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1st Annual Illinois Basin Coalbed Symposium - Workshop Summary

Tom Moore, Ilham Demir, Dave Morse, Scott Elrick, Bryan Reynolds, Jim Van Winkle, George Koperna, Maria Mastalerz, John Rupp, Cortland Eble, Michael Mitariten, Craig Howard, Rick Cox, Jim Azlein, Randy Oestreich, Gary Rodvelt, Matt Stone, Ken Schram

Application of Logging Tools For Improving Reservoir Interpretation - Workshop Summary

Gerald J. Kuecher

California Water Control Study - Workshop Summary

Don Duttlinger, Iraj Ershaghi, Glenn Swanson, Linda Smith, David Smith, Don Everett, Rob and Ryan Cochran, Ron Bates, Bob Ullerich, Rick Curtice, Leonard Kalfayan

Case Studies of Power Consumption Reduction on California Oilfields

Rock Zierman, Bettline Arrgoni-Foster, Don Duttlinger, Mark Reedy, Ron Kane, Tom McCollum, Dan Bradford, Terry Kloth, Richard Zimmerly, Dennis Olliver, Tamara Lopez, Christopher Randall

Case Study Workshop About Exploiting Mature Reservoirs With Technology - Workshop Summary

Saibal Bhattacharya, Geoff Bohling, John Doveton, Bill Guy, Lynn Watney

Coalbed Methane Resources in the Southeast - Workshop Summary

F. Clayton Breland Jr., Peter Warwick, Steven A. Tedesco, Doug Wight, Derek Crowson, Terry Burns, Kirk Ross, Deane Foss, Diana Chance

Coiled Tubing Applications and Operations

Will Fleckenstein, Ken Newman, Chandra Nautiyal, Dan Morrison

Converting Stranded Gas and Lowering Power/Operating Costs - Workshop Summary

Bob Fornell, John Gibson, Norman Hein, John Swanson, Bryan Hensley

Deep Gas Well Stimulation Workshop

Steve Wolhart, Mike Mayerhofer, Richard Sullivan, Ron Matson, John Rodgers

Desktop Mapping: More Bang for the Buck from Your Well

Not given

Drilling and Completion Technologies for Shelf Gas - Workshop Summary

Tommy Warren, Ray Mikolajczyk, Jerry Griffith, Jerry Noles

From the Matrix to the Market - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - 2nd Annual Reservoir Engineering Symposium

William McCain, Kosta Leontaritis, Dave Bergman, Jack Lynn

From the Matrix to the Market - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - Workshop Summary

William "Bill" McCain Jr., Kosta J. Leontaritis, Dave Bergman, Jack Lynn

From The Matrix To The Market - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You - Workshop Summary

William D. (Bill) McCain Jr., Kosta J. Leontaritis, Dave Bergman, Jack Lynn

Gas Markets and Pricing Factors: A Primer For Technical Professionals - Workshop Summary

Gary Schmitt

Identifying and Appraising Coalgas Reservoirs

Creties Jenkins

Improving Electrical Energy Efficiency In E&P Operations - Workshop Summary

Larry Smith, Tyrone Browning, Darren Schmidt, Lynn Rowlan, Ron Evitt, Chris Brostuen

Improving Operations From An Environmental Perspective: Overview of Operating Practices, Safety and Environmental Issues, Including Basic Remediation for Oill and Produced Water Spills - Workshop Summary

G. Phil Spurlin

An Integrated Coalbed Methane Exploration Model: Defining Coalbed Methane Sweetspots - Workshop Summary

Andrew R. Scott

Michigan Field Experiences - Focus on the Niagaran - Workshop Summary

Bill Harrison, A.S. "Buddy" Wylie, James R. Wood, Mike Barratt, Fredrick Metzger, Edward Dereniewski, Douglas Elenbaas, Tim Brock, John Fowler, Stephen Schaefer, Alejandro Coy, Wayne Goodman, Timothy Maness, Allen Modroo

Petroleum Systems of the Michigan Basin - A Look At Remaining And Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources - Workshop Summary

Christopher Swezey, Jim Duszynski, A.S. (Buddy) Wylie, Joseph Hatch, William Harrison III, John Repetski, Daniel Hayba, Charlotte Sullivan, Kurt Marfurt, C.H. (Chuck) Blumentritt

Polymer and Polymer-Gel Water Shutoff Treatments, What It takes To Be Successful and Illustrative Field Application - Workshop Summary

Bob Sydansk, Randy Seright

PTTC Network News - V.10, No.1 - 2004

Dylan Powell

PTTC Network News - Vol. 10, No.2 - 2004

Robert Kiker

PTTC Network News - Vol. 10, No.3 - 2004

Gary Covatch, Thomas E. Williams

PTTC Network News - Vol. 10, No.4 - 2004

Ken Oglesby, Bernie Miller

Reducing Well Failure Frequencies - Workshop Summary

Kent Gantz, Bob Kiker, Rob Davis, Deter Becker, Ken Barker

Understanding the Oil and Gas Reservoir Using Material Balance - Workshop Summary

John H. McMullen

Water Flood Enhancement & Management

Irag Ershaghi

Well Abandonment Methods and Regulations - Workshop Summary

John Rogers Smith