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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Barrier Islands, Lagoons, and Marshes

Bruce P. Hayden, Robert Dolan

The Role of Waves and Tidal Currents in the Development of Tidal-inlet Sedimentary Structures and Sand Body Geometry: Examples from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia

Dennis K. Hubbard, George Oertel, Dag Nummedal

An Explanation of the Logarithmic Spiral Plan Shape of Headland-Bay Beaches

Paul H. Leblond

Temporal and Spatial Variations in Shoreline Changes and their Implications, Examples from the Texas Gulf Coast

Robert A. Morton

Boulder Barricades in Central Labrador

Peter S. Rosen

On How Some Rays (Elasmobranchia) Excavate Feeding Depressions by Jetting Water

Murray R. Gregory, Peter F. Ballance, Graham W. Gibson, Anthony M. Ayling

Cenozoic Sedimentation in the Pacific Ocean: Steps Toward a Quantitative Evaluation

Thomas R. Worsley, Thomas A. Davies

Significance of Unstained and Stained Gravel on the Newfoundland Continental Slope and Rise

Lionel Carter

Recognition and Sedimentologic Description of Recent Debris Flow Deposits from the Ross and Weddell Seas, Antarctica

Dennis D. Kurtz, John B. Anderson

Sediment Transport During the Winter on the Yukon Prodelta Norton Sound, Alaska

D. E. Drake, C. E. Totman, P. L. Wiberg

Suspended Material Over the Central Oregon Continental Shelf in May 1974: I, Concentrations of Organic and Inorganic Component

I. N. McCave

Regional Surface Turbidity and Hydrographic Variability on the South Texas Continental Shelf

Gerald L. Shideler

Prodelta Sedimentation on a Lacustrine Delta by Clay Mineral Flocculation

N. J. Hyne, L. W. Laidig, W. A. Cooper

Petrology and Provenance of Neogene Sand from Nicobar and Bengal Fans, DSDP Sites 211 and 218

Raymond V. Ingersoll, Christopher A. Suczek

Deltaic Sedimentation--Cambrian of South Australia

P. S. Moore

Petrology of Triassic-Jurassic Conglomerates in the Culpeper Basin, Virginia

R. C. Lindholm, J. M. Hazlett , S. W. Fagin

Sandstone Petrology: Upper Jurassic Naknek Formation of the Alaska Peninsula and Coeval Rocks on the Bering Shelf

Hugh Mclean

The Ooids of Baffin Bay, Texas

L. S. Land, E. W. Behrens, S. A. Frishman

Experimental Compaction of Ooids and Lime Mud and its Implication for Lithification During Burial

Ajit Bhattacharyya , Gerald M. Friedman

Beachrock In Proterozoic Dolostone of the Belcher Islands, Northwest Territories, Canada

J. Allan Donaldson, Brian D. Ricketts

Benthic Community Development in Limestone Beds of the Waynesville (Upper Dillsboro) Formation (Cincinnatian Series, Upper Ordovician) of Southeastern Indiana

Frank W. Harris , Wayne D. Martin

Storm-Wave Genesis of Bioclastic Carbonates in Upper Jurassic Epicontinental Mudstones, East-central Wyoming

Ralph W. Specht , Robert L. Brenner

Facies and Environments of Miocene Reef Limestones in Israel

Binyamin Buchbinder

Authigenic Iron Sulfides as Paleosalinity Indicators

Robert A. Berner, Timothy Baldwin, George R. Holdren, Jr.

Origin of Oolitic Iron Formations: DISCUSSION

Pier L. Binda, Joop G. Moltzer

Origin of Oolitic Iron Formations: REPLY

Michael M. Kimberley

On the Diagenesis of Lime Mud: Scanning Electron Microscopic Observations of Subsurface Material from Barbados, W.I.: DISCUSSION

Ajit Bhattacharyya

On the Diagenesis of Lime Mud: Scanning Electron Microscopic Observations of Subsurface Material from Barbados, W.I.: REPLY

Randolph P. Steinen

Cementation of Sandstones: DISCUSSION

Knut Bjorlykke

Cementation of Sandstones: REPLY

Lynton S. Land, Shirley P. Dutton

Cementation of Sandstones: REPLY

James R. Boles, Stephen G. Franks