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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Petroleum History Institute

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19th Century Russian Petroleum from Baku: The American Perspective

Raymond P. Sorenson

ABSTRACT: A Brief Overview of Upper Devonian Black Shale Natural Gas Well Development in Pennsylvania Year Ending 2013

Amy Randolph

ABSTRACT: Do M.J. Trumble and His Contemporaries Compare with Characters from Atlas Shrugged

Ann Mauer

ABSTRACT: Greetings From the Oil Country - Postcards of Frank Robbins

Jeff Spencer

ABSTRACT: Gushers, Science, and Luck: Everette Lee Degolyer (1886-1957) in Mexico, 1909-1919.

Francesco Gerali, Paolo Riguzzi

ABSTRACT: Louisiana Oyster Wars, 1930s-1950s: Science, Litigation and Regulation Issues During Early Coastal Oilfield Development

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: The Half-Century Anniversary of Project Ketch: A Proposal to Create Natural Gas Storage in Northcentral Pennsylvania Through Nuclear Detonation

Amy Randolph

ABSTRACT: The Little Refinery That Could

Harvey Golubock

ABSTRACT: The Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil Association's Research Program to 1960

Ihor Bemko

ABSTRACT: The Seneca Oil Spring: Just the Facts

Mary Ellen Ash, Dennis Frank

ABSTRACT: Why Care About the History of Oil and Gas? A Theoretical and Methodological Framework

Rasoul Sorkhabi

The Avant-Garde in Petroleum: Franco-Algerian Oil Cooperation, 1962-1971

Mattie Wheeler

Claims of Priority: Spindletop vs. Baku

Raymond P. Sorenson

Early Texas Oilfield Photographers

Jeff Spencer

Editorial and PHI Symposium Report - Bradford Pennsylvania, June 19-21, 2014

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Greetings From Oil Country: Shared Images of a Burning Oil Tank Across Five States

Victoria Manning, Jeff Spencer

History of Petroleum Exploration in Yemen

Mustafa As-Saruri, Rasoul Sorkhabi

Of Kentucky, Salt, and Oil: A History of Early Petroleum Finds Along the Cumberland River

Brandon C. Nuttall

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Story of New Sheffield and Shannopin Fields, Beaver County, Pennsylvania

John A. Harper

Samuel Downer and the Downer Kerosene Oil Company

Neil McElwee, Lois McElwee

World War II Tank Truck Industry Support - An Army Might Move on its Stomach, But Everything Else Moves on Oil

John L. Conley