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Petroleum History Institute

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"Black Gold": Discussions on the Origin, Exploratory Techniques, and Uses of Petroleum in Brazil

Drielli Peyerl, Silvia Fernanda de Mendonça Figueirôa

ABSTRACT: 1862 to 1952: Ninety Years of Oil and Gas Regulation (Or Not) in Colorado

Nancy K. Prince

ABSTRACT: A Brief History of The Wyoming Geological Association

Mike Bingle-Davis, Marron Bingle-Davis

ABSTRACT: A History of Teapot Dome, Natrona Co., Wyoming

Mark Milliken

ABSTRACT: A New Frontier: How the United States Built Saudi Arabia's Oil Industry

Ellen R. Wald

ABSTRACT: Anthropogenic Natural Gas Losses in the U.S. - Remembering History

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: Be There or “Be Square" – The Life and Legacy of Theodore Newton Barnsdall

Amy Randolph

ABSTRACT: Boom, Bust, and After: Life in the Salt Creek Oil Field

Tom Rea

ABSTRACT: Database of Early Petroleum References

Raymond P. Sorenson

ABSTRACT: Development of Glenrock Area Fields, Converse County, Wyoming

Mark Milliken

ABSTRACT: Exploration of Oil in Brazil During the Twentieth Century

Drielli Peyerl, Silvia Fernanda de Mendonça Figueirôa, Brian Frehner

ABSTRACT: Historiography of Petroleum Companies

Rasoul Sorkhabi

ABSTRACT: History of Oil Refining in Wyoming

Robert A. King

ABSTRACT: History of Oil Spills Project: A Progress Report

Gary Shigenaka

ABSTRACT: In Pursuit of Petroleum's Riches: Lamar University's Oil Related Special Collections

Penny Clark

ABSTRACT: Myron Kinley and the Torch of Moreni

Jeff Spencer, Marius Furcuta

ABSTRACT: Natural Gas Lessons in Petroleum History From Upton Sinclair’s Fictional ‘Oil!’ to Methane! At Porter Ranch

Ann Mauer

ABSTRACT: Oil and Gas History of Utah: Highlights of the Early Years

Marc T. Eckels

ABSTRACT: Petroleum, Pipelines, and Politics: The Fate of the Northern-Tier Pipeline, 1977-1982

Ellen R. Wald

ABSTRACT: Shell Oil 1970's "Bright Spot" Prospects and Mid-1980's Deep Water Exploration

Mike Forrest

ABSTRACT: Sinclair's Centennial: 100 Years in Oil

Clint Ensign

ABSTRACT: Teapot Dome – A Painting

Roger Charbonneau

ABSTRACT: The Birth of an Industry: North Dakota Discovers Oil

Clarence Herz

ABSTRACT: Wildcatting in Colorado – A Lot of Exploration, Not A Lot of Production

Nancy K. Price

A Brief History of Schlumberger

Mark Mau

The Cañon City Embayment: Three Eras of Development

Kira K. Timm, Stephen A. Sonnenberg

The Early United States Oil Industry on Wheelock Souvenir China

Jeff Spencer

The Father of North Dakota's Petroleum Industry: Thomas W. Leach

Clarence A. Herz

The Friar and the Oil Spring

May Ellen Ash

From the Battle of Fredericksburg to Promised Land – An Historical Perspective on Well Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing

Stephen M. Testa

Front Matter: Oil-Industry History, Volume 17 (2016)

Petroleum History Institute

A Historical Look at Underground Natural Gas Storage in America

J. Daniel Arthur, Nate Alleman, Kris Andersen

Petroleum History Institute Meets in Casper: Its First Conference in the Rockies

Matthew Silverman

W. N. "Neil" McMurry, Wyoming's Entrepreneur

Ann Chambers Noble

The Wagon Wheel Project

Ann Chambers Noble

Why the History of Oil Matters

Rasoul Sorkhabi

Wyoming's Petroleum History on Post Cards

Jeff Spencer