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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Intertidal Carbonate Cementation Grand Cayman, West Indies

Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Algal Origin of Dolomite Laminations in Stromatolitic Limestone

Conrad D. Gebelein, Paul Hoffman

Sodium in Carbonate Sediments and Rocks: A Possible Index to the Salinity of Diagenetic Solutions

Lynton S. Land, Guenther K. Hoops

Dissolution of Shell Material with No Disruption of Primary Sedimentary Structures

Daniel G. Stephens , James E. Eason, George W. Pedlow

Depositional Environments and Origin of the Fine-grained Limestones of the Bigby-cannon Formation (middle Ordovician), Central Basin, Tennessee

Leonard P. Alberstadt

Rapid Chamber-Filling Growth of Marine Araginite and Mg-Calcite

Ralph Moberly

Deformed Oolites in the Pre-Cambrian Bhander Limestones, India

(Miss) Bhagabati Sarkar

Petrographic and Paleontologic Characteristics of the Rickreall Limestone (Eocene) of Northwestern Oregon

Sam Boggs, Jr., William N. Orr, Ewart M. Baldwin

Lithostratigraphic Analysis of the Bird Spring-Callville Group and Pakoon Formation (Pennsylvanian-Lower Permian), Southern Clark County, Nevada

David N. Lumsden, Michael T. Ledbetter , George T. Smith

The Diagenesis and Low-grade Metamorphism of Devonian Styliolinid-Rich Pelagic Carbonates from West Germany: Possible Analogues of Recent Pteropod Oozes

Maurice E. Tucker , Alan C. Kendall

Correlation Of Fine Carbonaceous Bands Across A Precambrian Stagnant Basin

Richard P. Huebschman

Cristobalite: Its Relationship to Chert Formation in Selected Samples from the Deep Sea Drilling Project

Robert Greenwood

Origin of Ironstones, an Example from the Middle Niger Valley, Nigeria

D. R. Adeleye

Sedimentary Serpentinites from the Mid-atlantic Ridge

Enrico Bonatti, Jose Honnorez, Stefan Gartner, Jr.

Sublittoral Sheet Sandstones

Roland Goldring, Paul Bridges

Evaluation of a Conceptual Model for the Transverse Sediment Transport System of a Coastal Barrier Chain, Middle Atlantic Bight

Gerald L. Shideler

Estuarine Sandstone Filling Tidal Scours, Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, Wyoming

C. V. Campbell, R. Q. Oaks, Jr.

Paleocurrent Analysis of Trough Cross Stratification

R. H. Dott, Jr.

Orientation Analysis of Trough Cross Stratification in Upper Cambrian Sandstones of Western Wisconsin

Peter C. Michelson, R. H. Dott, Jr.

Longitudinal Ripples Formed by Overland Flow and Tidal Currents

M.P. Mosley

Origin and Distribution of Sands and Gravels on the Northern Continental Shelf Off Washington

K. Venkatarathnam, Dean A. McManus

Distribution and Composition of Suspended Sediment in the Bottom Waters of the Washington Continental Shelf and Slope

Edward T. Baker

Physical Properties and Suspended Matter of Surface Waters in the Southeastern Atlantic Ocean

K. O. Emery, J. D. Milliman, Elazar Uchupi

A Special Mechanism for Varve Formation in a Glacial Lake

C. I. Dell

Dissected Marine Terraces on Santa Catalina Island, California

Taylor H. Loop

Graded Beach Gravels as Palaeowind Indicators

John McManus

Monroes: A Type of So-called Mud Volcanoes In Tidal Flats

Jean-Claude Dionne

The Problem of Beach Cusp Development

A. T. Williams

The Effect of Grain Orientation on Fourier Shape Analysis

Stephen E. Tilmann

Composition of Sand Released from Three Source Areas Under Humid, Low Relief Weathering in the North Carolina Piedmont

William R. Mann , Victor V. Cavaroc

Grain Surface Etching Features of Some Heavy Minerals

Riyadh A. Rahmani

An Appraisal of the Significance of Sieve Intervals in Grain Size Analysis for Environmental Interpretation

John R. Hails, Barry Seward Thompson, Lynne Cummings

Peat Balls In Late-holocene Sediments of Essex, England

J. Trevor Greensmith, E. Vivian Tucker

Inexpensive Dual Beam Turbidimeter

Cathie Lubell, Thomas Barry, Edward Brody, Gregory Hearn

Method Of Randomly Distributing Grains For Microscopic Examination

Ted C. Moore, Jr.