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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Apparent Reverse Movement of Previous Thrust Faults Along the Eastern Margin of the Basin and Range Province, North-Central Utah

Douglas A. Sprinkel

A Basin and Range Chaos in the Oquirrh Mountains - Sedimentary or Tectonic

Victoria C. Schurer

Beryllium and uranium Mineralization in the Spor Mountain Area, Juab County, Utah

Leland J. Davis

The Bruffey Oil and Gas Seeps, Pine Valley, Eureka County, Nevada

Norman H. Foster, Eugene L. Howard, Fred F. Meissner, Harry K. Veal

Character and Extent of Basin-Range Faultin, Western Montana and East-Central Idaho

Mitchell W. Reynolds

The Cordilleran Miogeosyncline and Sevier(?) Orogeny in Southern California

David L. Tyler

Crinoid Shoals and Associated Environments, Mississippian of Southern Nevada

M.W. Hansen

Cyanide Leaching in Eastern Nevada

Mead L. Jennsen, H.A. Qidwai

Deformation of Authochthonous Foreland Basement, Clark Mountain Thrust Complex, Southeastern California

Eric P. Nelson, B.C. Burchfiel

Eagle Springs Oil Field Nye County, Nevada

Louis C. Bortz, D. Keith Murray

Early Permian Fusulinids From the Wildscat Peak Formation, Central Toquima Range, Nye County, Nevada

G.J. Verville, S.W. Laule

Eocene and Oligocene Lacustrine and Volcanic Rocks Near Elko, Nevada

Barry J. Solomon, Edwin H. McKee, David W. Andersen


Faye J. Veal

Geological Techniques Utilized in Trap Spring Field Discovery, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada

Edward D. Dolly

Geology of the Apex Uranium Mine Near Austin, Nevada

Frederick W. Plut

Geomorphic Exploration Used in the Discovery of Trap Spring Oil Field, Nye County, Nevada

Norman H. Foster

Geophysical Evidence of Fault Termination of the Basin and Range PRovince in the Vicinity of the Vale, Oregon, Geothermal Area

Robert J. Lillie, Richard W. Couch

Geothermal Energy in the Basin and Range Province

L.T. Grose, G.V. Keller

Gravity Exploration for Petroleum in Railroad Valley, Nevada

Douglas J. Guion, William C. Pearson

The Great Basin, An Overview and Hypothesis of its History

Charles B. Hunt

Hot Waters of Western Utah

Harry D. Goode

Intrusive Rocks of the Indian Peak Range, Utah

S. Kerry Grant

Late Cretaceous(?)-Eocene Faulting in the East Central Basin and Range

Gary W. Newman

An Overview of Geothermal Exploration and Development in Nevada

Joy Hyde

Paleoecology of the Upper Miocene Hualapai Limestone Member of the Muddy Creek Formation, Northwestern Arizona

J. Platt Bradbury, Will N. Blair

Paleogeography and Tectonic Implications of the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian in Utah

John E. Welsh

Paleohydrographic History of the Great Basin Region

William Lee Stokes

Paleozoic Carbonate Buildups in the Basin and Range Province

David H. Suek, William W. Knaup

Petroleum Exploration Possibilities in Northwestern Nevada

Ronald Willden

Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation of the Permian Park City Group in the Northeastern Great Basin, Utah, Nevada, and Idaho

Edwin K. Maughan

Precambrian and Paleozoic Stratigraphy in Central Ruby Mountains Elko County, Nevada

Ronald Willden, Ronald W. Kistler

Preliminary Correlation of Cretaceous and Paleogene Lacustrine and Related Nonmarine Sedimentary and Volcanic Rocks in Parts of the Eastern Great Basin of Nevada and Utah

Thomas D. Fouch, John H. Hanley, R.M. Forester

Problems of Intraplate Extensional Tectonics, Western United States, With Special Emphasis on the Great Basin

Gergory A. Davis

Regional Geophysics, Cenozoic Tectonics, and Geologic Resources of the Basin and Range Province and Adjoining Regions

Gordon P. Eaton

Regional Relations of Middle PErmian Rocks in Idaho, Nevada, and Utah

Bruce R. Wardlaw, James W. Collinson, Keith B. Ketner

Reinterpretation of the History of the Hurricane Fault in Utah

R. Ernest Anderson, Harald H. Mehnert

Results of Exploratory Drilling Northern Fallon Basin, Western Nevada

Douglas D. Hastings

Revisions to the Interpretation of Structural Style in the Muddy Mountain Region, Nevada

Vernon James (Jay) Temple Jr.

Road Log From Ely to Garden Pass Via Ruth Pit, Moorman Ranch, and Eureka with Extensions to Bruffey Seep and Devils Gate

Forrest G. Poole, Charles Thorman, E.L. Howard

Road Log from Ely to Las Vegas via Eagle Springs and Trap Springs Oil Fields, Lunar Crater, Warm Springs, and Pahranagat Valley

D. French, F. Kleinhampl, M.L. Jensen, C.M. Tschanz

Road Log From Las Vegas to Ely, Nevada, Via Caliente and Pioche

Charles M. Tschanz, Paul P. Orkild, Forrest G. Poole

Road Log From Las Vegas to Keystone Thrust Area and Valley of Fire Via Frenchman Mountain

Robert G. Bohannon, Fred Bachhuber

Ruby Orogeny - A Major Early Paleozoic Tectonic Event

Ronald Willden

Seismic Exploration in Railroad Valley, Nevada

John H. Vreeland, Bert H. Berrong

Stratabound Lead-Zinc-Silver Ores of the Pioche District, Nevada - Unusual "Mississippi Valley" Deposits

Laurence P. James, Louis H. Knight

Stratigraphic and Tectonic Setting of the Lithium Brine Field, Clayton Valley, Nevada

J.R. Davis, J.D. Vine

Stratigraphy and Regional Implications of the Argonaut Energy No.1 Federal, Millard County, Utah

Gary C. Mitchell

Stratigraphy of the Great Basin Region

William Lee Stokes

Summary Appraisal of the Water Resources of the Great Basin

Don Price

Tectonics and Sedimentation Along the Antler Orogenic Belt of Central Nevada

B.R. Wilson, Susan Wunderlich Laule

Tertiary Sediments in the Lake Mead Area, Nevada

Elizabeth F. Brenner, Richard K. Glanzman

Tertiary Volcanic Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characteristics of Trap Spring Field, Nye County, Nevada

Don E. French, Kevin J. Freeman

Trap Spring Oil Field, Nye County, Nevada

Herbert D. Duey

Upper Miocene Hualapai Limestone Member From the Proto-Gulf of California at Lake Mead, Arizona

Will N. Blair, J. Platt Bradbury, Robert L. Oscarson

Uranium, Thorium, and Mercury Distribution Through the Evolution of the McDermitt Caldera Complex

James J. Rytuba, Richard K. Glanzman, W.K. Conrad

West-Northwest Strike-Slip Faults and OTher Structures in Allochthonous Rocks in Central and Eastern Nevada and Western Utah

C.H. Thorman, K.B. Ketner

Zeolite Deposits in the Basin and Range Province

Ronald C. Surdam