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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 33 Issue 1; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Tectonics and Oil-Gas Potential of Southwest of Trans-Caucasus Black Sea Region

V. M. Likholatnikov

Geodynamics of Caspian Region and its Reflection in Geophysical Fields

D. M. Murzagaliyev

Structure and Oil-Gas Prospects of Overthrust Margins of North Caspian Depression

B. A. Solov’yev, I. N. Komissarova, A. A. Konstantinov, N. I. Nemtsov, G. N. Rozanova, N. G. Chernetskay

Oil-Gas Potential of Paleozoic Sediments of Vostochnoye Field (Novosibirsk Region)

O. O. Abrosimova, S. V. Ryzhkova

Necessity for Drilling a Parametric Well in Middle Syrdar’ya Depression

A. G. Babayev, A. R. Khodzhayev, V. V. Buro, R. R. Yusupov, I. I. Perel’man

Prospects for Developing Reserves and Resource Base of Yurubcheno-Tokhom Field

A. K. Bitner, A. S. Yefimov, V. E. Kasatkin, S. G. Kharchenko, K. N. Kharpov, A. V. Akhiyarov

Oil-Gas Prospects of Mezen Sineklize

V. P. Gavrilov, A. N. Rudnev, P. I. Dvoretskiy, V. A. Ponomarev

Buried Shelf and Hemi-Pelagic Systems of Micro-Continents in Cover-Fold Structures of Central Asia

A. A. Abidov, A. G. Babayev, A. S. Masumov, T. E. Ergeshev

Zonal Prediction of Oil-Gas Productivity of Devonian (Emsian-Lower Frasnian) Complex of South of Orenburg Region

B. A. Solov’yev, N. G. Podkorytov, S. P. Levshunova, S. M. Karnaukhov

Deep Overthrust Structure of Central Part of Tersko-Caspian Foredeep (North Caucasus)

N. V. Koronovskiy, L. V. Panina

Geodynamic Aspects of Tectonics and Oil-Gas Prospects of Cis-Carpathian Downwarp

B. I. Mayevskiy, L. S. Monchak, S. I. Gravnak, G. A. Padva, I. M. Dubitskiy

Oil-Gas Potential of Ancient Beds of Moscow Sineklize

T. V. Vladimirova, I. N. Kapustin, D. L. Fedorov

Classification of Reserves of Fields, Prospective and Predicted Resources of Oil and Gas

James W. Clarke

Natural Bitumens of Franz Josef Land - Dependable Oil-Exploration Indicator

B. A. Klubov, I. Yu. Vinokurov