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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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A New Geochemical Classification of Sedimentary Environments

Robert A. Berner

Tidal Deposition in the Basal Upper Cambrian Mt. Simon Formation in Wisconsin

Steven G. Driese, Charles W. Byers, Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Chemical and Mineralogical Differences Between Kittanning Coals from Marine-influenced Versus Fluvial Sequences

Alan Bailey

The Early Proterozoic Pre-Iron-Formation Menominee Group Siliciclastic Sediments of the Southern Lake Superior Region: Evidence for Sedimentation in Platform and Basinal Settings

D. K. Larue

Sedimentologic Framework of Late Devonian Oolitic Iron Formation, Shatti Valley, West-Central Libya

F. B. Van Houten, R. M. Karasek

Tertiary Lacustrine Sediments from Sentinel Butte, North Dakota and the Sedimentary Record of Ectogenic Meromixis

Bruce W. Boyer

Fossil Transverse Ribs in Holocene Alluvial Fan Deposits, Depot Creek, South Australia

Brian R. Rust, Victor A. Gostin

Fining-upwards Sedimentary Sequences Generated in Seagrass Beds

Harold R. Wanless

Concentric Aragonitic Ooids from the Dead Sea

Raymond A. Garber, Gerald M. Friedman, Arie Nissenbaum

Stable Isotope Composition of Benthic Calcareous Algae from Bermuda

Gerold Wefer, Wolfgang H. Berger

Production of Carbonate Sediments by Selected Large Benthic Foraminifera on Two Pacific Coral Reefs

Pamela Hallock

The Lithobiontic Ecological Niche, with Special Reference to Microorganisms

Stjepko Golubic, Imre Friedmann, Jurgen Schneider

Algal Aragonite-encrusted Pisoids from a Lower Carboniferous Schizohaline Lagoon

V. P. Wright

Criteria for Recognition of Cold-Water Carbonate Sedimentation: Berriedale Limestone (Lower Permian), Tasmania, Australia

C. Prasada Rao

Burial Cementation in the Devonian, Kaybob Reef Complex, Alberta, Canada

P. K. Wong, Alan Oldershaw

The Coral Reef of Nijar, Messinian (Uppermost Miocene), Almeria Province, S. E. Spain

Cristino J. Dabrio, Mateu Esteban, Jose M. Martin

Probable Burial Diagenetic and Provenance Effects on Dakota Group Clay Mineralogy, Denver Basin

Robert C. Rettke

Authigenic Kaolinite and Associated Pyrite in Chalk of the Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Eastern Colorado

Richard M. Pollastro

Distributions and Origins of Clay Minerals and Quartz in Surface Sediments of the Arabian Sea

Venkatarathnam Kolla, J. A. Kostecki, F. Robinson, P. E. Biscaye, P. K. Ray

Long-term Accretion Rates on Tidal Salt Marshes

J. S. Pethick

Distinctions and Uses of Stratification Types in the Interpretation of Eolian Sand

Gary Kocurek , Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Albite of Secondary Origin in Charny Sandstones, QueBec: A Re-evaluation

O. Ogunyomi, R. F. Martin, R. Hesse

Chi (X): A Proposed Standard Parameter for Settling Tube Analysis of Sediments

James P. May

An Interpretation of Trends in Grain Size Measures

Patrick McLaren

Grain-Size and Moment Measures: A New Look at Karl Pearson's Ideas on Distributions

Samuel D. Leroy

Measurements and Analysis of Settling Velocities of Natural Quartz Sand Grains

Jumpei Baba, Paul D. Komar

The New Format for Research-Methods Papers: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Robert E. Carver, Associate Editor

Textural Analysis with Texas Instruments 59 Programmable Calculator: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

D. Joe Benson

A High Precision, Digital-recording Sedimentation Tower for Sands: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

J. K. Rigler, M. B. Collins, S. J. Williams

Calibration Equations for Settling Tubes: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Richard E. Chapman

An Interactive Computerized System for Grain Size Analysis of Silt Using Electro-Resistance: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

David R. Muerdter, J. Paul Dauphin, George Steele

Reef Coring Techniques, Great Barrier Reef: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

E. G. Rhodes

A Diver Operated Reverse Corer to Collect Samples of Unconsolidated Coarse Sand: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Roberto J. Anima

Inexpensive, Portable Underwater Coring Device: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Rena M. Bonem, Jonathan R. Pershouse

A Versatile Twin-Hull Barge for Shallow-Water Vibracoring: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

William H. Hoyt, James M. Demarest, II

Reducing Sand Sample Volumes by Spooning: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Robert E. Carver

A Method for Impregnating Unconsolidated Cores and Slabs of Calcareous and Terrigenous Muds: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Paul D. Crevello , James M. Rine , Douglas E. Lanesky

A Method for Analyzing Dolomite for Stable Isotopic Composition: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Patricia E. Videtich

A Dipmeter for Underwater Use: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

John R. Dingler

Spectrofluorometric Determination of Sand Tracer Concentrations: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Raymond S. Farinato, Nicholas C. Kraus

Decontaminating and Recycling Zinc Bromide Solution Used in Sink-Float Separation of Kerogen: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Charles E. Barker

An Inexpensive Means for Increasing the Magnification Range of a Luminoscope: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Otto C. Kopp

Cathodoluminescence of Detrital Sands: A Technique for Rapid Determination of the Light Minerals of Detrital Sands: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Dale E. Ryan, John P. Szabo

Floc Breakage by Pumps: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

Ronald J. Gibbs

A Technique for the Magnetic Separation of Silt-sized Sediments: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

P.J. Mulhern, G. W. Berger, D. J. Huntley

Measurement Errors in the Thin-section Analysis of Grain Packing: RESEARCH-METHOD PAPER

James Harrell

Oscillation Ripples: DISCUSSION

Cyril Galvin

Oscillation Ripples: REPLY

Martin C. Miller, Paul D. Komar

Regional Diagenetic Trends in the Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Powder River Basin: DISCUSSION

Andrew Hajash

Regional Diagenetic Trends in the Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Powder River Basin: REPLY

William R. Almon, David K. Davies


Brian Shaw


Doris E. Nodine-Zeller