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Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

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Petroleum Geology, Volume 35 Issue 4; Frontmatter

James Clarke

Tectonics and Oil-Gas Potential of Northeast of Bashkortostan

S. N. Solonitsin, A. N. Svetlakova

Effect of Plate Tectonic Development of Timan-Pechora Province on Formation of Oil-Gas Source Beds

O. P. Zagulova, Ye. D. Yesipchuk, Ye. S. Larskaya

Paleo-Landscapes of Middle Devonian and Frasnian Seas of Siberia

V. N. Dubatolov, V. I. Krasnov

Geo-Fluid-Dynamic Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Pools of Karachaganak Field

V. V. Larichev

Effect of Dolerite Intrusions on Oil-Gas Potential of South Tunguska Oil-Gas Region

A. O. Gordeyeva, L. V. Zhidkova, A. V. Khomenko

Formation of Oil and Gas Fields Associated with Zones of Breaks in Sediment Accumulation

I. M. Shakhnovskiy, O. Yu. Kolylova

Forecasting and Exploration of Oil and Gas Fields by Radio-Geochemical Methods

I. S. Sobolev, L. P. Rikhvanov, N. G. Lyashenko, M. S. Parovinchak

Problems of Oil and Gas: Intensity of Oil Generation and Accumulation with Time, p. 7-10

V. S. Vyshemirskiy, A. E. Kontorovich

Problems of Oil and Gas: Achimov Clinoforms of West Siberia, p. 13-15

Yu. N. Karogodin, S. V. Yershov, V. A. Kazanenkov

Problems of Oil and Gas: Depth Zonality of Catagenesis in West Siberia, p. 11-13

A. N. Fomin, D. A. Dochkin

Structure and Potential for Oil-Gas Exploration in the North Caucasus

V. Ya. Sharafan, A. N. Markov

Effect of Structure of Basement Surface on Character of Distribution of Oil and Gas Fields of Timan-Pechora Basin

T. V. Dmitriyevskaya, S. G. Ryabukhina, P. I. Dvoretskiy, V. A. Ponomarev, V. A. Zayiyev

West Siberia to Remain the Main Oil and Gas Producing Province of Russia in XXI Century

A. M. Brekhuniov, A. N. Zolotov, V. I. Rezunenko, F. K. Salmanov, V. I. Saltykov, V. I. Shpil’man

Status and Prospects for Development of Hydrocarbon Potential of Saratov Region

V. Yu. Morozov, V. N. Yer¨emin, A. A. Kondrat’yev