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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Provenance Analysis of Muddy Sandstones

Carol Bangs Rooney , Abhijit Basu

Source Versus Depositional Controls on Sandstone Composition in a Foreland Basin: The El Imperial Formation (Mid Carboniferous-Lower Permian), San Rafael Basin, Western Argentina

Irene S. Espejo , Oscar R. Lopez-Gamundi

Holocene and Paleogene Arkoses of the Massif Central, France: Mineralogy, Chemistry, Provenance, and Hydrothermal Alteration of the Type Arkose

Peter C. Van De Kamp , Kenneth P. Helmold , Bernard E. Leake

Antidunes and Traction-Carpet Deposits in Deep-Water Channel Sandstones, Cretaceous, British Columbia, Canada

Koji Yagishita

The Influence of Lateral Basinal Slopes on Turbidite Sedimentation in the Annot Sandstones of SE France

H. D. Sinclair

Carbonate Pseudomatrix in Siliciclastic-Carbonate Turbidites from the Oquirrh-Wood River Basin, Southern Idaho

Jeffrey K. Geslin ()

Scaling in Turbidite Deposition

Daniel H. Rothman (), John P. Grotzinger , Peter Flemings ()

Downstream Changes in the Lithology and Grain Size of Fluvial Gravels, the Watarase River, Japan: Evidence of the Role of Abrasion in Downstream Fining

Yoshinori Kodama

Experimental Study of Abrasion and Its Role in Producing Downstream Fining in Gravel-Bed Rivers

Yoshinori Kodama

The Angular Deviation of Paleocurrent Directions as Applied to the Calculation of Channel Sinuosities

J. P. Le Roux

Origin of Satin Spar Veins in Evaporite Basins

Thomas C. Gustavson, Susan D. Hovorka, Alan R. Dutton

The Occurrence of Authigenic Minerals in Solid Bitumens

J. Parnell , P. F. Carey , S. H. Bottrell

Paleoceanographic and Paleoclimatic Controls on Ooid Mineralogy of the Smackover Formation, Mississippi Salt Basin: Implications for Late Jurassic Seawater Composition

Ezat Heydari , Clyde H. Moore

An Ion Microprobe Study of Diagenetic Carbonates in the Devonian Nisku Formation of Alberta, Canada

Lee R. Riciputi , Hans G. Machel , David R. Cole

Numerical Models of Fluid Flow in Carbonate Platforms: Implications for Dolomitization

Jonathan Kaufman

Irregular Fenestrae in Bahamian Eolianites: A Rainstorm-Induced Origin

Roger J. Bain , Pascal Kindler ()

Environmental Controls on the Petrology of a Late Holocene Speleothem from Botswana with Annual Layers of Aragonite and Calcite

L. Bruce Railsback , George A. Brook , Jian Chen , Robert Kalin , Christopher J. Fleisher

A Simple Air-Stream Clay Separator: ERRATUM

T. M. Whitworth, G. B. Gamblin, S. J. Fritz

Sedimentary Infilling of an Open Seaway: Bawihka Channel, Nicaraguan Rise

Albert C. Hine , Michael W. Harris , Stanley D. Locker , Pamela Hallock , Mark Peebles , Lenore Tedesco , Henry T. Mullins , Stephen W. Snyder , Daniel F. Belknap (5), Juan Luis Gonzales (6), A.C. Neumann (7), Jaime Martinez (8)

Climatic Cyclicity and Terrigenous Sediment Influx to the Early Turonian Greenhorn Sea, Southern Utah

Parvinder S. Sethi, Elana L. Leithold

Alternating Braidplain and Lacustrine Deposition in a Strike-Slip Setting: The Pennsylvanian Boss Point Formation of the Cumberland Basin, Maritime Canada

Gregory H. Browne (), A. Guy Plint

Architecture of Miocene Overbank Deposits in Northern Pakistan

Brian J. Willis (), A.K. Behrensmeyer

Provenance Determined by Ree, Th, and Sc Analyses of Metasedimentary Rocks, Boyden Cave Roof Pendant, Central Sierra Nevada, California

Gary H. Girty , Andrew D. Hanson , Charles Knaack , Diane Johnson

Estuarine Facies Models: Conceptual Basis and Stratigraphic Implications: DISCUSSION

Paul A. Washington , Steven A. Chisick

Estuarine Facies Models: Conceptual Basis and Stratigraphic Implications: REPLY

Robert W. Dalrymple , Brian A. Zaitlin , Ron Boyd

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Model of an Incised Valley Fill: The Gironde Estuary, France: DISCUSSION

Ole J. Martinsen, William Helland-Hansen

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies Model of an Incised Valley Fill: The Gironde Estuary, France: REPLY

George P. Allen , Henry W. Posamentier