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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Field Experiments on Vertical Mixing of Sand in the Surf Zone

Nicholas C. Kraus

Bottom Currents And Sediment Transport on San Pedro Shelf, California

David E. Drake, David A. Cacchione, Herman A. Karl

A Nomogram for Interpreting Slope Stability of Fine-Grained Deposits in Modern and Ancient Marine Environments

James S. Booth, Dwight A. Sangrey, James K. Fugate

The Concentrations of Particulate Aluminum and Clay Minerals in Aerosols From the Northern Arabian Sea

R. Chester, E. J. Sharples, G. S. Sanders

Channel-fill Deposits Formed by Aggradation in Deeply Scoured, Superimposed Distributaries of the Lower Kootenai Formation (Cretaceous)

John C. Hopkins

Setulflike Scour-Remnant Features in a Neogene Volcaniclastic Flood Deposit, Central Oregon

Gary A. Smith

Origin of Shape Changes of Sand and Silt in a High-Gradient Stream System

Stephen K. Kennedy , Robert Ehrlich

Settling Velocity, Diameter, and Density for Flocs of Illite, Kaolinite, and Montmorillonite

Ronald J. Gibbs

Provenance Studies and Mudrocks

Harvey Blatt

Paleosols and Alunite Silcretes in Continental Cenozoic of Western Portugal

Robert Meyer, Rui B. Pena dos Reis

Distribution of Calcrete in Holocene Coastal Sands in Relationship to Climate, Southwestern Australia

V. Semeniuk, D. J. Searle

Geology of a Small Rock-phosphate Deposit, Ceru Colorado, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles

Pieter Stienstra

Early Diagnetic Cone-in-Cone Structures in Pyrite Concretions

Harald Carstens

Kinetic Control of Morphology, Composition, and Mineralogy of Abiotic Sedimentary Carbonates

R. Kevin Given, Bruce H. Wilkinson

Isotopic Variations in Dolomite Concretions from the Monterey Formation, California

Joel Hennessy , L. Paul Knauth

Biofabrics as Dynamic Indicators in Nummulite Accumulations

Thomas Aigner

Early Diagenesis, Atherton Formation (Quaternary): A Guide for Understanding Early Cement Distribution and Grain Modifications in Nonmarine Deposits

W. C. James

Occurrence of Megaripples in a Ridge and Runnel System, Sapelo Island, Georgia: Morphology and Processes: DISCUSSION

Robert S. Tye

Occurrence Of Megaripples in a Ridge and Runnel System, Sapelo Island, Georgia: Morphology and Processes: REPLY

Johnnie N. Moore, William J. Fritz, Robin S. Futch

Accretionary Lapilli in Altered Tuffs Associated with Coal Beds: DISCUSSION

John W. Hosterman, Charles L. Rice

Accretionary Lapilli in Altered Tuffs Associated with Coal Beds: REPLY

Bruce F. Bohor, Don M. Triplehorn