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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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ABSTRACT: Cenozoic Stress Rotation, Northeastern Colorado PLateau

Earl R. Verbeek, Marilyn A. Grout

Cretaceous and Pennsylvanian Oil and Gas Production at Elk Springs and Winter Valley Pools, Moffat County, Colorado

Logan MacMillan

Cretaceous Through Holocene History of the Douglas Creek Arch, Colorado and Utah

Ronald C. Johnson, Thomas M. Finn

Depositional Environment of Upper Cretaceous Sandstones of the Lewis Shale, Sand Wash Basin, Colorado

Mary Reinarts Cain

The Eagle Basin: A New Exploration Frontier

Constance Nuss Dodge, Bruce L. Bartleson

Facies Relationships in Campanian Wave-Dominated Coastal Deposits in Sand Wash Basin

Bret R. Siepman

Geology and Mineralogy of Uranium-Vanadium Deposits in the Skull Creek area, Colorado

Michael E. Brownfield, Isabelle K. Brownfield, Eugene E. Foord

Geology and Production History of the Uranium Deposits in the Maybell, Colorado, Area

William L. Chenoweth

Geology of the Wilson Creek Field, Rio Blanco, Colorado

Donald S. Stone

History of Faulting in the Eastern Uinta Mountains, Colorado and Utah

Wallace R. Hansen

Hydrostratigraphic Characterization of Paleozoic Formations in Northwestern Colorado

A.L. Geldon

Interpretation of a Seismic Section Across the Danforth Hills Anticline (Maudlin Gulch) and Axial Arch in Northwest Colorado

J.J. Richard

An Interpretation of the Subsurface Structural Style of the Beaver Creek Anticline, Moffat and Routt Counties, Colorado

John A. Morel, Phillip H. Bursk, Dacid L. Dlouhy

Laramide Deformation of the Uncompahgre Plateau - Geometry and Mechanisms

O.G. Heyman, P.W. Huntoon, M.A. White-Heyman

Lare Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Syndepositional Tectonism, Northwestern Colorado

Richard H. De Voto, Bruce L. Bartleson, Christopher J. Schenk, Noel B. Waechter

Lower Paleozoic of Northwest Colorado: A Summary

Reuben J. Ross Jr.

Mineral Deposits of the Encampment District, Sierra Madre, Wyoming-Colorado

W. Dan Hausel

New Interpretations of Northwest Colorado Geology

Donald S. Stone

Pennsylvanian (Minturn Formation) Algal-Mound Facies, Rio Blanco, Colorado

L. Brinton, J.L. Wray

Pennsylvanian-Permian Paleostructure and Stratigraphy as Interpreted From Seismic Data in the Picenace Basin, Northwest Colorado

Noel B. Waechter, Walter E. Johnson

Petroleum Geology of the Uinta Mountains-White River Uplift, Colorado and Utah

John C. Osmond

Rangely Field: Eolian System-Boundary Trap in the Permo-Pennsylvanian Weber Sandstone of Northwest Colorado

Steven G. Fryberger, Mark H. Koelmel

Rangely Field Summary" Development History and Engineering Data

M.F. Mendeck

A Regionally Extensive Altered Air-Fall Ash For Use in Correlation of Lithofacies in the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation, Northeastern Piceance Creek and Southern Sand Wash Basins, Colorado

Michael E. Brownfield, Edward A. Johnson

Road Log - Grand Junction to Vernal and Back

Edward F. Pruss

Seismic and Borehole Evidence For Important Pre-Laramide Faulting Along the Axial Arch in Northwest Colorado

Donald S. Stone

Seismic Investigation of the Big Pie Structure, A Probable Laccolithic Intrusion, Routt County, Colorado

John W. Hickenlooper, Jerry P. Williams

Seismic Profile, Structural Cross Section, and Geochemical Comparisons

Donald S. Stone

Thermal Maturity and Hydrocarbon Source-Rock Potential of the Eagle Basin, Northwestern Colorado

Vito F. Nuccio, Christopher J. Schenk

Turbidites in the Lower Part of the Eagle Valley Evaporite, Eagle County, Colorado, and Implications For Desmoinesian Paleogeography

Christopher J. Schenk

Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Cross Sections, Moffat County, Colorado

C. Dennis Irwin

The Willow Creek Fault, Eastern Uinta Mountains - Geologic Analysis of a Foreland Subthrust Play

Richard B. Powers