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Petroleum History Institute

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ABSTRACT: Archibald Geikie and the Establishment of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry

Jonathan Craig

ABSTRACT: Arsenic Usage in U.S. Oilfields, 1930s-1970s: Forgetting and Remembering Oilfield Waste History

Mary L. Barrett

ABSTRACT: California Aviation and Aerospace Petroleum Beginnings

Ann Mauer

ABSTRACT: Code Bingo: Heading Home on the Backs of Dragons

Ann Mauer

ABSTRACT: From Nuclear Technology to the Petroleum Industry :The Story of TerraTek

Sidney Green

ABSTRACT: Give Wings to Your Letters!

Ann Mauer

ABSTRACT: Lewis G. Weeks (1893-1977) and the “Oil Habitat” Paradigm

Rasoul Sorkhabi

ABSTRACT: Pioneering Women in Petroleum Geology - Celebrating 100 Years!

Robbie Rice Gries

ABSTRACT: Rank Wildcat Territory - North Dakota’s Discovery Period

Clarence Herz

ABSTRACT: The Early Exploration History of the Pearl River Mouth Basin In the South China Sea

Mu Liu

ABSTRACT: The History Of Drilling Fluids - Classified by Date Ranges

Ryen Caenn

ABSTRACT: The Unconventional Revolution in Exploration Geophysics

Nancy House

Alexander Von Humboldt: Observations and Theories Regarding Petroleum

Raymond P. Sorenson

The American Shale Revolution in Three Stages

Leen Weijers, Chris Wright, Mark Pearson, Larry Griffin

Brazil and the Problem of Domestic Supply of Fossil Fuels

Drielli Peyerl, Evandro Mateus Moretto, Sergio Roberto Silva dos Santos, Silvia Fernanda de Mendonça Figueirôa, Dominique Mouette, Edmilson Moutinho Dos Santos

Charles A. Whiteshot (1866-1937) - The Traveling Oil Historian

Jeff Spencer

Front Matter: Oil-Industry History, A publication of the Petroleum History Institute, Volume 19, Number 1, 2018

Petroleum History Institute

A History of the Petroleum Industry in Utah

Rasoul Sorkhabi

The Impact of Drake’s Discovery On Maps of The Early Pennsylvania Oil Region

William R. Brice

Oilfield Storylines in Early Juvenile Series Books (1890s-1980s)

Jeff Spencer

Petroleum History Institute Annual Meeting and Field Trip - Salt Lake City, Utah, May 17-19, 2018

William R. Brice

Tiger Mike Davis: Denver Oilman, Las Vegas Legend, and the Toughest Boss In The World

Matthew R. Silverman