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Pacific Section SEPM

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Age and Stratigraphic Relationships of Miocene Volcanic Rocks Along the Eastern Margin of the Sacramento Valley, California

David L. Wagner, George J. Saucedo

The Application of an Integrated Stratigraphic Approach to the Correlation of Depositional Sequence

Gregg H. Blake

Architecture and Sedimentology of the Miocene Moco T and Webster Turbidite Reservoirs, Midway-Sunset Field, California

Martin H. Link, Blaine R. Hall

Case Studies of Reservoir Geometry in Turbidite Systems

Tor H. Nilsen

Compendium of Molluscan Taxonomic and Ecologic Data from the Etchegoin Group, San Joaquin Basin, California

Karen B. Loomis

Controls on Deep-Marine Sedimentation

Donn S. Gorsline

Deep-Marine Facies Models and the Interrelationship of Depositional Components in Time and Space

G. Shanmugam

Deep-Marine Sedimentation: Depositional Models and Case Histories in Hydrocarbon Exploration & Development; Frontmatter

G. C. Brown, D. S. Gorsline, W. J. Schweller

Depositional Environment of the Upper Cretaceous Mokelumne River Formation, Sacramento Basin, California

Dane S. Johnson

Depositional Environments and Reservoir Characteristics of the Upper Miocene Etchegoin and Chanac Formations, Kern Front Oil Field, California

Martin H. Link, Kenneth P. Helmold, William T. Long

Depositional Environments and Sedimentary History of the Etchegoin Group, West-Central San Joaquin Valley, California

Karen B. Loomis

Depositional Settings and Reservoir Characteristics of the Plio-Pleistocene Tulare Formation, South Belridge Field, San Joaquin Valley, California

John G. McPherson, Donald D. Miller

Elk Hills Field Overview

Stephen A. Reid

Elk Hills Medium Radius Horizontal Well

Orville Hart

Fan and Non-Fan Deep-Water Depositional Systems

W. J. Schweller

A Field Guide to Lower Cretaceous Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Great Valley Group, Sacramento Valley, California

Timothy J. Bralower

A Geologic Update of the Emplacement Mechanism Within the Kern River Formation at the Kern River Field

Edward J. Kodl, James C. Eacmen, Michael G. Coburn

Geology of the Belridge Diatomite, Northern South Belridge Field, Kern County, California

J. Richard Bowersox

Heavy Oil Reservoirs in the Tulare Fold Belt, Cymric-McKittrick Fields, Kern County, California

Thomas Farley

Historical Perspectives and Evolution in the Studies of Deep Marine Deposition

Grosvenor C. Brown

Hydrocarbon Production Summary of the San Joaquin Basin, California

Jonathan G. Kuespert

Kern River Field History and Geology

Jonathan G. Kuespert, Steven J. Sanford

Light Oil Steamflood Pilot Test at NPR-1, Elk Hills, California

H. V. Weyland

Nomenclature of Upper Mesozoic Strata of the Sacramento Valley of California: Review and Recommendations

Raymond V. Ingersoll

Organization of Stratigraphic Nomenclature for the San Joaquin Basin, California

David C. Callaway

An Overview of Oil Field Waste Disposal Methods as They Relate to Ground-Water Quality in the Southern San Joaquin Valley, California

Thomas W. Crosby, Herman Schymiczek

Pelagic and Hemipelagic Sedimentary Rocks as Source and Reservoir Rock

Robert E. Garrison

Petrofacies and Provenance of the Great Valley Group, Southern Klamath Mountains and Northern Sacramento Valley

Paul F. Short, Raymond V. Ingersoll

Petrographic Aspects of Diagenesis and Porosity Development, Jacalitos and Coalinga Oil Fields, California

Robert A. Horton Jr., Joseph A. Dunwoody III, Robert J. Menzie Jr.

Regional Stratigraphy of the Mud-Rich Turbidite System of the Forbes Formation, Sacramento Basin, California

Douglas P. Imperato, Tor H. Nilsen, Donald W. Moore

Reservoir Compaction of the Belridge Diatomite and Surface Subsidence, South Belridge Field, Kern County, California

J. Richard Bowersox, Robert A. Shore

Results of Deep Drilling, Elk Hills Field, Kern County, California

Maurice D. Fishburn

Review of the Great Valley Sequence, Eastern Diablo Range and Northern San Joaquin Valley, Central California

J. Alan Bartow, Tor H. Nilsen

Sacramento Valley Symposium and Guidebook; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Raymond V. Ingersoll, Tor H. Nilsen

Santonian, Campanian, and Maestrichtian Depositional Systems, Sacramento Basin, California

Tor H. Nilsen

Seismic Sequences and Facies of Siliciclastic Deep-Water Deposits with Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration

Charles J. Stuart

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Upper Cretaceous Brown Mountain Sandstone Member of the Panoche Formation Near Coalinga, California

Philip N. Trumbly

Stratigraphy and Structure of Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Strata, Sacramento Valley

Ian W. Moxon

Structural Overview of Elk Hills

Geoffrey E. Nicholson

Structure, Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Occurrences of the San Joaquin Basin, California; Frontmatter and Roadlog

Jonathan G. Kuespert, Stephen A. Reid

Summary of the Diagenetic History of the Upper Cretaceous Forbes, Starkey, and Winters Formations, Sacramento Basin, California

Karl A. Mertz Jr.

Trapping Characteristics of Upper Miocene Turbidite Deposits, Elk Hills Field, Kern County, California

Stephen A. Reid

Upper Campanian and Lower Maestrichtian Depositional Systems Southern Sacramento Basin, California

Donald W. Moore, Tor H. Nilsen

Upper Miocene Stevens Sands in the Maricopa Depocenter, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California

Michael J. Quinn