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New Orleans Geological Society

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Case Histories in South Louisiana Salt Dome Geology

The Coastal Salt Basin

The Diapir

The Diapiric Structure

Evaluation, Exploration and Exploitation of Diapiric Structures

Front Matter

Interrelationships of Deposition, Diapirism and Growth Faulting, Coastal Salt Basin


Section Five: Use of Gravity Methods on Diapiric Structures

Section Four: Geologic Techniques for Operations on Diapiric Structures

Section Four: Hydrocarbon Accumulations on Diapiric Structures

Section Four: Overhung Plugs and Salt Overhangs

Section One: Development of Diapirs and Diapiric Structures

Section One: Diapir Classification

Section One: Diapiric Structure Configuration and Measurement

Section One: Evaluation of Salt and Clay Domes Prior to Exploratory Drilling

Section One: Geologic Setting, Coastal Salt Basin

Section Seven: Use of Wireline Logs and Dipmeters on Diapiric Structures

Section Six: Use of Seismic on Diapiric Structures

Section Three: Exploitation Drilling Phase

Section Three: Faulting of Diapiric Structures

Section Three: Importance of Diapiric Structures to Hydrocarbon Production

Section Three: Salt Diapir Configuration and Configuration Distribution

Section Three: Structures Resulting from Flow and Diapirism of Clay

Section Two: Coastal Salt Basin Diapirism

Section Two: Diapir Components

Section Two: Enclosing Sediment Variations

Section Two: Exploration Drilling Phase

Section Two: Initiation and Development of Salt Diapirism and Growth Faulting Under the Continental Slope and Continental Shelf

Variation in Diapiric Structure Development and Productivity, Northern Gulf Coast Basin

Thomas G. Fails

Variation in Salt Dome Faulting, Coastal Salt Basin

Thomas G. Fails