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Ohio Geological Society

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Berea and Beyond: Ohio's geology from the Upper Devonian through the Pennsylvanian; 2019 AAPG Eastern Section Annual Meeting: Field Trip #2 Guidebook, 2019

Sequence stratigraphy in mixed carbonate & clastic successions: Examples from the lower Silurian of Ohio in core and outcrop:2019 AAPG Eastern Section Field Trip / Core Workshop #3 Guidebook, 2019

Upper Devonian paleoenvironmental, diagenetic, and tectonic enigmas in the western Appalachian Basin: new discoveries and emerging questions associated with the Frasnian-Famennian boundary and end-Devonian disturbances in central Ohio, 2019

Ohio Geological Society: Field Trip Guidebook to Shelly Materials, Inc. Marble Cliff Quarry, October 3, 2004

Ohio Geological Society: Exploration and Development of the Trenton-Black River of the Appalachian Basin: Focused Technology Workshop, April 25, 2002

Ohio Geological Society: Into the New Millennium: The Changing Face of Exploration in the Knox Play, Sixth Annual Fall Symposium, October 20, 1999

Ohio Geological Society: Fossil Collecting in the Silica Formation at Sylvania, Ohio, October 10, 1998

Ohio Geological Society: Petroleum Seismology in the Digital Age, October 7, 1998

Ohio Geological Society: Fifth Annual Technical Symposium, November 12, 1997

Ohio Geological Society:Canton Symposium IV: Fourth Annual Technical Symposium, October 9, 1996

Structural Influences on Oil and Gas Reservoirs: Third Annual Technical Symposium, October 25, 1995

Ohio Geological Society: Major Natural Gas Plays of the Appalachian Basin of Ohio and Surrounding Areas: Second Annual Technical Symposium, October 19, 1994

Ohio Geological Society: Morrow County, Ohio "Oil Boom"; 1961-1967 and The Cambro-Ordovician Reservoir of Central Ohio, March, 1994

Ohio Geological Society: Special Meeting of the OGS: An Update on Ohio's Subsurface Geology, October, 1993

Ohio Geological Society: Geology of the Alexandria-Ashland Highway (Kentucky Highway 546) Maysville to Garrison, September 26-28, 1991

Ohio Geological Society: Computer-Aided Analysis of Geologic Data: Based on a Seminar at the Eastern Section Conference of AAPG, October 7-10, 1987

Ohio Geological Society: Maps and Cross Sections of the Cambrian and Lower Ordovician in Ohio, 1987

Ohio Geological Society: Principles of Seismic, A Short Course, October 7-10, 1987

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Cincinnati Group of Southwestern Ohio, October 10, 1987

Ohio Geological Society: Clinton Sandstone Papers Presented at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association Winter Meetings 1961-1978, Abridged Reprint- 1985

Ohio Geological Society: The New Clinton Collection, 1985

Ohio Geological Society: Clinton Sandstone Papers Presented at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association Winter Meetings 1961 to 1978, 1978

Ohio Geological Society: Seminar on Industrial Self-Help Programs for Natural Gas Supplies, November 29, 1976

Ohio Geological Society: Geology of Silurian Rocks, Northwestern Ohio, May, 1972

History, Development, and Geology of Oil Fields in Hocking and Perry Counties, Ohio

Ohio Geological Society: Middle Devonian Rocks of North-Central Ohio: Guidebook, May 15, 1970

Historical and Economic Geology of Lower Silurian Clinton Sandstone of Northeastern Ohio

Ohio Geological Society: A Field Guide to Allegheny Deltaic Deposits in the Upper Ohio Valley, Spring, 1969

Ohio Geological Society: Geological Aspects of the Maysville-Portsmouth Region, Southern Ohio and Northeastern Kentucky: Joint Field Conference, May 17-18, 1968

Ohio Geological Society: Guide to the Annual Field Conference of the Ohio Geological Society, April 29, 1967

Ohio Geological Society: Cambrian and Ordovician Formations in the Vicinity of the Cumberland Overthrust Block of Tennessee and Virginia: Spring Field Trip, Spring, 1965