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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sedimentology and Basin Evolution of the Siluro-Devonian Heldelberg Group, Central Appalachians

S. L. Dorobek , J. F. Read

Evaporite Carbonate Cycles of the Messinian, Sicily: Stable Isotopes, Mineralogy, Textural Features, and Environmental Implications

A. Bellanca, R. Neri

Calcium Carbonate Production by Epibionts on Thalassia in Florida Bay

John E. Nelsen, Jr. , Robert N. Ginsburg

Porosity of the Miami Limestone (Late Pleistocene), Lower Florida Keys

James W. Schmoker, Timothy C. Hester

Cyclic Sedimentation in the Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Abo-Hueco Transitional Zone (Lower Permian), Southwestern New Mexico

Greg H. Mack, W. C. James

Modes of Diagenesis Responsible for Observed Succession of Potash Evaporites in the Salado Formation, Delaware Basin, New Mexico

Donald G. Harville , Steven J. Fritz

Role of Quartz Type and Grain Size in Silica Diagenesis, Nugget Sandstone, South-Central Wyoming

W. C. James, Glenn C. Wilmar, Bruce G. Davidson

Sedimentology of the La Gorce Formation, La Gorce Mountains, Antarctica

J. H. Smit, Edmund Stump

St. Peter Sandstone: A Closer Look

Michael W. Grutzeck

The Distributions of Organic Carbon and Sulfur in Surficial Sediments of the Maryland Portion of Chesapeake Bay

E. Lamere Hennessee, Patricia J. Blakeslee, James M. Hill

Grain Orientation and Electron Microprobe Analyses of selected Phanerozoic Trace Fossil Margins, with a Possible Proterozoic Example

Steven C. Harding, Michael J. Risk

Sedimentology and Clast Orientations of the 18 May 1980 Southwest-Flank Lahars, Mount St. Helens, Washington

Jon J. Major , Barry Voight

Internal-Wave Currents as a Mechanism to Account for Large Sand Waves in Navarinsky Canyon Head, Bering Sea

H. A. Karl, D. A. Cacchione, P. R. Carlson

Textural, Elemental, and Isotopic Variations Among Constituents in Middle Devonian Limestones, North America

Brian N. Popp , Thomas F. Anderson, Philip A. Sandberg

Sedimentary Petrology And Biologic Evolution: PERSPECTIVES

Kenneth J. Hsu

Epigenetic Dolomitization and the Origin of Xenotopic Dolomite Texture: DISCUSSION

Vijai Shukla

Epigenetic Dolomitization and the Origin of Xenotopic Dolomite Texture: REPLY

Jay M. Gregg, Duncan F. Sibley