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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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New Jersey Continental Shelf Near Bottom Current Meter Records and Recent Sediment Activity

Charles E. McClennen

Oceanic Sediments and their Diagenesis: Some Examples from Deep-sea Drilling

Thomas A. Davies , Peter R. Supko

Heavy Minerals of Horn Island, Northern Gulf of Mexico

William E. Harrison

Heavy Mineral Concentrating Processes and Density/Shape/Size Equilibria in the Marine and Coastal Dune Sands of the Apalachicola, Florida, Region

Frank W. Stapor, Jr.

Heavy Mineral Assemblages in Some Tertiary Sediments in San Mateo County, California

Thomas T. Tieh

Ostler Lenses: Possible Environmental Indicators in Fluvial Gravels and Conglomerates

I. Peter Martini, John Ostler

The Origin and Significance of Some Downcurrent-Dipping Cross-Stratified Sets

Nigel L. Banks

Petrology of Limestone Lenses in the Casper Formation, Southernmost Laramie Basin, Wyoming and Colorado

John H. Hanley, James R. Steidmann

Morphological Evolution of Cambrian Algal Mounds in Response to a Change in Depositional Environment

Henry S. Chafetz

Strontium Isotope Compositions of Non-marine Carbonate Rocks from the Beacon Supergroup of the Transantarctic Mountains

Gunter Faure, Peter J. Barrett

The Significance of the Solution of Feldspar in Porosity Development

Milton T. Heald, R. E. Larese

Barium Feldspars in Ordovician Sediments, Oslo Region, Norway

Knut O. Bjorlykke, W. L. Griffin

Radiographic Investigation of Laminated and Ripple Cross-Laminated Flysch Sandstones, Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma

Frantisek Picha , Lewis M. Cline

Surface Areas of Biogenic Carbonates and Their Relation to Fossil Ultrastructure and Diagenesis

Thomas F. Anderson, Michael L. Bender , Wallace S. Broecker

The American Upper Ordovician Standard, XVIII: Investigation of Micrite in Typical Cincinnatian Limestones by Means of Scanning Electron Microscopy

Cyril F. Lobo, Robert H. Osborne

The Sedimentology of a Transgression: Portland Point and Cooksburg Members (Middle Devonian), New York State

I. Nicholas Mccave

Post-Ordovician to Early Mesozoic History of the Eastern Klamath Subprovince, Northern California

Michael Murray, Kent C. Condie

Mixed Depositional Environments in the Franciscan Geosynclinal Assemblage

Vincent Matthews III, Daniel Wachs

Sieve Load Equations and Estimates of Sample Size

Norman C. Janke

A Splitter for Unconsolidated Cores Taken in Plastic Liners

Thomas W. Durden, Hans Frohlich

Soft-Sediment Faults in the Tesnus Formation and their Relationship to Paleoslope

Alan Thomson

Comparison Between Compressibilities of Sands and Clays

George V. Chilingarian, C. T. Sawabini, Herman H. Rieke, III

A Method of Displaying Sedimentary Structures in Micritic Limestones

Tove G. Bockelie

An X-ray Technique for Distinguishing Between Detrital and Secondary Quartz in the Fine-grained Fraction of Sedimentary Rocks

Eric V. Eslinger , Lawrence M. Mayer , Thomas L. Durst, John Hower, Samuel M. Savin

An Elutriator Method for Particle-size Analysis with Quantitative Silt Fractionation

Leon R. Follmer, A. H. Beavers

A Vibratory Coring System for Continental Margin Sediments

Robert L. McMaster, Charles E. McClennen

A Sediment Squeezer for Removal of Pore Waters Without Air Contact

Emil K. Kalil, Martin Goldhaber

Near-Shore Ripples: Some Hydraulic Relationships

A. S. Trenhaile

Sedimentary Structures and Trace Fossils as Criteria for Distinguishing Peritidal Deposits: Hamilton Group (Middle Devonian), New York State

Salvatore J. Mazzullo

Intragranular Growth of Marine Aragonite and Mg-calcite: Evidence of Precipitation from Supersaturated Seawater: a Reply to H. J. McCunn: REPLY

Torbjorn Alexandersson

Intragranular Growth of Marine Aragonite and Mg-calcite: Evidence of Precipitation from Supersaturated Seawater: by T. Alexandersson Jour. Sed. Petrology, V. 42, p. 441-461: DISCUSSION

H. J. McCunn

Albite of Secondary Origin in Charny Sandstones, Quebec: by G. V. Middleton, Jour. Sed. Petrology, V. 842, p. 341-349: DISCUSSION

Jean Lajoie

Albite of Secondary Origin in Charny Sandstones, Quebec: a Reply to J. Lajoie: REPLY

Gerard V. Middleton

The Nature and Occurrence of Heavy Minerals in Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments of the Lower Georgia Coastal Plain: ERRATUM

J. R. Hails, J. H. Hoyt