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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Anomalous Mechanical Well Log Resistivities in the Middle Morrow Sandstones of Southeast Colorado

Cliff Nolte

Barrel Springs Field, Prowers County, Colorado

William F. von Drehle

Channing Field, Prowers County, Colorado

Kevin Wallace, John Heinz, Scott Robinson

Clifford Field: a Fluvial Valley-Fill Reservoir, Lincoln County, Colorado

Lee T. Shannon

Evaluation of the Morrow Sandstone in Sorrento Field, Cheyenne County, Colorado

Dan J. Hartmann, Edward B. Coalson

Frontera Field, Cheyenne County, Colorado

R.J. Kozarek

Geology and Reservoir Characteristics of the Sorrento-Mt. Pearl Field Complex, Cheyenne County, Colorado

David W. Bowen, Lee F. Krystinik, Robert E. Grantz

Jace and Moore-Johnson Fields

Craig W. Adams

Morrow Exploration Leading to the Discovery of Grouse and Stockholm Southwest Fields, Northern Las Animas Arch, Colorado and Kansas

Loren E. Avis, Robert C. Dickinson

Morrow Gas Composition in Southeast Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, William F. von Drehle

Nee Noshe Field, Kiowa County, Colorado

Kevin Wallace, Scott Robinson, John Heinz

Petrography of Morrow Sandstones in Southeast Colorado, Southwest Kansas and Northwest Oklahoma

Kathleen Rader

Petroleum Source Rock Potential and Thermal Maturation of the Mississippian "Harrison" and Spergen Formations and Pennsylvanian Morrow Formation and Marmaton Group, Southeastern Colorado

R.C. Burruss, B.A. Blakeney,R.A Castle, K.C. Kirkby

Regional Geology of the Pierce Member of the Upper Morrow Formation in the Anadarko Basin

Brad S. Johnson

Regional Structure and Stratigraphy of the Morrowan Series, Southeast Colorado and Adjacent Areas

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Lee T. Shannon, Kathleen Rader, William F. von Drehle

Regional Structure and Stratigraphy of the Morrowan Series, Southeast Colorado and Adjacent Areas

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Lee T. Shannon, Kathleen Rader, William F. von Drehle

Reservoir Heterogeneity in Morrow Valley Fills, Stateline Trend: Implications for Reservoir Management and Field Expansion

B.A. Blakeney, L.F. Krystinik, A.A. Downey

Sedimentology of the upper Morrow Formation in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas

Lee F. Krystinik, Beverly A. Blakeney

Sorrento Field, Denver Basin, Colorado

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Donald J. McKenna, Philip J. McKenna

Stockholm Northwest Extension: Effective Integration of Geochemical, Geological, and Seismic Data

Bruce J. Moriarty

Stockholm Southwest Field

Lawrence G. Brown, William A. Miller, Emily M. Hundley-Goff, Steven L. Veal

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Morrow Formation, Southeast Colorado and Southwest Kansas

David M. Wheeler, Alan J. Scott, Vincent J. Coringrato, Paul E. Devine

Upper Morrow "B" Sandstone Reservoir, Flank Field, Baca County, Colorado

Dudley W. Bolyard

Upper Morrow Purdy Sandstone, Interstate Field, Morton County Kansas

Stephen A. Sonnenberg