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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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The Art and Science of Interpreting Stratigraphy From Seismic Data

John A. Andrew

Basin and Range Seismic Profiles, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada

Norman H. Foster, John H. Vreeland, Eadward D. Dolly

A Cocorp Crustal-Scale Seismic Profile of the Cordilleran Hingeline, Eastern Basin and Range Province

Richard W. Allmendinger, James Sharp, Douglas Von Tish, Jack Oliver, Sidney Kaufman

Detachment and Basement Involved Structures Beneath the Absaroka Range Volcanics

Marvin D. Brittenham, Bruce H. Tadewald

Eastern Jackson Hole

R.G. "Jerry" Albertus

Geologic Interpretation of Seismic Profiles, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, Part 1: East Flank

Donald S. Stone

Geologic Interpretation of Seismic Profiles, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming, Part II: West Flank

Donald S. Stone

Greater Green River Basin Regional Seismic Line

John D. Garing, Patrick A. Tainter

Great Salt Lake Area, Utah

Louis C. Bortz, Scott A. Cook, O.J. Morrison

Laramide Structures of the Southeastern Sand Wash Basin

Graham B. Livesey

Minnelusa Formation Exploration, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: An Integrated Approach

Laura A. Welch, Jesse C. Taylor

North-South Regional Seismic Profile of the Hanna Basin, Wyoming

Sanford S. Kaplan, Riley C. Skeen

Northwest Denver Basin/Southeast Hartville Uplift

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

The Pennsylvanian Tyler Sandstone Play, Central Montana Platform: A Seismic-Stratigraphic Approach

Patricia I. Hagar, Martha W. Goodman

Seismic Exploration for Pennsylvanian Algal Mounds of the Paradox Basin

Bruce J. Moriarty, Robert J. Grundy

Seismic Exploration in the Rockies - Some Reflections

John M. Parker

Seismic Exploration of the Rocky Mountain Region

Robbie Rice Gries

Seismic Interpretation in the Picenace Basin, Northwest Colorado

Noel B. Waechter, Walter E. Johnson

Seismic Interpretation of the Casper Arch Thrust, Tepee Flats Field, Wyoming

R. Randy Ray, Charles R. Berg

Seismic Interpretation of the Wyoming Overthrust Belt

W.D. Williams, J.S. Dixon

Seismic Line Across the Wind River Thrust Fault, Wyoming

W.L. Basham, W.F. Martin

Seismic Lines in the San Luis Valley, South Central Colorado

Robbie Rice Gries

Seismic Profile: North Park Basin

J.K. Lange, R.E. Wellborn

Seismic Profile Across the Leading Edge of the Fold and Thrust Belt of Southwest Montana

David A. Lopez, Christopher Schmidt

Seismic Profiles in the Area of the Pierce and Black Hollow Fields, Weld County, Colorado

Donald S. Stone

Seismic Profiles of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming

W. Richard Moore

Seismic Profiles of the Western Laramie Basin - Wyoming

Ronald W. Pritchett

Seismic Techniques in Uranium Exploration - San Juan Basin, New Mexico

R.S. Zech, A.C. Huffman Jr., D.R. Northrup

Solution of the Devonian Prairie Formation Salt: Seismic Recognition and Exploration Implications

Mark Rogers, Wayne Mattox

Southeast San Juan Basin

William E. Chittum

Southern Green River Basin/Moxa Arch

Scott L. Stockton, C.M. Hawkins

Structure of the Raton Basin From a Regional Seismic Line

James K. Applegate, Peter R. Rose

Tectonic History of the Central Montana Platform

John E. Stephens, Robert W. Rodenbaugh

The Williston Basin and Structural Seismic Exploration

James A. Peterson, Robert C. Dyer, James H. Clement

Wind River Basin, Central Wyoming

R. Randy Ray, W.R. Keefer