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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Sedimentary Processes, Vertical Stratification Sequences, and Geomorphology of the Roaring River Alluvial Fan, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Terence C. Blair

Morphology and Depositional History of Exhumed Permian Point Bars in the Southwestern Karoo, South Africa

R. M. H. Smith

A Depositional Model of the Antelope Coal Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Christine M. Budai, Michael L. Cummings

Formation of Scalloped Cross-Bedding Without Unsteady Flows

David M. Rubin

Gravel Ripples on the Inner Scotian Shelf

D. L. Forbes, R. Boyd

Sedimentation in the Chile Trench: Petrofacies and Provenance

Todd M. Thornburg, Laverne D. Kulm

Chert Formation in an Ordovician Volcanic Arc

Stephen G. Pollock

Variations in Density of V-Shaped Impact Pits on Quartz Grains, with Size of Grains, Intertidal Sands, Bay of Fundy

G. V. Middleton, C. A. Kassera

Dissolution and Relic Textures in Framework Grains of Holocene Sediments from the Brazos River and Gulf Coast of Texas

Mary L. Passaretti , Eric V. Eslinger

Diagenesis of the Maxon Sandstone (Early Cretaceous), Marathon Region, Texas: A Diagenetic Quartzarenite

Earle F. McBride

Evaporite Depositional Fabrics in the Deeply Buried Jurassic Buckner Formation, Alabama

Tim K. Lowenstein

Ooids and Cements from the Late Precambrian of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

U. Singh

A Geochemical Study of Dolomite in the Monterey Formation, California

Stephen J. Burns, Paul A. Baker

Shallow, Subsurface Growth and Burial Alteration of Middle Devonian Calcite Concretions

George R. Dix, Henry T. Mullins

Holocene Dolomitization of Supratidal Sediments by Active Tidal Pumping, Sugarloaf Key, Florida

Jose D. Carballo , Lynton S. Land, Donald E. Miser

Dolomitization: A Critical View of some Current Views: PERSPECTIVES

Lawrence A. Hardie

Submarine Hydrothermal Weathering, Global Eustasy, and Carbonate Polymorphism in Phanerozoic Marine Oolites: DISCUSSION

Leslie S. Eliuk,

Submarine Hydrothermal Weathering, Global Eustasy, and Carbonate Polymorphism in Phanerozoic Marine Oolites: REPLY

Bruce H. Wilkinson, Robert M. Owen, Alan R. Carroll