

Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Technique for Displaying Obscure Structures in Limestone: NOTES

Syed A. Ali , Malcolm P. Weiss

Procedure for Recovering Bottom and Interstitial Waters From Cores of Sandy Sediments from the Continental Shelf: NOTES

John E. Sanders , Gerald M. Friedman (5), Robert S. Bennin

Cubic Casts as Indicators of "Top and Bottom" in the Shields Formation (Precambrian Belt Supergroup): NOTES

Dennis C. O'Brien

A Tubular Spring Valve Used as a Tight and Thin-walled Core Retainer: DISCUSSION

A. Kermabon