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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 14 Issue 1; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Discovery of an Oil Pool on the Northeast Flank of the Gyurgyany-More

Kh. B. Yusufzade, A. A. Kasymov, Ya. I. Katz

Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Manas Area in South Dagestan

F. M. Korshenbaum

Relationship of Structural Plans of the Sedimentary Cover and the Surface of the Basement of Eastern Cis-Caucasus

G. M. Geysherik, Yu. N. Shvemberger

Geothermal Aspects of Exploration for Hydrocarbons in the Lower Kura Depression

V. Z. Simkhayev, I. Z. Stepanova

New Data on Faults of the Basement and their Reflection in the Structure of the Sedimentary Cover of the Eastern Stavropol Area

L. A. Naydenova, B. A. Polosin

Systematic Variations in the Geology of Clastic Reservoirs of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous and Procedure for Selection of Production Objectives in Multi-Strata Pools in the Early Stages of Planning (In the Example of Ural-Volga Fields)

K. S. Baymukhametov

Oil-Gas Productivity of the Depressions of the Cis-Ural Downwarp and Some Causes of its Differences

Yu. Ya. Bol’shakov

Geologic - Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Yamburg Gas Condensate Field

T. A. Ibragimova, V. V. Nelyubin, K. V. Ostrovskaya, B. N. P’yankov

Gas-Oil, Saturation of the Sediments of the Fokur Formation of the Samotlor Field

V. U. Litvakov, R. N. Mukhametzyanov

Results of Oil-Gas Exploration in the Tyumen Region During the Ninth Five Year Plan, Ways to Increase its Effectiveness, and Tasks for 1976-80

I. I. Nesterov

Direction and Procedure of Oil-Gas Exploration in the North Border Zone of the Peri-Caspian Depression

A. A Al’zhanov, B. M. Geyman, A. A Golov, V. D. Il’in, A. N. Zolotov, L. G. Kiryukhin

Prospects for the Discovery in South Mangyshlak of Oil and Gas Fields Associated with Non-Anticlinal Traps

V. V. Kozmodem’yanskiy, I. A. Khafizov

Role of Regional Faults in the Formation of Oil and Gas Pools

V. P. Gavrilov

Hydrogeologic Characteristics of the Main Oil-Gas-Bearing Units of the Astrakhan Dome and Karakul Swell

V. G. Zhurbina

Exploration for Oil-Bearing Reefs in the Platform Part of Bashkiria

K. S. Yarullin, N. K. Yunusov

Prediction of the Phase State of Hydrocarbons in West Siberia According to Thermodynamics of Occurrence of Pools

T. D. Ostrovskaya

Oil-Gas Productivity and Ratio of Concentrated and Disseminated Forms of Organic Matter in the Lower-Middle Jurassic Sediments of West Siberia

V. I. Yermakov, V. A. Skorobogatov

Systematic Variations in the Distribution of Upper Devonian - Lower Carboniferous Reefs in the North Part of the Ural-Volga Area and Geophysical Methods for Distinguishing Them

S. A. Shikhov, Yu. I. Kuznetsov, V. M. Provorov, V. E. Vetchinkin, S. A. Sosland

Oil and Gas Reserves of the United States

M. F. Eremenko