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Across-Strike Anatomy of the Cordilleran Orogen at 40 °N Latitude: Implications for the Mesozoic Paleogeography of the Western United States

Yildirim Dilek, Eldridge M. Moores

Advances in the Sedimentary Geology of the Great Valley Group, Sacramento Valley, California; Frontmatter and Introduction

Stephan A. Graham, Donald R. Lowe

Analysis of Vertical Cyclicity Patterns in a Submarine Fan Sequence

Tracey Chester

The Architecture of Deep-Water Channel Complexes, Cretaceous Venado Sandstone Member, Sacramento Valley, California

Bibek Ghosh, Donald R. Lowe

Arkoses of the Santa Monica Mountains - Detrital Mineralogy, Diagenetic Mineralogy, and Provenance

Charles L. Lane

Catastrophic Floods During the Middle Jurassic: Evidence in the Upper Member and Crystal Creek Member of the Carmel Formation, Southern Utah

Mary G. Chapman

Chronostratigraphic Assignment of Volcanopelagic Strata Above the Coast Range Ophiolite

Donna Meyerhoff Hull, Emile A. Pessagno Jr., Clifford A. Hopson, Charles D. Blome, Ivette M. Munoz

Coniacian and Santonian (Upper Cretaceous) Paleontology and Paleoenvironments of the Santa Ana Mountains

Frederick A. Sundberg

Cretaceous Extension and Tertiary Translation Along the S.W. Edge of North America? Evidence from the Valle Group: Vizcaino Terrane

Douglas P. Smith, Cathy J. Busby

Current Views on the Deposition and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Great Valley Group, Sacramento Basin

Thomas A. Williams

Depositional and Volcanic Environments of Middle Tertiary Rocks in the Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California; Frontmatter

Peter W. Weigand, A. Eugene Fritsche, George E. Davis

Depositional Environments of the “Topanga Canyon” Formation, the Encinal Tongue of the Rincon Shale, and the Fernwood Tongue of the Sespe Formation, Central Santa Monica Mountains, California

Michael E. Flack

Early and Middle Jurassic Paleogeography and Volcanology of Arizona and Adjacent Areas

Nancy R. Riggs, Ronald C. Blakey

Evidence for Subduction of a Major Ocean Plate Along the California Margin During the Middle to Early Late Jurassic

Benita L. Murchey, M. C. Blake Jr.

Field Relations of Miocene Volcanic and Sedimentary Rocks of the Western Santa Monica Mountains, California

Thomas W. Dibblee Jr., Helmut E. Ehrenspeck

Field Trip Guide to Middle Tertiary Rocks in the Western Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California

A. Eugene Fritsche, Peter W. Weigand, Helmut E. Ehrenspeck, Roberta L. Harma

Fossil Cold Seep Limestones and Associated Chemosymbiotic Macroinvertebrate Faunas, Jurassic-Cretaceous Great Valley Group, California

Kathleen A. Campbell, Christine Carlson, David J. Bottjer

Jurassic Orogeny in the Klamath Mountains: A Geochronological Analysis

Bradley R. Hacker, W. G. Ernst

Late Cretaceous Paleogeography of the Southern Sevier Foreland, Southwest Utah, Southern Nevada, and Northwest Arizona

Robert P. Fillmore

Latest Jurassic and Cretaceous Paleogeography of the Northern Insular Belt, British Columbia

James W. Haggart

Mesozoic Geology and Tectonics of Blueschist and Associated Oceanic Terranes in the Cedros-Vizcaino-San Benito and Magdalena-Santa Margarita Regions, Baja California, Mexico

Richard L. Sedlock

Mesozoic Geology of Mt. Jura, Northern Sierra Nevada, California: A Progress Report

David S. Harwood

Mesozoic Intrabatholithic Faulting, Sierra Nevada, California

Ronald W. Kistler

Mesozoic Paleogeography of the Western United States - II; Frontmatter

George C. Dunne, Kristin A. McDougall

A Mesozoic Stratigraphic and Plutonic Framework for Northwestern Stikinia (Iskut River Area), Northwestern British Columbia, Canada

Robert G. Anderson

Mesozoic Stratigraphy and Structural History of the Southern Pine Nut Range, West–Central Nevada

Sandra J. Wyld, James E. Wright

Mesozoic Structural Evolution of the West–Central Mojave Desert

Elizabeth R. Schermer

Middle Tertiary Stratigraphic Terminology for the Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California

A. Eugene Fritsche

Northward Displacements of Forearc Slivers in the Coast Ranges of California and Southwest Oregon During the Late Mesozoic and Early Cenozoic

A. S. Jayko, M. C. Blake Jr.

Paleogeographic and Tectonic Setting of Axial and Western Metamorphic Framework Rocks of the Southern Sierra Nevada, California

Jason B. Saleeby, Cathy Busby

Paleogeographic Implications of Molluscan Assemblages in the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Pigeon Point Formation, California

William P. Elder, LouElla R. Saul

Palinspastic Reconstruction of Early Mesozoic Sedimentary Basins Near the Latitude of Las Vegas: Implications for the Early Mesozoic Cordilleran Cratonal Margin

John E. Marzolf

Petrology and Depositional Environment of a Sandstone Portion of the Modelo Formation Along Mulholland Highway, Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California

Jennifer M. Fellbaum, A. Eugene Fritsche

Post-Accretion History and Paleogeography of a Cretaceous Overlap Sequence in Northern California

Nancy Lindsley-Griffin, John R. Griffin, Eric E. Wetzstein, Abolfazl Jameossanaie

Progression and Timing of Mesozoic Crustal Shortening in the Northern Great Basin, Western U.S.A.

David L. Smith, Sandra J. Wyld, Elizabeth L. Miller, James E. Wright

Review of the Petrology and Geochemistry of the Miocene Conejo Volcanics of the Santa Monica Mountains, California

Peter W. Weigand, Karen L. Savage

Seismological Review of the Santa Monica Mountains, California

Gerry W. Simila, Derek N. Reiber, Herbert G. Adams

The Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Jurassic Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks of the Kettle Rock Sequence North of 40 °N Latitude, Northern Sierra Nevada, California

Geoff Christe

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Vaqueros Formation, Central Santa Monica Mountains, California

Juli G. Oborne

Stratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of Upper Triassic Strata in Nevada

Spencer G. Lucas, John E. Marzolf

Tectonic Evolution of Mesozoic Rocks in the Southern and Central Washington Cascades

Robert B. Miller, James M. Mattinson, Sherree A. Goetsch Funk, Clifford A. Hopson, Cheryl L. Treat

Tectonic Relations Between the Galice Formation and the Condrey Mountain Schist, Klamath Mountains, Northern California

Jason B. Saleeby, Gregory D. Harper

Tectonostratigraphic Significance of the San Pedro Del Gallo Area, Durango, Western Mexico

Emile A. Pessagno Jr., Jose F. Longoria, Donna Meyerhoff Hull, Michael E. Kelldorf

Triassic-Jurassic Magmatic Arc in Eastern California and Western Nevada: Arc Evolution, Cryptic Tectonic Breaks, and Significance of the Mojave-Snow Lake Fault

Richard A. Schweickert, Mary M. Lahren

U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of the Emigrant Gap Composite Pluton, Northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for the Nevadan Orogeny

G. H. Girty, A. S. Yoshinobu, M. D. Wracher, M. S. Girty, K. A. Bryan, J. E. Skinner, B. A. McNulty, K. A. Bracchi, D. S. Harwood, R. E. Hanson