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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Oklahoma City Geological Society

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"High Pressure Morrow-Springer Gas Trend, Blaine and Canadian Counties, Oklahoma"

H. G. Davis

Bed-Load Transport in a Chain of River Segments

William F. Tanner

The Control of Potential Arbuckle Hydrocarbon Traps in Northeastern Oklahoma by Precambrian Topography

Louis R. Reeder

Crisis by Consent

Michel T. Halbouty

Economic Influences on Production and Reserves

Energy Crisis Number 8--Possible Solutions

J. J. Arps

The Energy Crunch

S. Fred Singer

Energy Demand

Exploration Risks in Finding Oil and Gas: Strategic Committee on Public Affairs American Association of Petroleum Geologists Background Paper 3

Feasibility of Underground Natural Gas Storage in Yellowstone Field Woods County, Oklahoma

Bijan Esfandiari

A Field Study of Centrahoma Field Ts.1,2N., Rs.9,10E., Coal County, Oklahoma

W. P. Anderson, Jr.

Forensic Geology, Geosophy, and Gunque

Dr. Frank B. Conselman

A Geological and Engineering Study of the Mustang Pool, Canadian County, Oklahoma

William W. London

Governor David L. Boren's Advisory Council on Energy

Grain Orientation in Shallow Marine -- Shoreface Sandstones

John W. Shelton, H. Richard Burman

How the Independent can be Effective in Washington (Remarks from the Aforementioned Talk)

Honorable Clifford P. Hansen

Independent/Major Roles in Exploration for Oil and Gas: Strategic Committee on Public Affairs American Association of Petroleum Geologists Background Paper #2

Industry Response to Higher Domestic Crude Oil Prices: Strategic Committee on Public Affairs American Association of Petroleum Geologists Background Paper #1

Mustang Field T's 10 & 11 N - R 5 W Canadian County, Oklahoma

M. S. Kirk

North Dibble Field (Osborne Sand) T's 7 & 8 N - R's 3 & 4 W, McClain County, Oklahoma

Gene L. Jeary

Oklahoma and the World Energy Crisis

Preliminary Correlation of the Lower Permian of North Texas and Oklahoma

L. C. Simpson

Recent Sycamore Development in Stephens County, Oklahoma

Lee R. Riley

Report From the Committee on Supply of Natural Gas

The Skinner Sandstone Zone in Central Oklahoma

Rafael Valderrama

Speech to the Oklahoma City Geological Society: September 11, 1975

Gov. David L. Boren

A Stratigraphic Study of the Osage-Layton Format in Northeastern Oklahoma

Wilson Lalla

The Stratigraphy and Environment of Deposition of the Lower Dornick Hills Group (Lower Pennsylvanian), Ardmore Basin, Oklahoma

David W. Cromwell

Structural Analysis and Mapping of the Eastern Caddo Anticline -- Ardmore Basin Oklahoma

Leonard Dionisio

Structural Analysis and Mapping of the Western Part of the Caddo Anticline, Carter County, Oklahoma

Raphael Louis Ghazal

Subsurface Stratigraphic Analysis "Cherokee" Group (Pennsylvanian), Northeast Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Michael Anthony Albano

Subsurface Stratigraphic Analysis, Late Ordovician to Early Mississippian, Oakdale-Campbell Trend, Woods, Major, and Woodward Counties, Oklahoma

John William Isom

Theses: 1973 - 1976

Trend and Genesis of the Pennsylvanian Elgin Sandstone in the Western Part of Northeastern Oklahoma

Don Michael Terrell

World-Wide Oil and Gas Statistics -- Important Summaries (Current to 1/15/74)

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr.