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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 2, Issue 3B; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke

On a Method of Investigation of Fractured Rocks and Their Reservoir Properties

E. M. Smekhov (Е. М. Смехов), L. P. Gmid (Л. П. Гмид), M. G. Romashova (М. Г. Ромашова), E. S. Romm (Е. С. Ромм), V. N. Kalacheva (В. Н. Калачева), T. V. Dorofeeva (В. Н. Калачева), V. K. Gromov (В. К. Громов)

Use of Microprobe Diagrams for Distinguishing Reservoirs in Carbonate Sections

N. A. Perkov (Н. А. Перьков)

Method of Control of Hydrochloric Acid Treatment of a Bed by Radioactive Isotopes in Carbonate Sediments

A. E. Zershchikov (А. Е. Зерщиков)

The Influence of Permeability of a Bed on the Position of the Water-Oil Contact

Iu. P. Gattenberger (Ю. П. Гаттенбергер)

A Large Deposit in Carbonate Reservoirs in the Zyzba Field and the Prospects of Discovery of Similar Fields in Kuban

V. E. Opel (В. Е. Орёл), M. V. Feigin (М. В. Фейгин), F. I. Levkin (Ф. И. Левкин)

The Sellia Oil and Gas Fields of Dagestan

N. V. Fenev (Н. В. Феньев)

To Increase the Quality of Initial Technical Geological Data

A. L. Kozlov (А. Л. Козлов), E. S. Sosnina (Е. С. Соснина)

A Fast Method of Calculation of the True Thickness of Beds According to the Apparent Thickness, Measured along the Shaft of a Slanting Well

L. A. Buriakovskii (Л. А. Буряковский)

On Oil in the Antarctic

O. S. Vialov