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Oklahoma City Geological Society

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Depositional Environment of Red Fork Sandstones, Deep Anadarko Basin, Western Oklahoma

Philip Howard Whiting

Depositional Environments, Reservoir Trends and Diagenesis of Red Fork Sandstones, in Portions of Blaine, Caddo, and Custer Counties, Oklahoma

Christopher Lee Johnson

Fluvial Environments and Paleohydrology of the Upper Morrow 'A' (Pennsylvanian) Meander Belt Sandstone, Beaver County, Oklahoma

Frank G. Cornish

Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Hydrocarbon-Induced Diagenetic Aureole (HIDA), Cement Field Oklahoma

R. A. Lilburn, Al-Shaieb Zuhair

Oil and Gas Development in Oklahoma, 1891-1984

Robert A. Northcutt

Organic Facies Variation of the Woodford Shale in Western Oklahoma

Karen L. Sullivan

Ouachita Mountains Field Trip

Robert O. Fay

Petrology, Diagenesis and Depositional Environment of the Skinner Sandstones, Desmoinesian Northeast Oklahoma Platform

Carole Ann Lojek

Provenance and Diagenesis of the Cherokee Sandstones, Deep Anadarko Basin, Western Oklahoma

Stephen Douglas Levine

The Red Fork Sandstone, Cherokee Group (Pennsylvanian) of the Southeast Thomas Field, Custer County, Oklahoma

Hal W. Hawthorne

Regressive Shelf Deposits in the Pennsylvanian Arkoma Basin Oklahoma and Arkansas

Michael Raymond O'Donnell

Relative Changes in Sea Level and its Effect Upon Carbonate Deposition

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Wolfgang Schlager

Sedimentology, Diagenesis, and Petrophysics of Selected Cherokee Group (Desmoinesian) Sandstones in Southeastern Kansas

Marvin D. Woody

Stratigraphic and Structural Investigation of the Eola Klippe, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Diane E. Brownlee

Stratigraphy and Structural Style of the Mazarn, Blakely and Womble Formations in the Ouachita Core Near Norman, Arkansas

David B. Buthman

Stratigraphy and Uranium Potential of Virgilian Through Leonardian Strata in Parts of Comanche, Cotton, and Tillman Counties, Oklahoma, and Wichita County, Texas

Thomas Allen Robberson

Structural Mechanisms and Oil Accumulation Along the Mountain View-Wayne Fault, South-Central Oklahoma

Tyrrell Charles Axtmann

Subsidence Rates in Oklahoma During the Paleozoic

R. Nowell Donovan, W. Beachamp, T. Ferraro, C. Lajek, D. McConnell, M. Munsil, D. Ragland, B. Sweet, D. Taylor

Theses: 1982 - 1985

Wrenching and Oil Migration, Mervine Field Area, Kay County, Oklahoma

Harold G. Davis, III