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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society

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The Application of a Linear Increase of Velocity with Depth to Seismic Dip Migration

J. E. Stones,

Applications of the Densilog

R. H. Anderson

The Brushy Mountain Structure Sequoyah and Adair Counties, Oklahoma

John M. White Jr.

Chart Migrations

Frank A. Roberts

A Comparison of the Various Methods of Dip Migration

H. Bruce Mayo

Component Dip Nomogram

John Bemrose

Constant Velocity Case

A. J. Oden

The Desmoinesian Series, Edmond Area, Central Oklahoma

Edward L. Benoit

Dry Hole Money . . .: The Fair Contribution

John H. Folks

East Pond Creek Field, Grant County, Oklahoma

John Bado

The East Watchorn Field

Everett Carpenter

An Electronic Seismic Dip Plotter

J. A. Westphal

The Geology of the Osage Country

Rick P. Clinton

Geology of the Prague Area Lincoln and Pottawatomie Counties, Oklahoma

Kenneth E. Masters

Geophysical Case History of the Northwest Sulphur Pool, Murray County, Oklahoma

C. L. Howell

Induction-Electrical Logging in Oklahoma

H. W. True

Insoluble Residue Study and Correlation of the Arbuckle Group in Southern Oklahoma1

Hubert Dale Winland

The Lithology of the "Marchand" Conglomerate

Stephan M. Eisner

A Look at the Water Resources of Oklahoma

T. B. Dover, John Horton, A. R. Leonard

Machine Calculation of Migration Data

E. Usdin

Mass Spectrometry in Well Logging: A Preliminary Report on Field Tests Conducted by Hycalog, Inc.

H. R. Chism

The McGuckin Section Plotter

Glenn M. McGuckin

More from Your Dip-Log Surveys

Curtis Franks, Bill White

The Need for Seismic Dip Migration

W. B. Robinson.

Pediments in Areas of Falling Base-Level

William F. Tanner

Photo-Geology in "Flatland" Regions of Low Dip

Frank A. Melton

Projected Sections for Areas of Steep Dip

Harry J. Fenton

Remarks on the Porosity and Permeability of Carbonate Rocks

Theo. A. Link

Reservoir Evaluation and Reports

U. R. Laves

A Review of the N. E. Hobart Pool

F. M. Hoover

The SDP Dip Plotter

W. S. Hawes

Slide Rule Seismic Computations

Robert H. Mansfield

Subsuface Geology of the Prague-Paden Area Lincoln and Okfuskee Counties, Oklahoma

Morris Blumenthal

Subsurface Geology of a Portion of Lincoln and Payne Counties, Oklahoma

John Milton Graves

Subsurface Geology of East Central Lincoln County, Oklahoma

John Albert Cole

Subsurface Geology of South Central Kay County, Oklahoma

J. L. Querry

Subsurface Geology of the Franks Graben, Pontotoc and Coal Counties, Oklahoma

Wallace Mann

The Subsurface Geology of the Mannsville-Madill-Aylesworth Anticline

Jack M. Godfrey

Subsurface Geology of the Maysville Area, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Philip C. Withrow

The Subsurface Geology of the Pauls Valley Area, Townships 3 and 4 North, Ranges 1 East and 1 West, Garvin County, Oklahoma

William D. Laporte

Subsurface Geology of the Pennsylvanian and Upper Mississippian of Beaver County, Oklahoma

Boardman Gene Barby

Subsurface Geology of Western Garfield County, Oklahoma

James Warren Caylor

Subsurface Geology of Western Payne County, Oklahoma

C. Pleas Stringer Jr.

A Subsurface Section from Osage County to Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

Myrl Stuart Kirk

A Subsurface Study of the Lower Pennsylvanian Sediments of Northern Grady and Caddo Counties, Oklahoma

Charles H. Boeckman

A Subsurface Study of the Simpson Group in East-Central Oklahoma

Charles E. Cronenwett

Superposed Streams of the Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

William F. Tanner

Supplemental Geologic Tools

R. G. Hamilton

Theses: 1955 - 1958

Three-Dimensional Control

G. E. Anderson

Thrust Faulting along the Wichita Mountain Front

Richard M. Riggs

Why Geologists Should Know about Mud in Rotary Drilling: Reliability of the Information Furnished by Cuttings, Cores, Mud Analysis, and Electrical Logs is Dependent upon the Properties of the Mud.

Dr. George R. Gray