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Pacific Section SEPM

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Introduction to the Geology of the San Andreas Fault at Tejon Pass, California

Vincent R. Ramirez

Abstract: Age and Correlation of the Otuk Formation, North-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Dirk A. Bodnar, Charles G. Mull

Abstract: A Rationalization of the Koyukuk “Crunch,” Northern and Central Alaska

Irvin L. Tailleur

Abstract: Argument for Cretaceous Instead of Devonian Plutonism in the Brooks Range, Northern Alaska

Irvin L. Tailleur

Abstract: A Structural Transect Across the Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska

J. S. Namson, W. K. Wallace

Abstract: Brooks Range Ophiolite Crystallization and Emplacement Ages from 40Ar/39Ar Data

K. R. Wirth, D. J. Harding, A. E. Blythe, J. M. Bird

Abstract: Brooks Range Ophiolites Reconstructed

J. M. Bird, K. R. Wirth, D. J. Harding, D. H. Shelton

Abstract: Carboniferous Conodonts, Algae, and Foraminifers from the Lisburne Group, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

T. R. Carr, B. L. Mamet

Abstract: Correlation of Angayucham Range and Copter Igneous Sequence Basalts in the Brooks Range, Alaska, from Thematic Mapper Data

D. J. Harding, K. R. Wirth, J. M. Bird, A. E. Blythe

Abstract: Cretaceous and Tertiary (Brookian) Depositional Style on the Barrow Arch, North Slope, Alaska

T. S. Collett, K. J. Bird, C. M. Molenaar

Abstract: Depositional Facies, Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of the Ivishak Sandstone (Sadlerochit Group), Prudhoe Bay Field

J. H. McGowen, S. Bloch, D. M. Hite

Abstract: Detachment Tectonics in the Sadlerochit and Shulbik Mountains and Applications for Exploration Beneath the Coastal Plain, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

J. S. Kelley, C. M. Molenaar

Abstract: Early Cretaceous Evolution of the Yukon-Koyukuk Basin and Its Bearing on the Development of the Brookian Orogenic Belt, Alaska

Stephen E. Box, William W. Patton Jr.

Abstract: Effect of Geothermal, Pore-Pressure Conditions, and Natural Gas Composition on the In-Situ Natural-Gas Hydrate Occurrences, North Slope, Alaska

S. P. Godbole, V. A. Kamath

Abstract: Facies Analysis and Correlation in the Lisburne Development Area, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

L. E. Okland, D. K. Chancey, J. G. Cvitash, M. E. Klingler, O. P. Majewske, R. T. Owens, D. C. Shafer, M. T. Smith

Abstract: Facies Comparison of Autochthonous and Allochthonous Permian and Triassic Units, North-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Karen E. Adams, Charles G. Mull

Abstract: Fold-Nappes and Polyphase Thrusting in the North-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

J. S. Kelley, W. P. Brosge, M. W. Reynolds

Abstract: Geology and Sulfide Mineralogy of the Number One Orebody, Ruby Creek Copper Deposit, Alaska

Lawrence R. Bernstein, Dennis P. Cox

Abstract: Geology of the Carbonate-Hosted Omar Copper Prospect, Baird Mountains, Alaska

Peter F. Folger, Jeanine M. Schmidt

Abstract: Geology of the Ruby Creek Copper Deposit, Southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska

Murray W. Hitzman

Abstract: Kemik Sandstone: Inner Shelf Sand from Northeast Alaska

John Melvin

Abstract: Late Pleistocene Marine Transgressions of the Alaskan Arctic Coastal Plain

L. David Carter

Abstract: Late Quaternary Depositional History of the Alaskan Beaufort Shelf

David Dinter

Abstract: Llama-Supported Geological Field Work in the Brooks Range, Alaska

John T. Dillon, James L. Faiks

Abstract: Mississippian Conodonts, Lisburne Group, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

H. Richard Lane, Paul F. Ressmeyer

Abstract: Normal- and Reversed-Polarity Synfolding CRM Along the Brooks Range Mountain Front, Northern Alaska

David R. Van Alstine

Abstract: Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska: New Evidence for Complex Thin-Skinned Thrusting

R. P. Rattey

Abstract: North Slope Oil and Gas: The Barrow Arch Paradox

Kenneth J. Bird

Abstract: Nuclear Well-Logging in Permafrost

John K. Petersen, Koji Kawasake, T. E. Osterkamp, James H. Scott

Abstract: One Presumptive Paleogeography for the Phanerozoic of What is Now the North American Arctic

I. L. Tailleur

Abstract: Ophiolite Emplacement, Western Brooks Range, Northern Alaska

D. J. Harding, K. R. Wirth, J. M. Bird, D. H. Shelton

Abstract: Paleomagnetic Results from the Sadlerochit and Shublik Mountains, Eastern North Slope, Alaska

Peter W. Plumley, Irvin L. Tailleur

Abstract: Pre-Mississippian Accreted Terranes of Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska

Thomas E. Moore, William P. Brosge, M. Churkin Jr., Wesley K. Wallace

Abstract: Refined Names for Brookian Age Elements in Northern Alaska

Arlen Ehm, Irvin L. Tailleur

Abstract: Regionally Metamorphosed, Calc-Silicate-Hosted Deposits of the Brooks Range, Northern Alaska

R. J. Newberry, J. T. Dillon, D. D. Adams

Abstract: Sandstone Petrology, Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality, Lower Cretaceous Kuparuk River Formation Kuparuk River Field, North Slope, Alaska

J. Thomas Eggert

Abstract: Sedimentological Evolution of the Mississippian Kekiktuk Formation, Sagavanirktok Delta Area, North Slope Alaska

John Melvin

Abstract: Seismotectonics and Structure of the Brooks Range, Alaska

C. H. Estabrook, J. N. Davis, D. B. Stone

Abstract: Shelf to Basin Transition of Silurian-Devonian Rocks, Porcupine River Area, East-Central Alaska

Donald A. Coleman

Abstract: Smectite Diagenesis in Bentonites of the Shale Wall Member of the Seabee Formation, North Slope, Alaska

J. R. Glasmann

Abstract: Stratigraphic Setting and Mineralogy of the Arctic Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Prospect, Ambler District, Alaska

Jeanine M. Schmidt

Abstract: Stratigraphy, Structure, and Palinspastic Synthesis of the Western Brooks Range, Northwestern Alaska

C. F. Mayfield, I. L. Tailleur, Inyo Ellersieck

Abstract: Structural Interpretation of the NE Brooks Range Flexure, North Alaska: A Hypothesis

G. Millazo

Abstract: Tectonic Significance of the Kanayut Conglomerate and Related Middle Paleozoic Deposits, Brooks Range, Alaska

Tor H. Nilsen, Thomas E. Moore

Abstract: The Brooks Range and the Eastern Alps: A Tectonic Comparison

J. A. Helwig

Abstract: The Geological Setting of Prudhoe Bay/North Slope Oil Fields

Steven P. Edrich

Abstract: The Western Brooks Range, Alaska: Too Much Crust

I. F. Ellersieck, C. F. Mayfield

Abstract: Tungsten-Rich Porphyry Molybdenum Occurrence at Bear Mountain, Northeast Alaska

James C. Barker, R. C. Swainbank

Age and Paleoceanography of the Point Fermin Fan Complex

Jon R. Sloan

Alaskan North Slope Geology, Volume I and II, Introduction and Frontmatter

Irv Tailleur, Paul Weimer

Alaskan North Slope Petroleum Geochemistry for the Shublik Formation, Kingak Shale, Pebble Shale Unit, and Torok Formation

Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth J. Bird

Appendix 1: North Slope Seminar II Program

Appendix 2: Senior-Author Biographies

Appendix 3: North Slope Geographic-Name Sources for Geologic Nomenclature

Donald J. Orth

Appendix 4: Brooks Range Symposium Program and Abstracts

W. K. Wallace, T. E. Moore, K. A. Adams, R. K. Crowder, C. G. Mull, R. J. Alexander, Arlene V. Anderson, Joseph G. Arth, H. G. Ave Lallemant, J. S. Oldow, Olufemi O. Babalola, Stephen E. Box, John W. Cady, W. R. Camber, Randall Carlson, K. F. Watts, J. G. Clough, R. R. Reifenstuhl, T. E. Smith, G. H. Pessel, T. J. Ryherd, A. A. Bakke, Robert S. Coe, Gordon A. Thrupp, Gary A. Coulter, Rainer J. Newberry, J. T. Dillon, J. A. Dumoulin, Anita G. Harris, Thomas M. Dyehouse, Samuel E. Swanson, Inyo Ellersieck, R. R. Gottschalk, Arthur Grantz, J. W. Handschy, J. C. Phelps, Catherine L. Hanks, David J. Harding, Karl R. Writh, John M. Bird, R. A. Harris, N. H. Harun, Teresa A. Imm, S. M. Karl, C. L. Long, Douglas G. Knock, Andrew J. Meigs, Elizabeth L. Miller, W. R. Camber, L. Nicholson, Donald K. Norris, Mark S. Robinson, John Decker, Jeffrey A. Rogers, Jeanine Schmidt, C. M. Seidensticker, F. E. Julian, I. L. Tailleur, Mark A. Vandergon, A. B. Till, S. W. Nelson, Karl R. Wirth

Application of Oil Well Technology and Continuous Coring to Landslide Investigation

A. B. Esmilla, M. B. Phipps, J. E. Slosson

Arctic Reconstruction from an Alaskan Point of View

R. C. Crane

Basin Analysis and Paleontology of the Paleocene and Eocene Goler Formation, El Paso Mountains, California; Frontmatter and Roadlogs

Brett F. Cox

Bathymetric Trends in the History of Trace Fossils

David J. Bottjer, Mary L. Droser, David Jablonski

Biostratigraphic Correlations in California Marginal Basins

Gregg H. Blake

Bouguer Gravity Data and a North South Gravity and Magnetic Profile from the Wiseman Area, Brooks Range, Alaska

D. T. Smith, D. B. Stone, J. T. Dillon

A Brief History of Eighty Years of Geological Exploration in the Central Brooks Range, Northern Alaska

J. Thomas Dutro Jr.

Cenozoic Stratigraphic Framework for the San Emigdio Mountains, California

Martin B. Lagoe

Chronostratigraphic Significance of Late Cenozoic Planktic Foraminifera from the Wheeler Canyon and Balcom Canyon Sections, Ventura Basin, California

Martin B. Lagoe

Coal in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA): Framework Geology and Resources

Edward G. Sable, Gary D. Stricker

A Comparison of Two Petrographic Suites of the Okpikruak Formation: A Point Count Analysis

S. C. Wilbur, Jerome P. Siok, C. G. Mull

Conodont Thermal Maturation Patterns in Paleozoic and Triassic Rocks, Northern Alaska—Geologic and Exploration Implications

Anita G. Harris, H. Richard Lane, I. L. Tailleur, Inyo Ellersieck

Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphy of Northeastern Alaska

C. M. Molenaar, K. J. Bird, A. R. Kirk

Cretaceous Basin to Shelf Transition in Northern Alaska: Deposition of the Fortress Mountain Formation

R. Keith Crowder

Cretaceous Olistostrome Model, Brooks Range, Alaska

R. C. Crane

Crude Oil Chemistry and Classification, Alaska North Slope

Joseph A. Curiale

A Deep Water Trace Fossil Assemblage from Wheeler Gorge, Ventura County, California

Chia-Chen Yeh

Deformation in the Coastal Portion of the Abalone Cove Landslide: A Natural Laboratory for the Study of Tectonics in Miniature

James Lee Anderson

Depositional History and Reservoir Description of the Kuparuk River Formation, North Slope, Alaska

W. Dallam Masterson, Chester E. Paris

Depositional Models from Modern Submarine Fans and Ancient Turbidites: Interpretation Differences or Different Animals

William R. Normark

Depositional Systems in Active Margin Basins; Frontmatter

D. S. Gorsline

Deposition in Active Margin Basins: With Examples from the California Continental Borderland

D. S. Gorsline

Development of Ichnofabric Indices for Strata Deposited in High-Energy Nearshore Terrigenous Clastic Environments

Mary L. Droser, David J. Bottjer

Diagenetic Variations in the Permo-Triassic Ivishak Sandstone in the Prudhoe Bay Field and Central-Northeastern National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA)

Janie H. Payne

Electromagnetic Survey of Permafrost Thickness in Northern Alaska in 1969 and 1970

George V. Keller

Emergent Marine Terraces and Quaternary Tectonics: Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

Mark E. Bryant

Expanded Abstract: Identifying Water Sources on the North Slope, Alaska for Geologic Exploration

Kim-Marie Walker, James York, Dennis Murphy

Expanded Abstract: Late-Stage High-Angle Faulting, Eastern Doonerak Window, Central Brooks Range, Alaska

J. C. Phelps, H. G. Ave Lallemant, C. M. Seidensticker, F. E. Julian, J. S. Oldow

Expanded Abstract: Lateral Continuity of the Blarney Creek Thrust, Doonerak Window, Central Brooks Range, Alaska

C. M. Seidensticker, F. E. Julian, J. C. Phelps, J. S. Oldow, H. G. Ave Lallemant

Expanded Abstract: Ordovician Through Silurian Carbonate Base-of-Slope Apron Sequence, Northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska

Timothy J. Ryherd, Chester E. Paris

Expanded Abstract: Seismic Subsequences in the Foothills Fold Belt, NPRA, Alaska

H. B. Morrow

Extended Abstract: Geologic Setting and Genesis of the Red Dog Zinc-Lead-Silver Deposit, Western Brooks Range, Alaska

D. W. Moore, L. E. Young, J. S. Modene, J. T. Plahuta

Facies Correlation and Basin Analysis of the Ivishak Formation, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Kenneth J. McMillen, Michael D. Colvin

Fluvio-Deltaic Sedimentation Patterns of the Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary Jago River Formation, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Northeastern Alaska

Martin L. Buckingham

The Flying Triangle Landslide: Geologic, Geomorphologic, and Tectonic Factors

James Lee Anderson

Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Marine Deposits, Goler Formation, California

Kristin McDougall

The Framework Geology of the North Slope of Alaska as Related to Oil-Source Rock Correlations

Kenneth J. Bird

Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of Some Volcanic Rocks of the Franklinian Assemblage, Central and Eastern Brooks Range

Thomas E. Moore

Geochemistry of Coal from the Cretaceous Corwin and Chandler Formations, National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA)

Ronald H. Affolter, Gary D. Stricker

Geologic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the ‘Arctic Alaska Microplate’

Richard J. Hubbard, Steven P. Edrich, R. Peter Rattey

Geologic Guide to the Mineral King Area, Sequoia National Park, California

Cathy Busby-Spera, Jason Saleeby

Geologic Interpretation of Thrust Belts

R. C. Crane

Geologic Setting and Mineralization of the Lik Deposit: Implications for the Tectonic History of the Western Brooks Range

Kimball Forrest, Frederick J. Sawkins

Geology and Mineralization of the Ambler District, Northwestern Alaska

Murray W. Hitzman, John M. Proffett Jr., Jeanine M. Schmidt, Thomas E. Smith

Geology of the Continental Shelf North of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Alaska

Arthur Grantz, D. A. Dinter, R. C. Culotta

Geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and San Pedro Bay; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Peter J. Fischer

Geology of the Sierra Madre and Pine Mountain Area, California

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr.

Geophysical Case History, Prudhoe Bay Field

R. N. Specht, A. E. Brown, C. H. Selman, J. H. Carlisle

Glauconitic Phosphatic Sandstone and Oncolite Deposition at the Base of the Etivluk Group (Carboniferous) Picnic Creek Allochthon, North-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Jerome P. Siok, Charles G. Mull

Glaucophane-Rich Lithic Sandstone at Point Fermin, California

Victor B. Cherven, Perry W. Russell

Guide to Coastal Outcrops of the Monterey Formation of Western Santa Barbara County, California

John B. Dunham

The Hydrocarbon Potential of Ridge Basin - An Overview

Leonard T. Stitt

Infaunal Tiering Patterns in Tidal Channel Deposits of the Eocene Delmar Formation, Solana Beach and Torrey Pines State Reserve, Southern California

Marianne M. King

Investigation of Source Rock-Crude Oil Relationships in the Northern Alaska Hydrocarbon Habitat

R. A. Sedivy, I. E. Penfield, H. I. Halpern, R. J. Drozd, G. A. Cole, R. Burwood

Jurassic-Neocomian Biostratigraphy, North Slope, Alaska

Michael B. Mickey, Hideyo Haga

Kemik Sandstone, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Alaska

C. G. Mull

Kinematic Analysis of Range-Front Thrust Faulting Near Anaktuvuk Pass, North-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

Hans G. Ave Lallemant, John S. Kelley, James C. Phelps

Late Cretaceous Floras and Terrestrial Environment of Northern Alaska

Robert A. Spicer

Late Paleozoic to Cenozoic Reconstructions of the Arctic

David G. Smith

Late Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphy and Shelf Deposits of the San Pedro to Oceanside Shelf

Peter J. Fischer, John H. Rudat

Late Tertiary to Recent Chronology of the Los Angeles Basin, Southern California

D. E. Schwartz, I. P. Colburn

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of the Ivishak Formation, Prudhoe Bay Field

Timothy F. Lawton, Gregory W. Geehan, Brent J. Voorhees

Lithology, Geochemistry, and Depositional Environment of the Triassic Shublik Formation, Northern Alaska

Judith Totman Parrish

Lower Devonian Carbonate Facies and Platform Margin Development, East-Central Alaska and Yukon Territory

James G. Clough, Robert B. Blodgett

Lower Paleozoic Carbonate Rocks of the Baird Mountains Quadrangle, Western Brooks Range, Alaska

J. A. Dumoulin, Anita G. Harris

Middle to Late Miocene Mint Canyon and Castaic Deposition in Southern Ridge Basin, California

Martin H. Link, Leonard T. Stitt

Mineral Deposits in Northern Alaska: Introduction

M. T. Einaudi, M. W. Hitzman

A Mississippian Alaska-Siberia Connection: Evidence from Plant Megafossils

Robert A. Spicer, Barry A. Thomas

Mitigation Rather Than Litigation of the Abalone Cove Landslide

J. E. Slosson, G. W. Havens

The Monterey Formation of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, California - An Example of Sedimentation in a Tectonically Active Basin Within the California Continental Borderland

Cathy L. Conrad, Perry L. Ehlig

New Concepts in the Use of Biogenic Sedimentary Structures for Paleoenvironmental Interpretation; Frontmatter and Roadlog

David J. Bottjer

The Nonmarine Late Miocene to Pliocene Ridge Route Formation and Its Depositional Framework

M. F. Wood, M. H. Link

Northern Alaska Exploration - The Past Dozen Years

Paul Weimer

Paleocene Vertebrates and Nonmarine Mollusca from the Goler Formation, California

Malcolm C. McKenna, J. Howard Hutchison, Joseph H. Hartman

Paleoecology of Continental Margin Basins: A Modern Case History from the Borderland of Southern California

Robert G. Douglas

Paleogeographic Significance of Lower Mesozoic Radiolarians from the Brooks Range, Alaska

Charles D. Blome

Paleomagnetism, Paleobotany, and Paleogeography of the Cretaceous, North Slope, Alaska

William K. Witte, David B. Stone, C. G. Mull

Paleomagnetism of the Kuparuk River Formation from Oriented Drill Core: Evidence for Rotation of the Arctic Alaska Plate

S. L. Halgedahl, R. D. Jarrard

The Palos Verdes Fault Zone: Onshore to Offshore

Peter J. Fischer, Roy H. Patterson, Arthur C. Darrow, John H. Rudat, Gerald Simila

Petrology and K-Ar Ages of the Misheguk Igneous Sequence — An Allochthonous Mafic and Ultramafic Complex — And Its Metamorphic Aureole, Western Brooks Range, Alaska

Jeremy M. Boak, Donald L. Turner, Darrell J. Henry, Thomas E. Moore, Wesley K. Wallace

Point Fermin Landslide: San Pedro Area, City of Los Angeles, California

Michael Scullin

The Point Fermin Submarine Fan: A Small, Late Middle Miocene Age Fan Within the Monterey Formation

Perry Russell

The Portuguese Bend Landslide Stabilization Project

Perry L. Ehlig

Post-Ellesmerian Depositional Sequences of the North Slope Subsurface

William G. Noonan

Preliminary Description and Correlation of Lower Paleozoic Fossil-Bearing Strata in the Snowden Mountain Area of the South-Central Brooks Range, Alaska

John T. Dillon, Anita G. Harris, J. Thomas Dutro Jr.

Report on the Preliminary Examination of Berg Prospect, Ruby, Creek, Shungnak District, Alaska

Robert H. Saunders

Reservoir Description of the Endicott Field, North Slope, Alaska

Keith Woidneck, Philip Behrman, Charles Soule, Juliet Wu

Reservoir Quality in the Sag River Formation, Prudhoe Bay Field Alaska: Depositional Environment and Diagenesis

David A. Barnes

Resource Implications of Magmatic and Metamorphic Ages for Devonian Igneous Rocks in the Brooks Range

John T. Dillon, George R. Tilton, John Decker, Mary J. Kelly

Revised Megafossil Biostratigraphic Zonation for the Carboniferous of Northern Alaska

J. Thomas Dutro Jr.

Sedimentary Facies, Tectonic Relations, and Hydrocarbon Significance in Ridge Basin, California; Frontmatter and Roadlog

M. H. Link

Sediment Mass-Transport in Basins: Controls and Patterns

Michael E. Field

Seismic Stratigraphy of Three Areas of Lower Slope Failure, Torok Formation, Northern Alaska

Paul Weimer

Sinclair Oil and Gas Company on the Alaskan North Slope, 1957-69

Arthur L. Bowsher

Stratigraphy and Structural Setting of the Picnic Creek Allochthon, Killik River Quadrangle, Central Brooks Range, Alaska: A Summary

C. G. Mull, R. Keith Crowder, Karen E. Adams, Jerome P. Siok, Dirk A. Bodnar, Ellen E. Harris, Robert A. Alexander, Diana N. Solie

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Doonerak Fenster and Endicott Mountains Allochthon, Central Brooks Range, Alaska

C. G. Mull, Karen E. Adams, John T. Dillon

Structural Evolution of the Western Transverse Ranges; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Thomas L. Davis, Jay S. Namson

Structural Style—Brooks Range Mountain Front, Alaska

R. C. Crane, C. G. Mull

Structural Transect Through the Ventura Basin and Western Transverse Ranges

Jay Namson

Style and Age of Tectonism of the Sadlerochit Mountains to Franklin Mountains, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Peter A. Leiggi

Subsurface Cross-Section of the Southeastern Cuyama Basin, Southern California

Barbara J. Ellis, Herbert M. Spitz

Temperature and Depth of Permafrost on the Alaskan Arctic Slope

A. H. Lachenbruch, J. H. Sass, L. A. Lawver, M. C. Brewer, B. V. Marshall, R. J. Munroe, J. P. Kennelly Jr., S. P. Galanis Jr., T. H. Moses Jr.

Trace Fossils as Indicators of Bottom-Water Redox Conditions in Ancient Marine Environments

Charles E. Savrda, David J. Bottjer

Trace Fossils of the San Clemente Deep-Sea Fan, California

Reese E. Barrick

Transient Electromagnetic Detection of Subsea Permafrost Near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Gerald G. Walker, K. Kawasaki, T. E. Osterkamp

Variability in Two Northwest Alaska Coal Deposits

John S. Youtcheff Jr., P. D. Rao, Jane E. Smith

Water Resources of the North Slope, Alaska

Charles E. Sloan

West Sak and Ugnu Sands: Low-Gravity Oil Zones of the Kuparuk River Area, Alaskan North Slope

Michael R. Werner