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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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The Barrow and Exmouth Sub-Basins

J. C. Parry, D. N. Smith

Behaviour of Petroleum in Northern Australian Waters

R. I. Kagi, S. J. Fisher, R. Alexander

Bonaparte Basin: Evolution and Structural Framework

P. J. Gunn

Bonaparte Basin Petroleum Accumulations

I. H. Lavering, S. Ozimic

Cainozoic Depositional History of the North West Shelf

M. Apthorpe

The Candace Terrace - A Geological Perspective

J. Bentley

A Case Study of Seismic Exploration in the Offshore Bonaparte Basin

J. Durrant, A. Young

A Case Study of the Development of a Seismic Streamer for Use in the Timor Sea

P. Grant, J. Rasidi, I. Ward

Depositional Framework and Major Lithostratigraphic Variations of the Barrow Group

S. C. Eriyagama, L. B. Collins, R. M. Hocking

The Development and Status of the Mesozoic Palynostratigraphy of the North West Shelf, Australia

B. Ingram, R. Morgan

Diagenesis of the Talisman-1 Reservoir Sequence

G. K. Ellis

Environmental Impact Assessments of Three Offshore Oilfields, Western Australia

W. Carr

Environmental Management of the North West Shelf Gas Project

R. M. Nunn

The Exmouth Plateau Deep Water Frontier: A Case History

P. M. Barber

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in ATP 299(A)

Ted Surka

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in ATP 373P, Carpentaria Basin Queensland

P. L. Beahan

Extended Abstract: Exploration Results and Future Activities in ATP 377P, Surat Basin

R. Schroder

Extended Abstract: Gas Discoveries and Future Activities in ATP 259P, Cooper Basin

Ross Wecker

Extended Abstract: Jackson Field E. S. P. Performance - A Case History

Cameron M. Selin

Extended Abstract: Natural Gas from Coal Seams - Activities in the Northern Bowen Basin

P. J. O'Neill, R. M. Bell, S. R. Reeves

Extended Abstract: Oil Discoveries and Future Activities in ATP 259P, Cooper/Eromanga Basin, QLD.

Roger Meaney

Extended Abstract: Petroleum Exploration Activity in Queensland During 1987–1988

Jack Alemian

Extended Abstract: The Denison Trough Gas Development Project

P. A. Elkington

Extended Abstract: The Namarah-Parknook Gas Field - Largest in the Surat Basin

Dennis Morton

Extensional Structures of the Jabiru Terrace, Vulcan Sub-Basin

E. P. Woods

The Finding Cost of Oil and Gas in Queensland

John K. Webby

Front Matter: Proceedings of the North West Shelf Symposium (1988)

P. G. Purcell, R. R. Purcell

Gas and Oil Fields of the Rankin Trend and Northern Barrow-Dampier Sub-Basin

P. Vincent, L. Tilbury

Gas Fields of the Browse Basin

A. N. Bint

Geochemistry of the Turtle Oil Accumulation, Offshore Southern Bonaparte Basin

P. J. Jefferies

The Geology of the Challis Oilfield - Timor Sea, Australia

G. B. Wormald

Geology of the Northeastern Australian Margin Basins

Phil Symonds, P. J. Davies, D. A. Feary, C. J. Pigram

The Geophysicists' Bane: Multiple Suppression on the North West Shelf

C. R. T. Ramsden, M. R. Hobson, R. Cooper

The Harriet Oilfield

E. A. Howell

Heat Flow Regime and Implications for Oil Maturation and Migration in the Offshore Northern Carnarvon Basin

M. G. Swift, H. M. J. Stagg, D. A. Falvey

Holocene Sediments and Environments, Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia

R. G. Brown

Hydrocarbon Discoveries in the Bonaparte Basin

P. J. Gunn

Jabiru Oilfield

R. P. Macdaniel

Morphotectonics of Australia's Northwestern Margin - A Review

J. J. Veevers

The North West Shelf, Australia - An Introduction

P. G. Purcell, R. R. Purcell

The Offshore Canning Basin - A Review

E. L. Horstman, P. G. Purcell

Oil and Gas Fields in the Barrow Sub-Basin

I. M. McClure, D. N. Smith, A. F. Williams, L. J. Clegg, C. C. Ford

Palaeogeographic Evolution of the North West Shelf Region

M. T. Bradshaw, A. N. Yeates, R. M. Beynon, A. T. Brakel, R. P. Langford, J. M. Totterdell, M. Yeung

Palynological Age-Dating of Seismic Horizons D, E and F, Beagle and Dampier Sub-Basins

M. Aziz Islam

Petroleum Exploration Geochemistry: Application of Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy to the Characterization of Source Rocks from the North West Shelf

J. D. Saxby, D. E. Lambert

The Petroleum Potential of the Peedamullah Shelf

E. Delfos, R. Dedman

Petrology and Diagenesis of the Flag Sandstone, Harriet Field, Barrow Sub-Basin

R. de Boer, L. B. Collins

Polycyclic Rifting - An Interpretation of Gravity and Magnetics in the North West Shelf

V. Anfiloff

A Ramboe Study of the Cape Range No. 2 Well, Exmouth Sub-Basin

R. W. T. Wilkins, G. Hladky, M. V. Ellacott, J. D. Saxby

Regional Geology of the Northern Carnarvon Basin

R. M. Hocking

Regional Geology of the Offshore Bonaparte Basin

A. J. Mory

Results of Exploration, Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Western Australia

I. Willis

A Review of the Petroleum Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Barrow-Dampier Sub-Basin and Environs

Woodside Offshore Petroleum

The Rosette Discovery, Barrow Sub-Basin

A. J. Williams

Seismic Atlas of the North West Shelf

M. F. Middleton

Seismic Exploration on Barrow Island

P. A. Jelley, M. J. Sayers

Shallow Water Seismic Operations on the North West Shelf

T. J. Allen, D. Brown, J. Wardell

Source Maturity, Overpressures and Production, North West Shelf, Australia

E. L. Horstman

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Basal Winning Group, Northern Carnarvon Basin

R. M. Hocking, J. W. K. Voon, L. B. Collins

Upper Triassic Palynofacies and Environmental Interpretations for the Rankin Trend, Northern Carnarvon Basin, W.A.

A. N. Bint, R. Helby

The Use of Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Assessment of Thermal Histories of Sediments

R. Alexander, R. I. Kagi, E. Toh, W. van Bronswijk