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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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the Application of Massive Hydraulic Fracturing to the Tight Muddy "J" Formation, Wattenberg Field, Colorado

C.R. Fast, G.B. Holman, R.J. Covlin

Beecher Island Field Yuma County, Colorado

John P. Lockridge

Biostratigraphic Correlation of the Mesaverde Group in Southwestern Wyoming and Northwestern Colorado

F.X. Miller

Coal and Methane Gas in the Southeastern Part of the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

D. Keith Murray, Hollis B. Fender, David C. Jones

Construction Geology Ruedi Dam and Reservoir Area, Colorado

Lynn A. Johnson, Gene E. Tuttle

Deformation of Sandstones Over Basement Uplifts, Colorado National Monument

D.W. Stearns, W.R. Jamison

Depositional Environments, Upper Pierre Shale, Denver Basin, Colorado

Uka Nwangwu

Fractured Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Southern Rocky Mountain Basins

William W. Mallory

Geologic Summary of the Aspen Area, Southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Bruce Bryant, Val L. Freeman

Geology and Gas Exploration Potential, Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Strata, Northern Raton Basin, Colorado

Edward D. Dolly, Fred F. Meissner

Geology and Petroleum of the MAncos B Formation Douglas Creek Arch Area Colorado and Utah

Harold E. Kellogg

Geology of the Coal Basin Area, Pitkin County, Colorado

Bruce A. Collins

Geology of Uranium Deposits in the Madison Limestone Little Mountain Area Big Horn, Wyoming

Roland C. McEldowney, John F. Anshier, Douglas J. Lootens

Geophysical Techniques Used in Uranium Exploration

P.A. Meyer

Interformational Control of Regional Fracture Orientations

Ronald A. Nelson, David W. Stearns

Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data From the Central South Park Basin, Colorado

H. George Beggs

The Marble Area - A Development Frontier 1873-1977

John W. Rold

Mesaverde Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation, Northern Picenace Basin - Progress Report

Robert Chancellor

Mining At Aspen

Bruce Bryant

New Energy-Related Uses for Lithium Encourages Search For New Sources

James D. Vine, Elizabeth F. Brenner-Tourtelot

Oil and Gas from Fractured Shale Reservoirs in Colorado and Northwest New Mexico

William W. Mallory

Oil Potential of Mesozoic Sediments Beneath the Independence Mountain Thrust Fault, North Park, Colorado

G.M. Park

Petroleum Potential of Southwestern Wyoming and Adjacent Areas

O.C. Adams, W.F. Oline

Possible Future Petroleum of Uinta and Piceance Basins and Vicinity Northeast Utah and Northwest Colorado

Albert F. Sanborn

Preliminary Report: Petroleum Geochemistry of the Denver Basin

Jerry L. Clayton, Paul J. Swetland

Recognition of Fossil Karst Features in the Ancient Record: A Discussion of Several Common Fossil Karst Forms

R. Mark Maslyn

Red Bed Formations in the Aspen Region, Colorado

Val L. Freeman, Bruce Bryant

Regional Aspects of the Eagle Valley Evaporite

William W. Mallory

Road Logs for RMAG Snowmass Conference, Sept. 29-30, 1977

Val L. Freeman, Bruce Bryant

Seismic Investigation of the Colorado Front Range Zone of Flank Deformation Immediately North of Golden, Colorado

Thomas L. Davis, Terence K. Young

Seismic Stratigraphic Exploration - A New Frontier

Roy O. Lindseth

Seismological Methods and the Search for Geothermal Resources

David Butler, Paul Larry Brown

Shallow Marine Deposits in the Upper Cretaceous Pierre Shale of the Northern Denver Basin and Their Relation to Hydrocarbon Accumulation

Louise W. Kiteley

Stratigraphy of the Trinidad Sandstone and Associated Formations Walsenburg Area, Colorado

Lee T. Billingsley

Structural Style in Relation to Oil and Gas Exploration in North Park-Middle Park Basin, Colorado

Robert E. Wellborn

Subsurface Cross Sections - Denver Basin

Duane Moredock, Dan McClure, Pete Matuszczak, Lou Bortz

Subsurface Cross Sections - Eagle Basin

Thomas Fisher

Subsurface Cross Sections - North Park Basin

Robert Wellborn

Subsurface Cross Sections - Paradox Basin

C.M. Molenaar

Subsurface Cross Sections - Piceance Basin

Lionel Brenneman, Hal Dunn, Dennis Irwin, Lyle Hale, John Chronic

Subsurface Cross Sections - Raton Basin

W.R. Clark

Subsurface Cross Sections - Sand Wash Basin

William W. Whitley, Soli Shapurji

Subsurface Cross Sections - Southeast Colorado Basin

J.M. Wilson

Subsurface Cross Sections - South Park Basin

Thomas Fisher

Tectonic History of the Uncompaghre Uplift

Donald S. Stone

Tectonic History of West-Central Colorado

Ogden Tweto

Uranium Abundance in Some Precambrian and Phanerozoic Rocks from New Mexico

Douglas G. Brookins, Richard S. Della Valle

Uranium Deposits of the Grants Mineral Belt: Geochemical Constraints on Origin

Douglas G. Brookins

Use of Geothermometer Models in the Exploration for a Hydrogeothermal Resource

Richard H. Pearl