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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 14 Issue 9; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas in the Lower Volga Region During the Ninth Five Year Plan and Further Ways to Increase Its Effectiveness

A. A. Novikov, V. N. Mikhal’kova, V. A. Yermakov

Exploration for Oil and Gas in West Siberia

Yu. B. Fain, V. G. Pogonyaylov, B. M. Bikbulatov

Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas in North Sakhalin and Main Directions for Exploration During the Tenth Five Year Plan

Yu. A. Tronov, V. K. Gorokhov

Results of Geological Exploration During the Ninth Five Year Plan and Direction for Work During 1976-80 by “Uzbekneft”

A. Kh. Khodzhimatov, M. M. Mukhamedov

Geological Exploration for Oil and Gas by “Turkmenneft”

M. Ashirmamedov

Main Results of Geological Exploration and Ways for Increasing Its Effectiveness in the Area of Activity of “Dagneft”

G. Gasanguseynov, Ya. A. Roytman, F. G. Sharafutdinov, M. O. Dzhabrailov

Exploration for Oil and Gas During 1971-75 and Tasks for the Tenth Five Year Plan by “Ukrneft”

B. S. Borob’yev, N. L Marukhnyak, S. I. Omel’yanchuk, B. I. Slyshinskiy

Exploration for Oil and Gas by “Belorusneft”

L. Ye. Kotel’nikov, G. A. Nekrasov, F. Sh. Shayakhmetov, V. A. Tyurev

Main Geological Results Using Common-Depth-Point Seismic Surveying in Bashkiria and Prospects for Exploration for New Oil and Gas Fields

Yu. N. Kukharenko, F. I. Khat’yanov, N. K. Yunusov

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Permian and Triassic Sediments of the Eastern Part of the Cis-Caucasus

V. V. Stasenkov, G. G. Gasanguseynov, F. G. Sharafutdinov, L. A. Roytman, L. S. Bagov, D. A. Mirzoyev

Paleogeography of the Eastern Cis-Caucasus in Early Jurassic Time

G. N. Chepak, B. G. Sokratov, B. A. Onishchenko, S. B. Karatayeva

Border Step of the Peri-Caspian Depression, Its Structure and Oil-Gas Prospects

F. A. Alekseyev, G. M. Yarikov

Relationship of the Structure of the Sedimentary Cover to that of the Basement in the offshore Area of the Kazakh Bay

Ye. Ya. Nikolayeva, Yu. I. Svistunov

New Data on the Content of Vanadium and Nickel Complexes of Porphyrins in Oils and Bitumens of Rocks of the Northeast of the Russian Platform and Cis-Ural Downwarp

S. A. Vinnikovskiy, A. Z. Koblova, T. V. Belokon

Characteristics of Oils of South Sakhalin

A. I. Bogomolov, M. N. Bogomolova

Variation in Reservoir Properties of Rocks of Different Grain Size with Depth in the Vostochno-Kuban Depression

G. V. Maslennikova, S. I. Bliznichenko

Use of Impulse Neutron Methods in Oil Fields of Belorussia

Ya. N. Abdukhalikov, A. S. Demidov, T. G. Demidova

Geologic Features and Geophysical Characteristics of Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs of the Zolotukhin Oil Field

S. S. Zlatopol’skiy, G. A. Koldashenko, V. M. Lakhnyuk, R. M. Nurgaleyeva, F. Sh. Shayakhmetov

Question of Hydrodynamic Criteria for Oil-Gas Productivity of the Borislavsko-Pokut Zone of the Cis-Carpathian Downwarp

A. V. Lyashevich, R. I. Bakala