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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Microbial Mediation of Modern Dolomite Precipitation and Diagenesis Under Anoxic Conditions (Lagoa Vermelha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Crisogono Vasconcelos (1,2), Judith A. McKenzie

Three Dolomites

David N. Lumsden , Roger V. Lloyd

Submarine Cementation and Subaerial Exposure in Oligo-Miocene Temperate Carbonates, Torquay Basin, Australia

Stelios Nicolaides (), Malcolm W. Wallace

Dolomitization of the Leduc Formation (Upper Devonian), Southern Rimbey-Meadowbrook Reef Trend, Alberta

Eva Drivet , Eric W. Mountjoy

The World's Most Spectacular Carbonate Mud Mounds (Middle Devonian, Algerian Sahara)

Jobst Wendt, Zdzislaw Belka, Bernd Kaufmann, Renate Kostrewa, Jorg Hayer

Growth Dynamics of Neoproterozoic Calcimicrobial Reefs, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Canada

Elizabeth C. Turner, Noel P. James, Guy M. Narbonne

Heavy-Mineral Analysis and Typology of Detrital Zircons: A New Approach to Provenance Study (Saxothuringian Flysch, Germany)

Jurgen Schafer, Wolfgang Dorr

Miocene and Pliocene Sandstone Petrofacies of the Northern Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico, and Implications for Evolution of the Rio Grande Rift

Elizabeth Large (), Raymond V. Ingersoll

Petrofacies and Provenance of a Late Cretaceous Suture Zone Thrust-Top Basin, Cantwell Basin, Central Alaska Range

Jeffrey M. Trop, Kenneth D. Ridgway

Diagenesis of Analcime-Bearing Reservoir Sandstones: The Upper Permian Pingdiquan Formation, Junggar Basin, Northwest China

Zhaohui Tang , John Parnell , Fred J. Longstaffe

A Note on the Use of the "Fryberger Method" for Evaluating Potential Sand Transport by Wind

Joanna E. Bullard

On Traction-Carpet Sedimentation

Y. K. Sohn

Flume Experiments with Fine-Grained Suspensions, with Implications for the Origin of Mud Laminites

Krzysztof W. Pasierbiewicz, Janusz Kotlarczyk

Hydrodynamics of Bivalve Shell Entrainment and Transport

Amalia M. Olivera (1), William L. Wood

Comparison of Sphericity Indices as Related to the Hydraulic Equivalence of Settling Grains

J. P. Le Roux

Assessing Mineralogical and Geochemical Heterogeneity in the Sub 63 Micron Size Fraction of Holocene Lime Muds

Julian E. Andrews, Socrates Christidis , Paul F. Dennis

Temperate Glacimarine Varves: An Example from Disenchantment Bay, Southern Alaska

Ellen A. Cowan , Jinkui Cai , Ross D. Powell , Jenifer D. Clark , Jeffrey N. Pitcher

Modification of Clast Shape in High-Arctic Glacial Environments

Matthew R. Bennett , Michael J. Hambrey , David Huddart

Chemical and Physical Weathering of Fluvial Sands in an Arctic Environment: Sands of the Sagavanirktok River, North Slope, Alaska

Rebecca S. Robinson (), Mark J. Johnsson

Spatial Variation in Turbidite-To-Contourite Continuums of the Kiwada and Otadai Formations in the Boso Peninsula, Japan: An Unstable Bottom-Current System in a Plio-Pleistocene Forearc Basin

Makoto Ito

The Possible Role of Nannobacteria (Dwarf Bacteria) in Clay-Mineral Diagenesis and the Importance of Careful Sample Preparation in High-Magnification SEM Study

Robert L. Folk , F. Leo Lynch

Fabric Evolution and Mechanisms of Diagenesis in Fine-Grained Sediments from the Kita-yamato Trough, Japan Sea

Achim Kopf, Jan H. Behrmann

Synsedimentary Fracturing, Fluid Migration, and Subaqueous Mass Wasting: Intrastratal Microfractured Zones in Laminated Diatomaceous Sediments, Miocene Monterey Formation, California, U.S.A.

Kurt A. Grimm , Daniel L. Orange

Synsedimentary Cements as Paleoproterozoic Platform Building Blocks, Pethei Group, Northwestern Canada: DISCUSSION

Gerald M. Friedman

Synsedimentary Cements as Paleoproterozoic Platform Building Blocks, Pethei Group, Northwestern Canada: REPLY

Terry T. Sami, Noel P. James

A Re-Examination of Reported Lacustrine Vaterite Formation in Holkham Lake, Norfolk, U.K.: OPINION

Gerald M. Friedman

Influence of Depositional Sand Quality and Diagenesis on Porosity and Permeability: Examples from Brent Group Reservoirs, Northern North Sea: ERRATUM

S. N. Ehrenberg