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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

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ABSTRACT: Back to Basics on Broadband Seismic Amplitudes, Phase and Resolution

Andrew Long

ABSTRACT: What's New and Exciting in Seismic Inversion?

Dennis Cooke

Advanced Deblending Scheme for Independent Simultaneous Source Data

M. Wang, Z.H. Chen, C. Chen, F.C. Loh, T. Manning, S. Wolfarth

Advanced Reprocessing and Imaging: Enhancing Legacy Surveys

Dominic Fell, Shane Westlake, Richard Patenall, Jennifer Badry

Analysis of Electromagnetic Depth Sounding Responses Over a Layered Earth: Investigating Oil & Gas Seeps in the Petroleum Provinces

Shastri L. Nimmagadda, Andrew Ochan

Application of Fullwaveform Tomography to VSP Walkaway Data

Eric Takam Takougang, Youcef Bouzidi

Application of Interferometric MASW to a 3D-3C Seismic Survey

Shaun Strong, Steve Hearn

Application of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Logs in Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir Pore Structure Evaluation

Liang Xiao, Zhi-qiang Mao, Xiu-hong Xie

Basement Influences on Structural Styles in the Bremer and Eyre Sub-Basins, Southern Australia

Jane Cunneen, Fletcher Pym, Chris Elders

Black Swan Airborne Geophysical Survey Structural Interpretation for Hydrocarbons Targeting in the Perth Basin

Peter Kovac, Carlos Cevallos, Jurriaan Feijth, Matus Kovac

Characterizing Heterogeneities in a Clastic Reservoir Using Joint/Simultaneous PP/PS Inversion, 4D Timelapse, Multi Attribute Analysis, and PSDM

Jason Nycz

Comparison of Satellite Altimetric Gravity and Ship-Borne Gravity—Offshore Western Australia

Asbjorn Norlund Christensen, Ole B. Andersen

Control on Pleistocene Shelf Drainage by Post-Eocene Stratigraphy of the Gippsland Basin

Mark Bunch

Demultiple for Wide-Tow Broadband Acquisition in a Shallow Water Environment: A Case Study from the NW Shelf, Australia

Mike Hartley, Shuo Ji, Alex Browne

Enhancing Coal Quality Estimation Through Multiple Geophysical Log Analysis

Binzhong Zhou, Graham O'Brien

Estimation of Reservoir Fluid Saturation from 4D Seismic Data: Effects of Noise on Seismic Amplitude and Impedance Attributes

Rafael Souza, David Lumley, Jeffrey Shragge

Exploration Chance of Success Predictions --- Statistical Concepts and Realities

Balakrishnan Kunjan

Exploring the Sub-Salt Play in the Frontier Amadeus Basin—Insights from Regional 2D Seismic and Potential Field Data

Emma Hissey, Jennifer Clifford, Tim Debacker

Fault Geometry and Deformation History, Northern Carnarvon Basin

Chris Elders, Sam McHarg, Amy I'Anson

First Results of Inaugural Deployments of the Australian National Ocean Bottom Seismograph Fleet

Alexey Goncharov, Ashby Cooper, Peter Chia, Michal Malinowski

Full Spectrum Gravity --- Improving AGG Data Quality at Both Ends of the Spectrum

Chris van Galder, Mark Dransfield

The Geology and Structural Style of the Juha Gas Field, Papua New Guinea

Amanda Hanani, Paul Lennox, Kevin Hill

High Resolution Magnetic Anomaly Modelling and its Implication for Petroleum Prospectively on Seram Island, Maluku, Indonesia

H.P. Siagian, B.S. Widijono, J. Nasution, B. Setyanta, Nurmaliah, Katherine McKenna, Adrian Noetzli

Hybridised Weighted Boot-Strap Differential Semblance

Hamish Wilson, Lutz Gross

Imaging of Shallow Coal Structures Using 2D6C Mini-SOSIE

Shaun Strong, James Alderman, Steve Hearn

Improved Subsurface Imaging and Interpretability Through Broadband Reprocessing of Legacy Seismic Data: Examples from North West Shelf Australia

Stephen Malajczuk, Rajesh Saklani, Dean Clark, David Eastwell

Improving Prediction of Total Organic Carbon in Prospective Australian Basins by Employing Machine Learning

Irina Emelyanova, Marina Pervukhina, M. Ben Clennell, David N. Dewhurst

Integrating Core and Wireline Log Datasets --- A Pathway to Permeability from AvO Seismic?

Lahra Lanigan, Jarrod Dunne

Interpreting the Direction of the Gravity Gradient Tensor Eigenvectors: The Main Tidal Force and its Relation to the Curvature Parameters of the Equipotential Surface

Carlos Cevallos

Kraken 3D—Acquisition to Interpretation on the Edge of the Browse

Jarrod Dunne

Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Simulation on Bitumen Saturated Carbonates: A Rock Physics Study for 4D Seismology

Arif Rabbani, Jason Nycz, Zizhen Wong, Doug Schmitt, Ken Gray

Low-Fold 3D Seismic: A Key to Unlocking Exploration Potential Cost-Effectively in the Eromanga Basin

Jennifer Clifford, Alison Goedecke, Michael Giles, Malcolm Horton

Magnetotelluric Monitoring of Unconventional Energy Resource Development: Disruptive Technology or Damp Squib?

Graham Heinson

Making Waves --- Towards a New Era of Seismic Recording Equipment

Andy Bull, C.J. Criss

Mapping of Fracture Zones and Small Faults Using VSP and Cross Dipole Sonic in Eastern Siberia Carbonate Reservoirs, Yurubchansky Field, Russia

Sergey Shevchenko, Sergei Tcherkashnev, Maxim Kuznetsov, Tagir Mamleef

Monitoring of Unconventional Resources Using Magnetotellurics

Nigel Rees, Graham Heinson, Simon Carter, Lars Krieger

Multi-Azimuthal Walkway VSP for Full Azimuth Seismic Calibration

Konstantin Galybin, Anastasia Poole, Michael Giles

Multi-Source Design and Penta Source Case Study from the NWS Australia

Edward Hager, Phil Fontana

New Insights into the Petroleum Potential of the Onshore Otway Basin, Victoria Australia

Lucas McLean-Hodgson, Bruce McConachie

New Interpretation and Modelling Results for a Late Triassic Isolated Pinnacle Reef Complex on the Exmouth Plateau, Western Australia

Jarrad Grahame

A New Method of Evaluating Tight Sandstone Reservoir Pore Structure from Conventional Logs

Liang Xiao, Chang-chun Zou, Xiu-hong Xie

North West Shelf 3D Velocity Modeling

Laureline Monteignies, Cedric Magneron, Natalia Gritsajuk

Obtaining Low Frequencies for Full Waveform Inversion by Using Augmented Physics

Eldad Haber, Eran Treister, Elliot Holtham

P- and PS-Wave Vector Wavefields for Anisotropic Petrophysics

James Gaiser

Pattern and Origin of the Present-Day Tectonic Stress in the Australian Sedimentary Basins

Mojtaba Rajabi, Mark Tingay

Potential Field Data Guided Seismic Forward Modelling of Basement Structures: A Case Study from Offshore Nile Delta Basin

Said Hanafy, Shastri L. Nimmagadda, Sharaf Eldin Mahmoud

Relating Electrical Resistivity to Permeability Using Resistor Networks

Alison Kirkby, Graham Heinson, Lars Krieger

A Robust Gradient for Long Wavelength FWI Updates

Jaime Ramos-Martinez, Sean Crawley, Kathy Zou, Alejandro Valenciano, Lingyun Qiu, Nizar Chemingui, Andrew Long

Seismic Facies Mapping --- Getting More Geology into Your Play

Rob Kirk

Spatial Mapping of Seismic Facies Variations to Mitigate Reservoir Risk in Coal Prone Fluvial-Deltaic Settings

Dylan Cremasco, Yahya Villareal Basman II, Judith Travers

A Statistical Approach to Assessing Depth Conversion Uncertainty on a Regional Dataset: Cooper-Eromanga Basin, Australia

David Kulikowski, Catherine Hochwald, Dennis Cooke, Khalid Amrouch

Structural Interpretation of Seismic, Geological Realism and 3D Thinking

Pete Boult, Brett Freeman, Graham Yielding

Thickness Prediction of Tectonically Deformed Coal Using Calibrated Seismic Attributes: A Case Study

Tongjun Chen, Xin Wang

Time Slicing the Cooper Basin

Witold Seweryn, Dave Cockshell, Peter Hough, Steve Fabjancic

Ultrasonic Measurements on Thin Samples: Numerical Modelling

Alexey Yurikov, Maxim Lebedev, Marina Pervukhina

Uncovering Seismic HTI Anisotropy of the Cooper Basin

Stephanie Tyiasning, Dennis Cooke

Using Fluid-Induced Seismicity to Infer Permeability

Andrew King, Tobias Muller

Waveform Classification as a Pseudo for Reservoir Thickness

Bonnie Lodwick, Lawrence Grant-Woolley

X-Ray Computed Tomography of Structures in Opalinus Clay from Large Scale to Small Scale After Mechanical Testing

Gerhard Zacher, Annette Kaufhold, Matthias Halisch