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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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Abstract: Amdel: - Services to Petroleum Exploration

B. L. Watson

Abstract: Aspects of Regional Groundwater Movement and Hydrocarbon Migration in the Eromanga Basin

M. A. Habermehl

Abstract: Aspects of the Source Rock and Petroleum Geochemistry of the Eromanga Basin

D. M. McKirdy

Abstract: Basement Structure under the Central Eromanga Basin from Seismic Refraction Studies

J. Lock

Abstract: Cyanobacterial Mats and other Bacteria: Major Contributors to the Formation of the Lower Cretaceous Toolebuc Oil Shales

M. Glikson

Abstract: Depositional Environment of the Toolebuc Formation and its Equivalents, Eromanga Basin, Australia

S. Ozimic

Abstract: Environmental Aspects of Exploration in the Eromanga Basin Arid Zone

R. C. Buckley

Abstract: Gravity Features in the Eromanga Basin

V. Anfiloff

Abstract: Landsat Interpreted Structure and Groundwater Flow within the Eromanga and Surat Basins

Staff of Hunting Geology, Geophysics (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.

Abstract: Late Triassic ('Rhaetian') and Jurassic Palynostratigraphy of the Surat Basin

J. L. McKellar

Abstract: Mesozoic Stratigraphy - SW Margin of the Eromanga Basin

G. J. Ambrose, R. B. Flint

Abstract: Resistivity Structure of the Central Eromanga Basin and Underlying Sequences from Magnetotelluric Soundings

A. G. Spence, D. M. Finlayson

Abstract: Seismic Data from the Eromanga Basin

B. Rumph

Abstract: The Central Eromanga Basin Project - A Contribution to the Regional Study of the Eromanga and Underlying Basins

F. J. Moss

Abstract: The Merrimelia Oil and Gas Field

O. J. W. Bowering, D. M. Harrison

Abstract: The Petroporphyrins in the Oil Shale from the Julia Creek Deposit

A. Ekstrom, H. Loeh, L. Dale

Abstract: The Relationship between the Thomson Syncline and Underlying Barcoo Trough

K. D. Wake-Dyster

Abstract: The Significance of Gamma-Ray Anomaly in the Cretaceous Toolebuc Formation Facies and in Their Lateral Equivalents Eromanga and Carpentaria Basins

S. Ozimic

Abstract: The Surat and Eromanga Basins: A Palynostratigraphical Perspective

M. E. Dettmann, J. Filatoff, P. L. Price

The Birkhead Formation - A Jurassic Petroleum Reservoir

I. M. Paton

The Canaway Fault and its Effect on the Eromanga Basin

J. Pinchin, V. Anfiloff

Cretaceous of the Southwestern Eromanga Basin: Stratigraphy, Facies Variations and Petroleum Potential

P. S. Moore, G. M. Pitt

The Eromanga Basin

J. D. Armstrong, T. M. Barr

The Eromanga Basin within the Great Artesian Basin

M. A. Habermehl

Geochemistry of Oil Shale in the Eastern Eromanga Basin

J. D. Saxby

Geology of the Dullingari Murta Oilfield

T. J. Mount

Geothermal Gradients in the Eromanga-Cooper Basin Region

G. M. Pitt

Hydrocarbon Flushing in the Eromanga Basin - Fact or Fallacy?

K. C. Moriarty, A. F. Williams

Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Eromanga Basin, South Australia - Problems and Progress in Subsurface Correlation

D. I. Gravestock

Landsat Interpreted Structure and Groundwater Flow within the Eromanga Basin

B. R. Senior

Late Triassic and Early Jurassic Sedimentation in the Great Artesian Basin

M. J. Wiltshire

The Long Lead-up to Commercial Oil Discovery in the Mesozoic Eromanga Basin

Reg. C. Sprigg

Margin of the Eromanga Basin South Australia: A Review

B. G. Forbes

Marine Cretaceous of the Great Australian Basin - Foraminifera and Palynology Finally Make Sense

Viera Scheibnerova

Maturation Patterns in the Eromanga Basin

A. J. Kantsler, A. C. Cook, M. Zwigulis

Mesozoic Geology of the Simpson Desert Region, Northern South Australia

P. S. Moore

Middle Permian - Middle Triassic Rocks of the Southwestern Cooper Basin

Bridget C. Youngs, Peter G. Boothby

Organic Facies in the Eromanga Basin

A. C. Cook

Organic Matter and Vanadium in the Toolebuc Formation of the Eromanga Basin

K. W. Riley, J. D. Saxby

Palynology of the Eromanga Basin and its Applications

D. Burger

A Review of the Early Cretaceous Murta Member in the Southern Eromanga Basin

G. Ambrose, R. Suttill, I. Lavering

Revision of Eromanga Basin Limits

M. J. Wiltshire

Some Aspects of the Theory of Hydrodynamic Entrapment of Oil and Gas

J. W. Holmes

Source Rock Chemistry and Maturation of the Central Eromanga Basin

V. L. Passmore, C. J. Boreham

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Dalhousie Anticline, Southwest Eromanga Basin

G. W. Krieg