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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Crystal Growth Diagrams as an Aid to Interpreting the Fabrics of Calcite Aggregates

J.A.D. Dickson

Diagenesis of Skeletal and Nonskeletal Components of Mid-cretaceous Limestones

Kyung-sik Woo , Thomas F. Anderson, Philip A. Sandberg

Distribution, Chemistry, Isotopic Composition and Origin of Diagenetic Carbonates: Magnus Sandstone, North Sea

Calum I. Macaulay, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Anthony E. Fallick

Zonation and Geochemical Patterns of Burial Calcite Cements: Upper Smackover Formation, Clarke County, Mississippi

Ezat Heydari , Clyde H. Moore

Contrasting Styles of Chemical Compaction in the Upper Pennsylvanian Dennis Limestone in the Mid-continent Region, U.S.A.

L. Bruce Railsback

Oxygen and Carbon Isotopic Composition of Marine Carbonate Concretions: An Overview

Peter S. Mozley, Stephen J. Burns

Skeletal and Isotopic Composition and Paleoclimatic Significance of Late Pleistocene Carbonates, Ross Sea, Antarctica

Marco Taviani , David E. Reid (3), John B. Anderson

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Tidal Sand Ridges Southwest Florida Inner Shelf

Richard A. Davis, Jr., Jonathan Klay , Pliny Jewell, IV

Fourier and Autocorrelation Analysis of Estuarine Tidal Rhythmites, Lower Breathitt Formation (Pennsylvanian), Eastern Kentucky, USA

Ronald L. Martino, Dewey D. Sanderson

Sedimentology of Fault-Scarp-Derived Colluvium from the 1983 Borah Peak Rupture, Central Idaho

James P. McCalpin , Witold Zuchiewicz, L. C. Allen Jones

Siliciclastic Stromatolites and Thrombolites, Late Miocene, S.E. Spain

Jose M. Martin, Juan C. Braga, Robert Riding

Hydrodynamic Properties and Grain-size Characteristics of Volcaniclastic Deposits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge North of Iceland (Kolbeinsey Ridge)

Reinhard Oehmig, Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams

The Influence of Volcanism on Fluvial Depositional Systems in a Cenozoic Strike-slip Basin, Denali Fault System, Yukon Territory, Canada

Ronald B. Cole, Kenneth D. Ridgway

The Effects of Manganese(II) And Iron(II) on the Cathodoluminescence Signal in Synthetic Apatite

Gabriel M. Filippelli, Margaret L. Delaney