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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 19, Issue 3; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Oil-Gas Productivity of Steep and Overturned Flanks of Folds of the Cis-Carpathians

N. N. Gun’ka

Distribution of Wells in Exploration for Oil in Zones of Graben-Like Downwarps

I. A. Dentskevich

Characteristics of Carbonate Rocks of the Volga-Ural Oil-Gas Province

V. N. Sharonova, L. V. Sharonov

Geologic Interpretation of Data of Gravity and Seismic Surveys for Solution of Exploration Problems in Salt-Dome Zones

I. S. Roslyy

Geological Effectiveness of Common Depth Point Seismic Surveying in Exploration of Structures in the Mukhanovo-Yerokhov Downwarp

B. V. Semakin, Kh. I. Nasretdinov

Prospects for Exploration for Oil and Gas Pools in the Lower Frasnian-Middle Devonian Oil-Gas Complex in the Northern Regions of the Timan-Pechora Province

G. A. Aleksin, Yu. A. Rossikhin, B. I. Rapoport, V. Ya. Rassomakhin

Oil-Gas Potential of the Upper Devonian Carbonate Complex of the Timan-Pechora Province

N. D. Matviyevskaya

Types of Oil and Gas Pools in Carbonate Sediments

A. V. Ovcharenko

Geological Results of Transient Proximate Zone Method in Study of Supra-Verey Carbonate Complex of the Border Zone of the Peri-Caspian Depression

V. Yu. Zadorozhnaya, V. V. Tikshayev, V. B. Shcheglov

Satellite Traps in Structural Pairs - New Exploration Target for Oil Pools in the Amu-Dar’ya Predominantly Gas Region

S. P. Maksimov, V. P. Stroganov, V. D. Il’in

Comparative Characteristics of Litho-Petrophysical Parameters of Sandy Strata of Markovo and Srednebotuobinsk Fields

A. P. Zheleznova, A. A. Kul’kova

Thermobarometric Conditions of Formation of Oil and Gas Pools at Great Depths in Areas of Cenozoic Downwarping

L. A. Pol’ster, Yu. A. Viskovskiy, V. A. Nikolenko, L. G. Shustova

Computer Analysis of Seismic Survey Information for Distinguishing Anhydrite Bulges and Organic Buildups

T. L. Babadzhanov, I. I. Perel’man, V. V. Rubo, L. Yu. Kolesnichenko

Prospects for Commercial Oil in the Botuobinsk Region

V. Ye. Bakin, M. A. Parfenov

Paleogeomorphological Conditions of Formation of the Cambrian Reef Complex of West Yakutia

V. A. Astashkin

Oil-Gas Prospects of the Cambrian Sediments of the Sinsko-Namanin Region of Yakutia

I. A. Botev, A. G. Poplyuyko

Reef Zones of the Lower Orodovician of the West of the Siberian Platform

A. G. Yadrenkina, G. P. Abaimova, O. V. Sychev