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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sedimentary Environment of Stanley Group of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma

Kent E. Johnson

Dynamic Diversion: Influence of Longshore Current-Tidal Flow Interaction on Chenier and Barrier Island Plains

Thomas W. Todd

Morphology, Structure, and Evolution of a Channel Island in the Barakar River, Barakar, West Bengal

Swapan Kumar Sarkar, Sudhir Basumallick

Allogenic Quartz and the Origin of Penemosaic Texture in Evaporites of the Detroit River Formation (Middle Devonian) in Northern Indiana

Lawrence F. Rooney, Robert R. French

The Formation of Fine Particles in Sandy Deserts and the Nature Of 'Desert' Loess

I. J. Smalley, C. Vita-Finzi

Interrelation of Mineralogy and Texture Within an Ordovician Lexington Limestone Section in Central Kentucky

Irving S. Fisher

The Capricorn Reef Complex, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

W. R. Maiklem

Mineralogy of the Sand Size Carbonate Fraction of Some Recent Marine Terrigenous and Carbonate Sediments

Orrin H. Pilkey, Blake W. Blackwelder

Data on Consolidation of Fine-Grained Sediments

George V. Chilingarian, Herman H. Rieke, III

Settling Convection and Grain-Size Analysis

Ph. H. Kuenen

Paleoclimatology and the Relative Stability of Feldspar Minerals Under Atmospheric Conditions

Thomas W. Todd

Recent Sediments and Diagenesis of South Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

F. J. Lucia

Diagenetic Surface Textures on Quartz Grains in Limestone

David Krinsley, Jack Donahue

A Florida Sabellariidae Reef and its Effect on Sediment Distribution

Ralph Gram

Sedimentary Processes Operative Along the Western Louisiana Shoreline

Arthur O. Beall, Jr.

A New Apparatus for Recording Particle Size Distribution

C. L. Bascomb

Clay Mineralogy of Weathered Products and of River Sediments, Puerto Rico

Arthur J. Ehlmann

Geology and Geochemistry of Reefs, Carbonate Sediments, and Waters, Gulf of Aqaba (Elat), Red Sea

Gerald M. Friedman

Huronian Stratigraphy and Paleocurrent Analysis in the Espanola-Willisville Area, Sudbury District, Ontario, Canada

Satyendra M. Casshyap

So-called Turbidite Structures: NOTES

Ph. H. Kuenen

Low Power Magnification Photography of Thin Sections: NOTES

S. Duncan Heron, Jr.

Origin of Large Kaolinite Crystals in the Lower Almond Formation in Southwest Wyoming: NOTES

G. B. Asquith

Submarine Encrustation of a Byzantine Nail: NOTES

John D. Milliman , Frank T. Manheim

Algal Stromatolites Composed of Quartz Sandstone: NOTES

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Composition of Some Garnets Used in Provenance Studies of Tills: NOTES

Barrie C. McDonald

Textural Parameters: An Evaluation: ERRATUM

R.J. Moiola, D. Weiser