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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Architecture, process, and environmental diversity in a late Cretaceous slope channel system

Benjamin Kneller, Guilherme Bozetti, Richard Callow, Mason Dykstra, Larissa Hansen, Ian Kane, Pan Li, Adam McArthur, Amanda Santa Catharina, Thisiane Dos Santos, Philip Thompson

Genesis of giant, bouldery bars in a Miocene gravel-bed river: Insights from outcrop sedimentology, UAS-SfM photogrammetry, and GPR

Jesse T. Korus, R. Matthew Joeckel, Shane T. Tucker

Red-bed bleaching in a CO2 storage analogue: Insights from Entrada Sandstone fracture-hosted mineralization

Jeremy C. Rushton, Doris Wagner, Jonathan M. Pearce, Christopher A. Rochelle, Gemma Purser

Ediacaran (Vendian)-period alluvial and coastal geomorphology applied to development of Verkhnechonskoye and Yaraktinskoye fields, East Siberia, Russian Federation

Robert S. Tye, Donald R. Lowe, J.J. Hickey

About the (in)value of field work

Yvonne T. Spychala

Controls On Deep-Water Sand Delivery Beyond the Shelf Edge: Accommodation, Sediment Supply, and Deltaic Process Regime

Victorien Paumard, Julien Bourget, Tobi Payenberg, Annette D. George, R. Bruce Ainsworth, Simon Lang, Henry W. Posamentier

Planform and stratigraphic signature of proximal braided streams: remote-sensing and ground-penetrating-radar analysis of the Kicking Horse River, Canadian Rocky Mountains

Natasha N. Cyples, Alessandro Ielpi, Randy W. Dirszowsky