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Petroleum History Institute

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The 1906 Kane Gas Well - McKean County Pennsylvania

Jeff A. Spencer

ABSTRACT: Columbia Oil Farmof the Oil Creek Valley, Venango County, PA, 150 Years of Petroleum Legacy

Amy Randolph

ABSTRACT: Energy, Exhibits and Entertainment: Drake Well Museum in the 21st Century

Barbara Zolli

ABSTRACT: George Bernard Reynolds, A Forgotten Pioneer of Oil Discoveries in Persia and Venezuela

Rasoul Sorkhabi

ABSTRACT: Museums Make a Difference in Energy Education

Bruce A. Wells

ABSTRACT: Oilyoute to Triumph Hill, Oil Excitement on the Allegheny River

Susan J. Beates

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Centre: Hub of Oildom

Kathy J. Flaherty

ABSTRACT: The Funk Well

Neil McElwee

ABSTRACT: The Michigan Basin (1649-2009) 360 Years of Oil and Gas Production

Jack R. Westbrook

ABSTRACT: The Prudent Operator Standard and Oilfield Waste, A History

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: Who Was First?

Ray Sorenson

The Dawning of Geophysical Exploration

Tom K. Fulton, Haynie Stringer

Editorial and Meeting Report - Titusville, Pennsylvania, May 4-6, 2009 - Return To The Valley That Changed The World

William R. Brice - Editor

Edwin L. Drake (1819-1880) His Life and Legacy

William R. Brice

The First Reports of Oil in Oklahoma

Raymond P. Sorenson

Geology and Oil Exploration - The Studies of Giovanni Capellini in Romania

Francesco Gerali

Hello Wanda - How Oil Journalist Wanda Jablonski Was The Matchmaker That Made OPEC

Herman K. Trabish

Impact of the Late Nineteenth Century Gas Boom on Delaware County, Indiana

Constantina Lyla Spath

Oil Under Canvas

Denis Stonham

The Petroleum Industry in Trade Cards, Trading Cards, and Comic Books

Jeff A. Spencer

Petroleum Pioneers of Pittsburgh

Alfred N. Mann

Recollections - Portable Seismic Begins - A Life in the Field

Jon R. Horton

Stratigraphy and the Cartoonist of 1865

Mark Aldrich, Michele Aldrich

Teamsters and Oil Scouts: Two Valuable (But Short-Lived) Occupations in the Early Days of Pennsylvania Oil

Paul Adomites