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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Anatomy of Margin Basins

D. S. Gorsline

Radiolarites and their Relation to Subjacent "Oceanic Crust" in Liguria, Italy

Robert L. Folk, Earle F. Mcbride

Structure and Growth of Lacustrine Pisoliths from Recent Michigan Marl Lakes

Frances G. Jones, Bruce H. Wilkinson

Lacustrine Facies and Stromatolites From the Middle Triassic of East Greenland

Lars B. Clemmensen

"Eggshell Diagenesis" and Primary Radial Fabric in Calcite Ooids

Bruce H. Wilkinson, Ed Landing

On the Diagenesis of Lime Mud: Scanning Electron Microscopic Observations of Subsurface Material from Barbados, W.I.

Randolph P. Steinen

Rate of Bioerosion by Parrotfish in Barbados Reef Environments

Paul Frydl , Colin W. Stearn

Circular and Tabular (Discordant) Dolomite Bodies in the South Judean Desert, Israel

A. Gilat, Y. Mimran, R. Bogoch, I. Roth.

Cementation of a Pennsylvanian Deltaic Sandstone: Isotopic Data

L. S. Land, S. P. Dutton

Syndepositional Brecciation in the Potsdam Sandstone of Northern New York State

Bruce W. Selleck

The Petrology of Some Lower Palaeozoic Greywackes From Southeast Ireland: A Clue to the Origin of the Matrix

Patrick M. Shannon

Size Frequency Distributions Taken From Within Sand Laminae

James T. Grace, Brian T. Grothaus, Robert Ehrlich

Grain Size in Laminae of Beach Sand

K. O. Emery

Further Comparisons of Grain Size Distributions Determined by Electronic Particle Counting and Pipette Techniques

E. William Behrens

Grain Surface Features in Environmental Determination of Late Quaternary Deposits in New South Wales

Cheng K. Ly

Quartz Grain Surface Features from Fluvial Environments of Northeastern Georgia

J. P. Manker, R. D. Ponder

Fine-grained Carbonate Debris Flow, Ordovician Basin Margin, Southern Appalachians

Ganapathy Shanmugam , George L. Benedict III

Provenance Variation in Turbidite Sediments, Sea of Japan

Duncan F. Sibley, Kevin J. Pentony

Calcium-Carbonate Content of Surficial Sands Seaward of Altamaha and Doboy Sounds, Georgia

Robert W. Frey, Paul R. Pinet

Current Lineations and Sand Waves on the Inner Shelf, Middle Atlantic Bight of North America

Donald J. P. Swift, George L. Freeland

Geotechnical Properties of the Sediments of the Continental Margin of Israel

Gideon Almagor

Relict Inlets: Preservation and Occurrence in the Holocene Stratigraphy of Southern Core Banks, North Carolina

Thomas F. Moslow , S. Duncan Heron, Jr.

Intertidal Spiral Burrows: Paraonis Fulgens and Spiophanes Wigleyi in the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy

Michael J. Risk, Verena J. Tunnicliffe

Macaronichnus Segregatis: A Feeding Structure of Shallow Marine Polychaetes

H. Edward Clifton, Janet K. Thompson

Trace Fossils and Sedimentologic Interpretation--McGregor Member of Platteville Formation (Ordovician) of Wisconsin

Charles W. Byers, Lawrence E. Stasko

The Composition of Fluvial Sands in a Temperate Semiarid Region

John A. Breyer, H. A. Bart

Bedforms and Bar Types in the South Saskatchewan River

Douglas J. Cant

Paleolimnology of a Late Pleistocene-Holocene Crater Lake from the Golan Heights, Eastern Mediterranean

Arieh Singer, Aline Ehrlich

What Are You Sampling?

J. M. Macpherson, D. W. Lewis

Some Characteristics of Glacial Sediments on Mount Rainier, Washington

Hugh H. Mills

Evaporites: Relative Humidity Control of Primary Mineral Facies: DISCUSSION

Anthony W. Walton

Biofacies and Development and Differential Occlusion of Porosity in a Lower Cretaceous (Edwards) Reef: DISCUSSION

V. P. Wright, N. L. Watts

Lithofacies and Sedimentation of Lower Permian Carbonate of the Leonard Mountain Area, Glass Mountains, Western Texas: DISCUSSION

Charles A. Ross

Lithofacies and Sedimentation of Lower Permian Carbonate of the Leonard Mountain Area, Glass Mountains, Western Texas: DISCUSSION

John M. Cys, S. J. Mazzullo

Lithofacies and Sedimentation of Lower Permian Carbonate of the Leonard Mountain Area, Glass Mountains, Western Texas: REPLY

Romeo M. Flores, Terry L. McMillan, George E. Watters